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8th June 2007
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Page 14, 8th June 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: St Luke's Centre, :attiolic Society, Liturgy Department, High School, FM Archbishop's Council, WYEC Exocutive Committee, CTS Committee, Archbishop's Council, Antbishop's Council, League Services Committee, Royal Navy, General Chapter of Franciscan Sisters of Saint Mary of the Angels, Anniversary Service, Building and Sites Commission, Bede College, Cathedral Discovery Centre, Sacred Heart Church, Holy Souls School, Catholic Youth Service, Ushaw College, Diocesan Council of Priests, St Joseph's High School, Si Nicholas High School, Lady's Primary School, Arnica School, Federation of Poor, Gilles Centre, London Mission, St Anselin's Institute, Heart Church, Sivelmai Scotu.s College, Si Mary's University College, Loreto Ream Centre, Confirmation Macclesfield Leanne Centre, Visik School, Tile Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter, Marc C.T.S. Management Committee, St David's Childrten Society, Mixed commission, St Margaret's Academy, Push Place Pastoral Centre, Diocesan Secondary School, Memorial Service, Priests Council, St Patrick's Evangelical School, Polish Church, Bishops' Golan:re Mixed Commission, Landon Board, Aquiruis Primary School, Nazareth House, Scotus College, Gillis Centre, Mom Council of Priests, School of Evangelisation, Sacred Heart RC Primaty School, St Modwen's Prunary School, St Eilabeth's Centre


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June 10 to June 15

Cardinal Murphy.O'Camor (Westminster) Sun: Celebrate, the Diaconate Ordination of Edward Houghton, Westminster Cathedral, 12pm. Mon: 11E. will pmaide at the Memorial Service forlady Lothian, Westminster Cathedral. 11 3thun. Tue. attends Anniversary Service and celebration, Holy Cross Parish SeJthol. Parsons Green. 2pm: oekFreres Mass for School of Evangelisation. St Patrick*s.Soho Square, Cam Wed Celebram opening of Ltamenier and Sacmi Wart Schad. Landon, Ham: attends Clergy In-Senior. All Saints Pastoral CCUITC.. London Coy. apm. Thu. Bleasesepens new wing. St Eilabeth's Centre, Much Haddam. I leas. 2_30pm. En: Maas with Archbishop's Archbishop's House. 930am: meeting with Religious Parishes. Archbishop's HOU5C. I lan; celebnues Quorum 'Orc. Westminster Cathedral. 530,m. Sat Celebrates Ordination tu Priesthood of John Elliott and Richard Ncwbitt. Archbishop's House. 2pm: attends Dinner for the Anniversary Celebration of Caryfriars Hall.OxIcad, 7.30prn.

Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sun: Vintation Mass • Geist the King. Childwall. Liverprol. 9 30am: visitation Mass, Our Lady ofGoodlleip,Liampool. 11.15ana visitation Math. Oar Lady of Good Help, Liverpool. 43Opm. The L'Arche meeting. Archbishop's Home. 1031)anx .20(38' meeting. Memopolitan Cathedral of Christ the; Kum. Liverpool. 3pm. Wed: Visits Si Prater's RC Hi School.Careil, I Omni (Jailed-Craws meeting, h House. atm The Civic Reception, St Peter's, Woakoa. Liverpool. 530pla; Presentation by Parishioners of Si Justin's Parish. Nablus Si Cecilia. Liverpool, apm. Fr. Masa of Thanksgiving with AM:diocesan Jobithrians, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, 7.30pen Sat Ordinaticm as the Priesthood of Rev John Causey. St Mary, Wigan. 2pm: Vi5i116011 M. Our lady of the Annuncia

tion, Bishop Don. Li vs , a a a 6.130pm Arthisishop Nichols t Binnmehano Mon Leading Clergy Retreat for Diocese sit Meath. Ardagh and Closimarnols. Sat: Diaconate Ordinations, Osooll.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop ot Westminster) Fri Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's liouse.930am.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Sun. GMCT &semis's. Stockport:630pm. Mon ic Junior Clergy Week. Loreto Ream Centre. Lauxtudoo.

