Page 5, 8th May 1953

8th May 1953
Page 5
Page 5, 8th May 1953 — 'Keep These Films Out' warning

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'Keep These Films Out' warning

VI(IILANCE by National C.atblic Film centres in ntission countries to keep out films that might damage natc cultures was urged in a resolution of Ihis year's Study Conference of the International Catholic Fi.IJTI Office which has ended in Malta.

The resolution said it was the Governments of the mission mutttries arid those respousible for lilus production who would have to he watched.

The conference—which had "The Film in Missionary Countries" as its subject—also urged the setting up of a film libraryto collect all films likely to be of use to mission 5tations.

It said the technical side of filmmaking in mission countries should be entrusted only to those mission' aries who had a talent for it and could beconte film specialists. It said they should be given proper iechnical training and effective support afterwards,

20 countries

Twenty countries were represented at the conference. Cardinal Gouveia, Archbishop of Lourenco Marques, Mozambique. p r e a i d c ci . Bishop Clabaut of Hudson Bay and Bishop Olalia of Tuguegarao. in the Philippines. were present with missionary priests from many parts of Africa, Asia and America.

The conference was held in Malta at the invitation of Archbishop Sit Michael Gonzi. A special message from the Pope and a letter of encouragement from the Cardinal Pitfeet of the Sacred Congregation of the Propagation of the Faith were read at the opening.

Delegates a t t c n d e d receptions given by the Goveraor-Gneral of Malta, the Prime Minister and others.


ACONFERENCE about flints has also been c 0 It c I u d e d at the Vatican. It was the [inst meeting of the Pontifical Film Commission set up by the Holy See last year.

Members from 11 countries. including Britain, attended, and were afterwards received in a special private audience by the Holy Father, who spoke to each of them about the progress of Catholic Film Action in their own parts of the world.

Rectors see the Holy Father

More than 30 rectors of Pontifical Colleges and Seminaries of Rome, who are meeting there in a special study session. were received in audience by the Pope last week.

They included Mgr. Gerald Tickle. of the English College, Tslgr, Donal Hcrliliy, of the Irish College, and Mgr. 1. M. O'Connor, of the North American College.


More than 500 Catholic employers from eight countries hean a threeday study congress at Cologne yesterday. organised by the International Union of C a I h o 1 i e Employers U.N.LAP.A.C.). The Union invited members of affiliated associations to join in the congress.

The subject under discussion svill be "The Selection aud Formation of the Business Manager."

Cardinal Frinigs. Archbishop of Cologne, will celebrate Pontifical High Mass iii Cologne Cathedral on Sunday, and the d e I c g a t e a will attend.

The c 0 U fl t r i C S represented arc Belgium. Britain, Canada, Chile. Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland.

Election revives interest in Christian unionS Archbishop Jaeger of Paderborn, n a May Day Pastoral, urged Christian workers to vote for the Christian list in the elections on May

16 and 17 of employee representafives for the social security system in Westpbalia.

The Christian list represents an association of Christian workers' groups, both ntholic and Protestant. it is opposed by the list of the German Trade Union Federation. which ii; under strong Socialist influence. though iii theory politically neutral.

The elections coincide with a revival of interest in the question of whethen independent Christian trade unions should hc again organised in Germany. There have been none there since Hitler aboli5hed them in 1934,

Tessier resigns

M. Gaston Tessier, 66'year-old president of the French Confedera'tion of Christian Workers since 1919, has resigned from that position because of age and the demands of his other activities. M. Tessier will continue to serve as president of the liiternational Confederation of Chrislion Trade Unions.

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