Page 12, 8th May 1964

8th May 1964
Page 12
Page 12, 8th May 1964 — Pope warns workers against Communism

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People: OPE PAUL
Locations: Naples


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Pope warns workers against Communism


POPE PAUL warned against "disastrous ideologies", such as those based on class struggle and atheistic Communism, when he addressed more than 30,000 farm and factory workers from the Naples region.

"Let us be frank", the Pope said. "Many of these ideologies, those of social selfishness and of the superiority of economics over moral and religious law, for example ... those of destructive class struggle and atheistic Marxism, those of pleasure and vice as a free programme of life, are erroneous ideologies, harmful ideologies. "They can be disastrous", Pope Paul continued. "particularly for the working person who seeks a sufficient measure of economic means, of dignity and of personal liberty, of social and international peace."

As working people today are undergoing a great evolution. their byes and prospects changing greatly, it was essential, pope Paul said, to think clearly.-to work things out intelligently.

"Instead of hating and cursing the society in which Providence has placed us, let us try to understand it, to serve it. to heal it and to live in it", Pope Paul said.

New world

"Give serenity, hope, vigour and yoy to your thoughts precisely as Christian education teaches us to do", he urged his listeners. "Be builders of the new world for which technical and scientific progress prepares us."

Reminding them • that recent Popes have spoken out on many social questions related to workers' Jives and social progress, Pope Paul declared; "This extensive and repeated teaching concern of the Church is not merely verbal Preaching. It is not a defence of social conditions which have be

come historically and logically outmoded. It is not an impediment to a legitimate and concrete dynamism to transform society."

All the Church's statements on social problems. Pope Paul said, Arming from concern for the worker and are an "intelligent and loyal effort of the Church. ia cooperation with your free and legitimate associations and with competent civil and political authorities, to give society the Justice, order and peace of which you are first to feel the desire and the need.

"Open your eyes, then. and see the eeents of the present times which show scientific weakness, social inconsistency and the political danger of doctrines which have been turned into powerful entities and which are rising to claim leadership of the world of labour. Remember it is necessary to think well and remain close to the Church."

Not afraid of jail

Cardinal Wyszynski. Primate of Poland, told a gathering at Mariazell, Aust:.:a., that jail sentences would not silence the Church in Poland, "We are not afraid of jail", he said.

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