Page 8, 8th May 1981

8th May 1981
Page 8
Page 8, 8th May 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Lancaster University, South East Area Ecumenical Commission, Finance Office, Laity Commission, Standing Committee, Blessed Sacrament Church, Senate of Priests St Calorges Cathedral, AGM Ecumenical Society of Blessed Virgin Mary, Royal Air Force, Diocesan Finance Board, CAFOD Committee, Mass_ St Frances Leprosy Guild, •rxt Shepherd Service, Centenary of Redemptoristine, Cl Welsh Bethel Church, University of Liverpool, Clergy Study Day Chaplaincy Centre, Christian Aid Service, Senate, Pastoral Centre, Congress, Liturgy Commission, Herta Area Liturgy Commission, Special School, At Saints Pastoral Centre, Liverpool SO, Confirmation Italian Church, Loreto College, Catholic Commission for Racial Justice, IMOnehrr Kent Area Ecumenical Commission, St Marva High School, Confirmation Service, AGM Catenian Association, Chudleigh Convent, St Andrews United Reformed Church, Steering committee, Festival Committee


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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster. Ender address at service for Artists. St James', Piccadilly. 12 noon. Mass for Golden Jubilee of Annunciation school Burnt Oak. 6.30 pm. Sunday: Mass for Guides and Brownies of the Diocese in Westminster Cathedral. 2 per. Meeting with young DeOpfe. Archbishop's House, 6 pin Monday: Mass. St Elifabeth's Convent, Much Hadharn, 3_30 per IVIonday-Wedneeday: Meeting with WeStminater Area Bishops, Hare Street. Preaches at St Peter's Cathedral. Gloucester Thlneenth Centenary, 7 30 Pre

Archbishop Bowen of.Southwaric Friday: Directors Meeting Catholic National Mutual Ltd., Guernsey Sunder Vocations pea Pilgrimage. Mass, 12 noon, Benediction. 4 30 pm. Aylesford Monday: Meeting of SE Area Clergy re schools. Amigo Hell. 3 pm. Presentation Papal Aword West Wickham 8 pin. Wednesday: Senate 11 am Thursday: Meeting with prison chaplains 12.30 orn Meeting of SW Area Clergy re Schools. 3 am.

Archbishop 'Dwyer of Birmingham: Sunday: Preaching Cl Welsh Bethel Church Sir• miognarn. 3 pm.

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool:-Fridery: Visits St Paul's Bookshop. Liverpool to mark oublicatton of CongreS5 Book "Liverpool SO Admission to Candidacy for Permanent Diaconate, St Benedict. Hindley. 8 pm Sunday: Mass for Vocations Sunday. Metropolitan Cathedral. 3 pm. Tuesdey: Meeting of Liturgy Commission. Archbishop's House. 6.30 pm. Wedneedary: Steering committee of Adult Christian Education Consultation. Archbishop's House. 3 pm Mass in Thanksgiving for Beatification of Don Ounce. Metropolitan Cathedral. 7.30 pm_ Thursday: Receives Honorary Degree. University of Liverpool. 3 pm

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Wednesday: Service at Gloucester Cathedral. 7.30 Pm.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Friday: Vocations Congress. Rome, unto tElth May

Bishop Burke, Auxigary of Salford: Friday: V-sits St Edward Rusholrne, 9.30 am. Sunday: Visitation. 11 am, Confirmation, 3 prn St Edward, Rushoirne Tuesday: Visits St Marva High School. Ramber Bridge_ 2 pm Wednesday: Mass and presentation of teachers reiigious certificates. Hopwood Hall, Middleton, 11 am. Thursday: Episcopal Cornmiesion for Apostleship of Sea. Anchor House. Hull. 2 pry B ishop Clark of East Anglia: Friday: Festival Committee, Thetford. Saturday: Solemn Profession. Carmelila Convent. Cluidenha Tr, Seedily: Visitation, Haverhill. Monday-Friday. Priests Conference at Great Massinghao, Wedneerisy: Parliamentary Poo•mami dl War singharn Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Saturday: AGM Catenian Association. Harrogate Om Sunday: Mass and Confirmation St Peter s Blosvoch. 11.30 am. Mender meeting of Priests Holy Trinity, Newcastle. 10 30 am Visitation 01 School, St Man. Leek. 2.30 pm. Tuesday: Attends Friends of Cardinal Newman rrelfiatirig. Oratory. Elm. mingham. 4pm. AGM Ecumenical Society of Blessed Virgin Mary. Snow Hilt Wolverhampton. 7.30 pm Wednesday: Mass ono Confirmation. St Mary Leek 7.30 urn. Thursday: Mass tor Feast at St Michaei. Garicoits. Often Sofireal 7 30 pro