Bishop Burns flIM Forces' Sun, Apostleship ot le Sea Neamatle Moo: Engagement Rorption. London. 6.30thn Thu. Cubs lie Women. League Services Committee. 11 ant London Reception for St Luke's Cautte. rom En. Landon Board meting for St Luke's Centre loam. Sat Falklands Island Commemorations. Guernsey.

Bishop Conry (Aiundri & lirighton) Mom Council of Priests and Deans meetings. DABCE.C. Tues. Mixed commission meeting, London. Wed: Clergy Gotha* for lubtlarians,Arrodel Cathedral: Ordination so the Permanent Diaconate of Tony Kinn!, St Joseph's, Dorking. Fri NJPN meeting. London: Blessing of Re-furbished Parish Room and Feasiday Mass, Sacred Heart, Hove_ Sat: Outdone Maas for 40th Anniversary of St Thomas of Cantertory Primary Schooi. Marrow.

Bishop Doyle (Northampton) Tue : Meeting with Prima* and staff of Si Mary's University College . Twickenham. I loin; Confirmations, Holy Family. Slough, 700w. Wed: Pastoral Straten, Group, Bialtop s Home. 9am: lunch and meeting with Conference of Catholic Chaplains or Higher Education, 1pm; Confirmations. Shrine of Our Lady. Great Billing, 730pm 111U7 Gathering of Prism Chaplaincy Workers, Bishop's House. am; Confimuitions, St Augustine 's. Milton Keynes. 730prn. En: Meeting with Child Protection Coordiromr. I030arte lunch. Sacred Heart Church, Northampton, 1230pm: Mass for 25di anniversary oldie Church at Flitwick. 730pm Sat: Commalion of Church of the immaculate Heart of Mary. Great Missenden. fmni Bishop MUM (HCXIMITI and Newcastle) Slut Exparition and Proomion of dr Blessed Sacrament, Ushaw College. 2pm; Universities of Newcastle and Northumbria Leavers Maas. The (:attiolic Society. aprn.Tue: Ficathe Commince musing. Bishop's House. 4pm. Thu: Meeting with Diocesan Secondary School Head Teacarts. Ham. Fri: OM nation of John Maashedar to Diaconate, Ushaw College, Ilium Confinnatioasaluty Rosary. Ailingham. 7pm.

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Contaminations, Waidon. Ilam. Mon: Hospital Chaplaincy Review. Archbishop's House. 930am; Fmance Comminee.Archbishop's Home, I lam: CTS Committee. Vauxhall 2.30pm. Tue. Deanery meeting. London, all day. Wed: Prayer for London Mission. Tooting. I 2priv. School Governors' meeting. Peckham. 5.15pm. Thu: South London Secondary Heals' erecting. Banbury. 7pm.

Confamations.Kingstun. 730pm.

Bishop Hine (Aatiliaty Bishop of Southwark) Sun: Conmaresions Special Ministers. St Angustine's. Tunbridge Wells. 5.45prn. Mon: Meeting of Kent Deans. West Mailing. 11.15am.The: Presides It Man for closing of students* year, St Anselin's Institute. Cliftonville. ilam; Confirmation, St Lawrence. Edenbridge. 730pm. FUT Confirmation. St Thomas of Camertary.Rainhant 8pm. Bishop foUls (Portsmouth) Sun: Mass of Thanksgiving for Mandan Fathers, Romney Abbey, Ramsey. I .30pm. TUCT Southampton Univensity Chaplaincy meeting, Southampton, 4pm; Opening Mass, General Chapter of Franciscan Sisters of Saint Mary of the Angels, Push Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham. 6pm. Wed: Diocesan Council of Priests meeting. Bishop's House. Portsmouth. Wain; Confirmation, St Francis.Athot. 7pm. Thu: Good Shepherd Mass. St John's Cathedral. Portsmouth, I lane Confamation fa liarant Pastoral Area. ST Michael and All Angels. Leigh Park. 730pm Fri: Diocesan 127th Anniversary celebrations, Winchester Cathedral, 7pm. Sat Day for New Catholics, Cathedral Discovery Centre. Portsmouth.

