Page 6, 8th May 1987

8th May 1987
Page 6
Page 6, 8th May 1987 — Tonga song of sunshine

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Locations: Canterbury, Surrey, Mecca


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Tonga song of sunshine


Elizabeth Bano

Sunday May 10, 6.32am Morning Has Broken, Radio 4.

7.30am Good Morning Sunday, Radio 2. This special programme sees the launch of the Choir girl of the Year competition for 1987. The guests include one of the judges, Barry Rose, who is music advisor. to the BBC's religious broadcasting department and Master of the Choirs at the King's School, Canterbury.

7.40am Sunday, Radio 4. Weekly religious current affairs programme.

9.30am Morning Service, Radio 4. Mass for the fourth Sunday of Easter comes from the English Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Horley, Surrey. The celebrant and preacher is Fr Brendan MacCarthy.

11am Morning Worship, ITV. Since 1926 the distinguished Methodist Donald Soper has been driving home the message of Christian Socialism to the world. But what of the moments of spiritual enlightment that have guided this remarkable man?

6.40pm Highway. Harry Secombe visits Mont St Michel Ind discovers why the French :all it one of the wonders of the world. He talks to a nun from the Benedictine Order, an Anglican vicar, and actor Derek Nimmo.

6.40pm Praise Be, BBC1. Thora Hird returns to present the eleventh series of Praise Be, presenting viewers favourite Songs of Praise. The programme includes Aberystwyth children singing in the Penillion Choir on a Welsh hillside, and the hymn "The Day Thou Gayest, Lord Is Ended" sung by Christians in the sunshine of Tonga. Viewers are also invited to enter a hymnwriting competition as part of a

forthcoming "Songs of Praise" Festival.

8.30pm Sunday Half Hour, Radio 2. Blair Armnstrong introduces a programme of favourite hymns from St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral.

10.15pm Pillars of Islam, Radio 4. "A Heart Washed With Snow" In the first of two programmes on islam, Brian Redhead goes in search of Mohammed, the orphan of Mecca, the camel driver turned visionary, the man who married many wives, the mystic who rode the flying horse, Buraq, to heaven and whose message of submission still shapes the lives of over seven hundred million Muslims throughout the world today.

llpm Seeds of Faith, Radio 4. Keith Clements takes a reflective look at some early translators of the Bible in English. In this first programme he looks at the world of John Wycliffe, who made the first complete translation of the Bible into English. The reader is Brian Gear.

Vatican Radio Broadcasts to the world in 34 languages and to 170 countries round the clock. The English language services however, can be a little elusive. Three 15 minute English programmes are broadcast daily on at least two wavelengths at a time.

Reception however, can vary according to "Sun spots", interference and receiver use. Reception is better at night and in the rain, and is sometimes better near a window if the building has a metal frame or roof.

The call sign is "Praised be Jesus Christ" and times of programmes and wavelengths are given below.

Times of Programmes: English Programmes 6.00am, 2.45pm, 8.5 Opm. "Four Voices" (which includes one English contribution), 11.30am, 4.00pm. Mass in Latin 6.30pm. Rosary in Latin 7.40pm.

Tuning In: A portable radio with several short wave bands is ideal. On Medium-wave — 196 metres. On Short wave. 49 metre band — 6.25MHz. 31 metre band — 9.65MHz or 9.75MHz. 25 metre band — 11.7MHz.

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