Page 2, 8th May 1953

8th May 1953
Page 2
Page 2, 8th May 1953 — POINTS FROM LETTERS

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Locations: York, Dublin


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Catholics in the Forces

Reference to recent letters headed "Catholics in the Forces." For the sake of Catholic parents who have sons in the Army, I should like to dispel any false impressions given by S.A.C. Bryan Storey, R.A.F. Army National Service men are informed during their first interview with the chaplains that the term of address is still "Father" and not "Sir." It is also pointed out to them that only when they are in action or during guard duty are they prevented from going to Mass. It is further pointed out to them that Queen's Rules and Regulations protect their conscience in every way and give them full facilities for going to Mass, and enable them to approach their chaplain whenever they wish to do so. The s; stern of regular padre's hours makes for closer contact between chaplain and men, if the latter wish' to take advantage of opportunities offered.-iSracar.) a J. LEITCH, 17th '1 raining Regiment. R.A., Park hall, Oswestry. Shropshire.

Vocations Exhibition

Having the Vocations' Exhibition early in July will mean that numbers of young people in the Catholic boarding schools all over the country will be unable to attend at all. Not only this, but even the day schools will be unable to attend except at the week-end.

If it cannot be remedied this year, perhaps in following years the exhibition could take place at a more suitable time during the school holidays. MICHAEL KFNWORTHYBROWN. Ampleforth College. York.

Marian names

Why not restore the original Marian names to those flowers that had them taken away from them after the Reformation? The same would apply, too, to naming shops. Only the other day I came across a cafe called "Mount Carmel." -Pure Lsvaesucii, &WA.

Eastern rites

The letter of "Paulus" apropos the Eastern Rites made very interesting reading. On the Feast of the Epiphany, 1946, I attended a number of Eastern Rite Masses celebrated at Propaganda College in Rome. I also received Holy Communion at one of these Masses (Rumanian Rite). This experience has left a lasting impression upon my mind, and it illustrates the wonderful universality of the Church. Let us who belong to the Latin Rite of the one. true Church, always bear in mind that we do not possess a monopoly of the treasures of Catholic worship.-BERTRAM C. WILSON, 5 North Street, Dowlais, Glamorgan.

English-Irish Trade, not Aid

As to whether the English converted the Irish, or vice versa. is at least disputable. The Faith here is robust. Almost universally, it is practised. Vocations are so numerous that, thank God, many priests max' be sent across to England where the situation is not so favourable in this respect. The solution is clear. The English intellectuals come across in their numbers to instruct the ignorant, to pay in quality what they have received in quantity. Without meaning irreverence-trade, not aid, JOHN GLYNN, Dalymount House, Phibsborough, Dublin.

A Black Virgin

Can any of your readers give me any information regarding the history of the Black Virgin in the Carmelite Church at Beilstein-Mosel in Germany? I understand that the history of the devotion dates back to 1250 and I would appreciate any details.-PETIER F1177JOHN. 2 I Queen's Road, Fakenham, Norfolk.

Student labour

I wonder if any of your readers can suggest the type of firm who will employ student labour during the summer vacation. Many would be most grateful for ideas.-D.M.C.

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