Page 2, 8th May 1953

8th May 1953
Page 2
Page 2, 8th May 1953 — The late Dr. Joad

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The late Dr. Joad

SIR, My attention has been called to your obituary notice of the late Dr. Cyril Joad in your issue of April 17. It seems to me, and to other friends of his, that the first sentence of your notice is extremely misleading. You say that "the late Dr. Joad must have seen an element of grim humour in the fact that at the height of his mental powers he was struck down by the disease which, for some reason, no one mentions," I have tried out this sentence on several people and they all sense the implication that Dr. load had suffered a grave diminution of his mental capacities for reasons which his friends chose to keep dark. Dr. load suffered a particularly painful form of cancer, complicated by pernicious anemia : suffering which he came to bear with Christian resignation, though for years he had argued that. faced with such an illness and such pain, the individual was at liberty; to end his life. As an Anglican priest who ministered to him in his last weeks I can witness to the unimpaired brilliance and agility of his mind-but a mind with anew gentleness and depth. His pupils in philosophy came to him to the last for the benefit of his teaching; and in the last days he was busy correcting proofs. H. A. Whiteman, Warden of Liddon House. 24 South Audley Street, W.I.

We are sorry that the sentence should have been misunderstood. We knew the cause of his death. an illness, for some reason. rarely mentioned in obituary notices and tributes.-Editor, CATHOLIC HERALD.

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