Page 4, 8th May 1942

8th May 1942
Page 4
Page 4, 8th May 1942 — RECENT REMARKS

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Locations: Toronto


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Wise and Otherwise

"A sportsman and naturalist, writing of the temperament of elephants and the possibility of their domestication, once said, ' Natives attach less importance than we do to the temper of elephants; all can be managed by some means.' What is true of elephants is equally true of dictators."—Dulce of Bedford. "There were 250,000 Irishmen volunteered in the last war to fight for small nations, that was one in every eight of the population; 50,000 were killed, that was one in forty of the total population; and when the remainder returned home they were told that freedom for small nations did not mean Ireland."— James Hickey, T.D.

"After three years of war there are only two Australian businesses carrying on as usual—bets and booze,"— Moderator Clifford Button.

" I have never been in politics: I ern not afflicted with the urge to mess about I other people's business."--S'ir Ernest Bevin.

"Individual Jews there are in both the capitalist and communist camp, but Judaism is the inspiration of 'neither." —Social Forum. Toronto. " It is very necessary that we should enunciate from the start the essential maxim that the safety and welfare of the King's Dominions must be the first consideration of those of his Ministers who may be negotiating any post-war settlement."—The Patriot.

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