Page 4, 8th May 1942

8th May 1942
Page 4
Page 4, 8th May 1942 — Column

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Locations: London


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IBy Reporter

FULFORD Laughter Aposto late


RULE number one for members of my new Laughter Apostolate, of which I told you last week, is as follows: After his morning offering of " prayers, works, sufferings and laughter," the apostle shall rise from his knees and shall stand before the mirror, then before he shaves, combs his hair, washes his face, or ietroduces his false teeth into place, he shall laugh at his reflection in the mirror. He'll be shocked by the cols' echo that goes around the bathroom, but he'll echo that laugh when during the day he recalls what a shocking thing he looked first thing in the morning. • VELLOW-passengers on the London A tube must have been shocked the other day at the loud laughter with which I listened to a Scots priest, friend of mine, who recounted some anecdotes. one Sunday morning. he told me, an American lady called, after Mass, at his presbytery and said: " Father, can I see your ticker?" Somewhat shocked. but nevertheless obliging, the priest gave a tug at his watch-chain, thinking she wanted to know the time. She shook her head. " No, I mean your tape-machine," she said. The priest having raised his eyebrows, she explained she wanted to keep an eye while in England on the rise and fall of bei stocks and shares back.home. To do this it was natural for her to call at the priest's house, thereby inferring that American priests spend • their elay alongside tapemachines which they arrange to have installed in their homes. Whereat the Scots priest and I were greatly shocked I QOME shocking things are often Is./ written by people whose schooling has not been of the best, and I realm. her the laughs I got when a friend, who worked in the pensions claims departrnent of a big organisation, quoted parts of claims letters received at his office. Here is one: " I am sending my marriage certificate and six children, I have had several and one died which was baptised on half a sheet of notepaper by the Revd. Jones." Now I want recruits for my " Laughter Apostelate," and I want them to come flocking from among B.B.C. announcers, from among heavy smokers, and from the Sword of the Spirit. And I want J. L. Benvenisti to join the movement, too. I want to train him to laugh at the funny jokes in the Financial Times. Poor Ben ! Every time he opens the paper he just gets shocks and stares

(P.S. Benvenlsti has agreed to loin provided he is allowed to write a series oj articles on the Amusing Machinations of an Irresponsible Eighth Columnist.)

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