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: Friday: Requiem Mass for Father James Swarbock. Sr John s Cathedral, 11 am Saturday: Confirmation Douai Abbey Attends OWL AGM, Park Place Wickham. 10.30 am Sunday: Confirmation, Sacred Heart. Elournernouth. Confirmation, Corpus Christi. Bournemouth. Tuesday: Attends Election of Lord Mayor. Guildhall. Portsmouth. 11 am. Wednesday: Attends AGM UCM. Boscombe. Bournemouth. 12 noon. Thursday: Diocesan Trustees meeting, Finance Office. Portsmouth, 3.30 pm B ishop Foley of Lancaster: Frklay: Retums from Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage Mass for Centenary of the Little Sisters in Preston, 2 30 pm. Sunday: Mass and Procession to Ladyewell tor Vocations. Fernyhalgh, 3 pro Tuesday: Diaconate interviews, Bishop's House. 2.30 pm Thursday: Attends Clergy Study Day Chaplaincy Centre. Lancaster University. 11 are

Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury: SundayMonday: Visitation and Confirmation. St Mary S. Congicton. Monday: Mass Market Drayton. 7.30 pm Tuesday: Meeting of Schaaf. Executive. All Saints Dukirdieid. Wednesday: Mass for Meeting of Young Priests. Same House: Bollington. 12 noon. Thursday: Attends Conferment of Honorary Degrees. Philharmonic Hall. Liverpool. 3 per

Bishop Gowned& Bishop in Earl London: Friday: Meeting with Fast I Os, •i-a Leaders

1,1-, rid with Pastore! Assistants. Somers Om Saturday: Mass for CVVL. Cathedra, on. Meeting with AngliCan Students Ilford. 5 Sunday: Talk TO SVP. IslingtOn 3 30 o 0,,dxy-wseesseay: Hare Stied Meeting of Thursday Laity Commission Standing t.ommittee. 12_30 per Committee meeting, 094 5

Bishop Harris of Middlestarough Sunday:

Vitiration to St Joseph's. . )0,30

am Tuesday: Mayor induct., •••Town Hap. Middlesbrough 10 ant. Pas' • over.; i',Northi Meeting. 7.30 pen Wednesday . •rxt Shepherd Service. St Wilfrid's. York 2 -. tiers' Mass. St Charles, Kull at 730 too Thatadev: Meets Poo

COaplains, Anchor House. ' Good Shepherd Mass. St Charles, Hull 2 pro Confirmations, St vim:era's, Hug 7 pm.

▪ Harvey, Bishop in North London: Friday: Mass. St James'. School. Burnt Oak.

SundayConfirmation The Annunciation. Burnt Oak. II int. Cordirmation. St Agnes. Cackle...mod. 3 pm Monday-Wednesday: Bishops Meeting. Here Street. Thursday: Confirmation. Our Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury. Harrow on • the Hill. 7.30 Pm Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Fraley: South East Area Ecumenical Commission meeting, St Thomas More, Bealeyheath. 5.45 pm, Sunday: Mass and confirmation. St Bartholomew's. Norbury. 12 noon and 3 On". IMOnehrr Kent Area Ecumenical Commission meeting. West Mailing, 7 30 pm. Tuesday: Area Deans meeting, Blackheath. 10 arn Mass and confirmation. Blackfen. 7.30 pm Wednesday: Senate of Priests St Calorges Cathedral. 11 an, to 3 lam Thunuller Priests' Meeting. Amigo Hall, 2.30pm to 4 30 pm Mass and confirmation. St Mary's. Chistehtost, 7.30 pre.

B ishop Mohan, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Sixth Formers' Meeting Widnes 2 ore. Confirrnatton Sr Mane s VVicines 7 30 pm Bishop Holland of Salford: surklay: Visitation. It are Confirmation. 3 pm Sr Joseph's. Salford, Monday-Thursday: Junior Clergy, St Paul's Retreat, llketey

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark:

,Mvosnirlaym,,:iiiM,ge a Pni ECU/710111CM COrrnOISSIOn,

Bishop Konstant, Bishop in Central London:

Friday, Mass. French Chult,li 12 15 pot Sunday: Confirmation Italian Church 12 15 pm. Monday-Wednesdsy. Bishops Meeting. Hare Street. Wednesday -Thursday: All Saints Pastoral Centre Caatereme tor Heads and Deputy Heads. Thursday. Confirmation White City 7 Pm,

Bishop McCartls, Auxiliary of Berrninghom:

Friday: Mass and Confirmation. St Marie, Rugby, 7 pen. Saturday: Catholic Commission for Racial Justice Executive. Birmingham. 11 am Jubilee celebrations. St Teresa. Enstone. 7 pm. Sunday: Mass and confirmation, Manresa House 10.30 am. Receives Collection on Good Shepherd Sunday, Cathedral. 3 prn Tuesday: Meeting with Clergy. Cowley. Oxford 10.30 am Wednesday: Study Day Cathalie Commiasion for Racial Justice. Maria assumpla College. Lender, Thursday: Meeting of GOvemOrs, 'Colton Collage. 11 are Meeting of GOveMOTS. Besford Court Special School. 2 30 pnit Mass and confirmation St Joseph Malvern. 720 PM Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Saturday-Sunday 17th May: Leads a Pilgrimage from the Diocese to the Holy Land B ishop MoMehors of Brentwood: Friday: Visas Chelmsford Diocesan Offices, 12.30 per Sunday: Vtsitatton St Georges Walthamstow, Monday: Mass_ St Frances Leprosy Guild. Farm Street, 6.15 pm. Tuesday: Mass for 50th anniversary. Holy Family, Dagenham. B pin Wednesday: Mass for SCIth anniversary of Sr Mary's School. Walthamstow 7 30 pm Thursday: Meeting re-Ropes visit. Westminster. 10 am Mass and confirmation, Our Lady of Grace and Sr Teresa Chinghancl. 7.30 rim

B ishop O'Connor, Ausiliary of Liverpool: Sunday: Christian Aid Service, St Andrews United Reformed Church. Waterloo, 6.30 per Monday: Confirmation. St Arden s. Hiryton. 7 30 pm Tuesday: Chapter mass and meeting. Metr000lttan Cathedral, 11 are Confirmation Sr Aidan 5, Human_ 7,30 pm. Wednesday Thundery: Cunliimarion St Agnes, Huylon 7 30 per Bishop Murphy-O'Connor. of Arundel and Brighton: Friday: Visits The English speaking community. Geneva for confirmations Saturday: Returns from Geneva Visits Training Day for Press officers, Christian Education Centre Craw' Sunday, Visas Hiorihutd Piiiish Wednesday, Crawley Deanery Confirmations. Arundel Cathedral Thursday: meeting of Standing Committee of Laity Commission. London

Bishop O'Brian, Bishop in HisrHordshira: Friday: Herta Area Liturgy Commission. Farm Cottage. 2.30 pm Confirmation. St Francis Letchworth 7 pre Saturday: Ordains to the Prieethood. the Rev. Francis Moran, Wealdstone 3.30 pm. Attends KSC Dinner-Dance. Watford. 7.30 gm Sunday: Visitation. Corpus Christi. Tring Monday: Sixth forrns. Loreto College, Si Albans 10.30 am. Monday-Wednesday: Hare Street meeting 6 pm. Wednesday: Hens area Education Commission. All Saints Pastoral Centre. Thursday, CAFOD Committee meeting, 1 pm, Harts Catholic Youth Leaders meeting St Anne's, At Saints Pastoral Centre. 7_30 pm Bishop Pearson. Bishop in Cumbria: Saturday: Centenary Mass and celebrations of the Little Sisters of the Poor Preston Sunday: Confirmation St Mary's Kells, Whithaven. 10 30 arn VO,RlionF. mass, St Marys, Cleave. 3 pm. Thursday: Meeting of Diocesan Finance Board

Bishop Restieaux of Plyrnbuth: Sunday: Visitation and mass. Blessed Sacrament Church, Heavitree, Exeter 11 15 pm Confirmation Service. 3 pm Tuesday: Chapter mass and induction of 3 Canons, Cathedral. Plymouth. 11 are Chapter meeting, Diocesan Schools Commission meeting Cathedral House, Plymouth, 2.30prn. WedemellarY: Mass, 250 Centenary of Redemptoristine foundation Chudleigh Convent. 2.30 pm Thursday: Mass with 4 Wonersh Students' Vescourt Plymouth

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday-Monday: Visitation Wimbledon Paris Monday: 3ondayuar:. ATttuuie.d.ds ySchLeimls adsMueemeting v, jAmiga ,m4 Hall Aylesford Wednesday: Annual Requiem Mass Knights of Si Columba, St George's Cathedral, 7.30 AprnyiesTarhdursday: Diocesan Schools Pilgrimage Bishop Welmeley, Bishop of the Forces: GFrierdamyan-Friday: Pastoral Visitation Royal Air Force, Bishop Wheeler of Leeds: Saturday: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingharn Sunday: M855. Royal Hall, Harrogate. 11 am Tuesday. Visitation and confirmation, St Mary's. Bradford Wednesday: Visitation and confirmation Ripon. Thursday: :-on,on•Yr, P;IOnr,if Coon,'

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