Bishop Hopes iWsmninaler) Sun: Masa Westminster Catehdral 1030am, Corpus Christi Mass cod Procession. Sr Benedict's, Ealing Abbey. 230pm; Confirmations. Our Lady of Victories. Kensington. 630pen Mon: New Mass Texts' meeting. Mosley Hall. beds. 10.30am 3pm, Masson the 90th Anniveraory of Union Catholic Mothers. Kerala New Town, 7ptn: TUC, Hillingdon Deanery meeting, St Matthew. Northwood am: engagements. Archbishop's, pm. West Opening Mass for Qu arantore, Westminster Cathedral. 530pm. Thu: Engagements, Archbishop's House. Fri: Antbishop's Council meeting, Archbishop's Howse tarn: meeting with Religious , I loni I .30pm: Mk. ort Golden Jubilee of Father David 01(anc, Sacred Heat. Rochdale. 7pm. Sat: Confirtratio.ns, SS Nfishael not Martin. I kundow.6.15pro

Bishop Kenney tifirmingham) Sum Corpus Chnst Proccasion. Si. Aloysius Oxford. lpm. Toe: Deanery meeting. Rugby. I lam; Confirmations. St John Fisher. Coventry, 7pm. Wed: School visit. Corpus Christ. Coventry, 2pm; Confirmations. Corpus Christ. Coventry, 7pm. Thu: Mass and Procession for Children. Mapledurham. Haim; School soft, Sr Aloysius. Oxford. 2pm; Confirm,. lions. St Aloysius. Oxford. 630prn. Fit: School vint. Watley, 2pin; Confouuniom.Wdnev.7pnc Sat: Diocesan Pilgrimage. Evesham. I pm.

Bishop Lima (Clihon) laic: Bishops and Religious Supenors meeting. London I lam. Wed: Confirmation. St Peter's. Clammier, 730pm. Thu: Confirmation. St John the Baptist. Trowbridge. 730pm.

Bishop Langley (Westmitager) Sun: Pilgrimage with the Knights of Si Columba to Aylesford, 12pm. The Bishops' Golan:re Mixed Commission meeting. Eacleaton Sy, I lam; Marylcitonc Deanery meeting. Our Lads; of the Rosary, Marylehone. 3pon: Concelebrates Graduation Mass, St Patrick's Evangelical School , Soho. rapra. Wok liU.ICACY DCAUCty meeting. I lam: meets with Primary HCKIN

dishpan Deanery, Copal/nom Sheet pm:bray, 4pot World of Youth Day naming . Our Lady Queen

01111 Creation, I h. HIS I Hempstead East, 7pm. Thu: Das: for Lite Launch Press Conference. Ectieston aciaath, a5arn: meets with Primary Heads of Camden Deanery. Sr Drarmic's Priory. Ha verstock Hill, 3pm. FM Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House. 9_3(3-ant COMM lebrotes Mass for the closing of Quararif car. Westminster Cathedral, 530pm. Sat. Celebrates Confirmation. Our Lady of the Rosary. Marylehone, 6prn Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun, Maw, S5 Philip and lames. Hem MI. The: Confirmations. Sr holm Fisher, Bexley. 730pm. Wed: Meeting for Pnmary RE. Co-ordinators. Thu: Visit to St Joseph's School Canthenvell. pm: Bromley Multi-faith Refugee Support Omura St Edmund's, Beckenham, Sat: Golden Jubilee of Religious Pmfession for Sri. Joseph and Elisabeth.

