Page 6, 8th May 1953

8th May 1953
Page 6
Page 6, 8th May 1953 — Children's

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Locations: London


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Corner ti DEAR Children: Here are two -1-"more Queen's Beasts for you. I wonder how many of you could describe a Griffin? You must have seen pictures of them often enough, a queer animal, half lion, half eagle, with wings, huge claws, and very often a long tongue.

It first appeared in sculptures in Persia, very many years ago; then the Greeks had it on their coins as it wag supposed to be the guardian of treasure. Nowadays it appears in the Arms of the City of London, and one guards the entrance to the city.

The Griffin

AS vigilant guardian, a Griffin I stand, And put out my tongue at all foes of the land.

I don't mean it rudely; it happens to be The gesture that always comes natural to me.

The Greyhound

TF it's speed that you're wanting, then I am the one.

I can leap o'er the land and keep up with the sun.

Long, supple and lithe, finest hound ever seen, I'm the Greyhound, I carry good news for the Queen.

Answer to the quibbly one'

19,, was short because it began JGoo Tuesday and ended on Wednesday. This year is even shorter as it begins and ends on the same day (a Thursday).


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