Bishop MeGough (Birmingham) Mon Visits St Thomas of Aquiruis Primary School. Stoke-onTrent. 2pm; Contimatioms. Stoke. 7pm. Toe: Visas St Modwen's Prunary School, Burton-on-Trent, 2pm; Confirmations. Burton-on-Trent 7pm. Wed: Visits Our Lady's Primary School. Fenton. 2pm; Confirmations. Fenton. 7pm. Thu Sat: Ordains Dcacoas. Bede College, Rum.

Bishop McMahan (Brentwood) Sun: Pastoral VACUUM and Confirmation, Hutton. Tue: Men. ing...Interviews. Cathedral House. Wed: Pastoral Visitation, OUT Lady and St George. Walthannow. Thu: Meets with Churches Together in Essex and East London, Bishopcourt. Margaretting.

Bishop McMahon (Nottinsthart0 Sun Visitation Corpus Christi, ('ieethorpes. Mon: Confirmauon. St Mary and St Augustine. Stamford. 7pm. Wed, Building and Sites Commission meeting. Wilson House. I pm: Confirmation. St Edward din Confessor, Aylestone,7pui. Fri meel3 the Abbesses oi the Federation of Poor flares. Poor Clare Monastery. Bulven, Harm Confumatioo. Our Lady and Sr Panicles. Nottingham. 7pm. Sat Pax Christi AGM.

Bishop Malone (Liverpool) The Parish meeting St Cuthbert's and St Edward's Parishes. Wigan. 7pm. Fri: Mass of Thanksgiving with Arehditaman Jubilanam. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. 730pm.

Bishop Noble (Stuewsthoy) Sun. St Alban's Deanery; Confirmation Macclesfield Leanne Centre, 2.30pcn. Mon: Liturgy meeting. Leals.Tret Education Team meeting , Liandtulno, am: Confirmation. Sr Vincent's. Altruidawn, 7pm. Wed: Spirituality meeting of the Bisreps' Confacnoe. Millen Keynes. I lam. Fri Sr Peter and Paul's Deanery Confirmation. All Saints. Stirchley, 7pas. Sat, Launch of Dicathaa.n Aasociation of Catechists, Si Nicholas High School. Hartford. 2thri Pastoral Visitation, St Luke's, Frisdsham. 5pro.

Bishop 0*Donogtine (Lancaster) Stirs: motion:SI John, Kirkham. 10 Nam: Mass for Deaf, Holy Trinity and St George. Kendal. 3pm; Confirmation. Holy Trinity SIMI St George. Kendal. 6prn. Mon. Ecumenical meeting. Workington. Tue: Confirmation, St Mary, Lea Town. 7pm. Work Diocesan SchooLs Youth Masa Oohed:nil. 11.30an: C,orifirmation. St Andrew, COMIC,, 7pm. Thu: Youth Services Management meeting, Cos-diming. 4pm: Confimanon. Our Lady and St Bctnard. Pnamo.n. 75an • Fri: Golden Jubilee celebration. Sawed Heart, Blackpoolagm. Sat Mass. Nazareth HOU,V. Warn; Jubilee celebration. Polish Church, Lancaster. Opm.

Bishop Pinder (Birmingham) Mon: Vohs Holy Souls School. Mocks Green, 2pm; Confermations,Mocka Green. 7 :Ilse: Confimations. Acocla Green, 7pm. Wed biocenanPastomnJ Forum meeting. Colcaltill, 10311ans, visits Sr Nicholas',

Boldmem. Confirmations. Boldmine, 7pm. Thu; Visik School, Watley Castle 2pm: Confirmations. Weoley Castle. 7pm.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Man: Liturgy Department meeting.: „Iiinsley Hall, 1030arn. The Come and See Art Competition. Link Sistets of the Poor. Leeds. Ilarn: Caffmnation.St Pathan'. Devadatry, 7pm. Thu, WYEC Exocutive Committee meeting, Minsky Hall. 10am. Fri: Celebration of Pnesthond Mass, Leeds Cathedral. am; COnfirmiffi011. Tonfly and All Saints* College. Horsforth. 6.30pm: Confirmation, St Mary's. Horsforth, Spin. Sat: Annual Mass for Akar Servers. Leeds Catheth-al. 12pm.

Bishop Slack (Westminster) Sun: Confirmation. Our Lady of Lourdes, Harpenden. :Spas Moat Confirmation. Capenders Prat. 7pm hi: Archbishop's Council meeting. 930am. Sat: Ordination, Sacred licart Church. Bericampsted, 4pm.

Bishop Williams (Liverpool, Sun: Ordination of Deacons. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool , tram Tile Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter meeting and mass. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool. I lain: visits St Basil's RC Prinany School Hough Green. Widnes. 130pm: '2008' meth*. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, Sync Confirmation. St Richard of Chichester. Atherton. 7pm. Wed: Visits Sacred Heart RC Primaty School. Liverpool, I -10prn; United Musts meeting, Archalahop's House. 4pm; Confirmation, Holy Family, Bo ahstown. 7thn. Thu: Liverpool Anthdiocesan Finanace Adelson); Committee. Liverpool Archthocesan Ceram for Evangithsation niam: Confirmation. St Mime Barlow.Astley. 7pm. Fri: Voits St Bede's RC Infant Schaal. Widnes, 930m: visits St Beck's Kr-Arnica School, Widnes, I pm: Mass of Th.anitsgiving with Amadiocesan Jubilarians, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. 730pm.


Archbishop Smith(Ca' rdiff) Marc C.T.S. Management Committee meeting, Vauxhall, 230pm. Toe: Meeting with Parliamentarians. S. 5am; Religious Freedom Project. Archbishop's House, Whatminsier, llum; meeting with MP% and ['steins. Ipm. Wed: Confirrnation, Sr Cadre's Church. Cardiff. 7pm. Sat Mutual Mass for St David's Childrten Society, Nazareth House, Cardiff. 2pm.

Bishop Regati (Wrexham) Sum Blessed Sacrament Prithession, St Anthony's. Saltney. 2.15pm. Mon: Diocesan Fdreation Team meeting. Cunal Offices, 10am. Tue: PriestsCouncil. Loreto. 10.30am. Wed Confirmations. Connotes Quay. 7pm. Thu: St Joseph's High School, Wrexham. 1.30pm: Diccrsan Trustees' meesing, Curial OfEces. 3par. Mass for workers in the Legal Profession. Cathedral, 7pm. Fri: Fr Peter Wilkie's Golden Jubilee Mass. Newtown.7pm. Sat St kith Robert's Mass, Gellilystan. I lain.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinbimhi Mat Meeting of Catholic Youth Service, Scotland. Smithmone House, Kilwinning, Ilam. The: Meeting of EpiscopiaBithrigas and Catholic Bishops. Chile Sheet, Glasgow, 10.30am, meting of Bishops' conference of Sivelmai Scotu.s College, Grasgow. 3.30pm and overnight. Wed: Mass and Graduation 516th year leavers, St Margaret's Academy, Livingston. 7pm. Tbu Feast Day Mass. St Columto's High School. Dunfermline. 12pm. Fri: Meeting of Vicars General, St Beret's, meting of TIIISICCS of Archdiocese, Gillis Centre. 2pm, Sat: Maw with Sacranent of the Sick. marking centenary of Si Prier's. Parish, Edinburgh in Gilles Centre, 230pm.

Bishop Logan (DunkelcaDundoe) Sun: Annual Cekhration in Honour of the Blessed Sacrament, Si Clanena. Dundee. 3pm. Mon Meeting with Mary, vale Institute Personnel, Bishop's House. Dundee. I lam. he Wed: Bishops' Continence, Scotus College. Glasgow. Wed -Sat: Visit to Royal Navy, Danmouth.

Thus listing was compiled by Gabriel Cominanication.s and also appears in she Universe and Catholic limes

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