Page 2, 8th October 1937

8th October 1937
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Page 2, 8th October 1937 — CC There Is Only One Answer

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CC There Is Only One Answer


Patrick D. Tolhurst, prominent member of the Catholic Worker Group: who is it in England here today who champions the cringe of the oppressed, who raises the issue of the worker, who is it that goes to the poor and tells hint how to better himself, how to cry out against the injustice that

C rushes It how to aet in order to remedy specific instances of the sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance. the sin of clefranding the labourer of his just wage? Who is it repeat, who has goue to the poor and given them hope? Who is it in whom the poor reasonably have confidence, for their actions bear witness to their words, who is it THERE IS ONLY ONE ANSWER: THE COMMUNISTS.


Good ideas will drive out Bad ones, Action flows from Contemplation. Contemplation is individual: First. we must have a Spiritual Revolution : We as Catholics must live as Catholics. not in name only, in facts in deeds, in our lives.

Communism preaches HATE. we must PRACTISE LOVE; then we can truly say with the Martyrs: We cannot lose, we DESIRE to die for the LOVE OF GOD!

Barbara Wall, novelist and social worker:

Fortunately in this country, as yet, we have no need to " combat " Communism; we have no need to crusade against it. By heroic living we still have the chance to avert heroic death.

Let us therefore not think in the destructive terms of " combating." nor, for variety's sake, in terms of communism. Besides, if we so frequently think about what we are against we forget what we are /or, and in our absorption with Communism we forget Christianity. If, we could concentrate on building Christianity, on making Christ real to the maximum 'number of people, we might achieve some

thing. The most comprehensive way to do this is by being holy. This is not a reactionary suggestion, for by holy I mean something real.

A true construction. based on a true holiness, seems to me to be found in the Catholic Worker movements all over the world.

Communism is caused by poverty, wretchedness, lovelessness. All these things, when in

flieted, are unChristian. Th us our presentday building up of Christianity should, surely, eonsixt in n Minnte examination of 011 7' social conscience before God to see if we are doing right by justice; in the constant practice of charity; and in the remembranee that ram are beloved of Christ and arr hurting llira no more than ?IS if we believe in Him and fail to re.cognisc Llim in our neighbour. Miss Barbara Grant Johnson, secretary of the Legion of Mary: I. II0 ,hffilid sce that the men and women we miss sash day know us for practising Catholos. This, besides giving almost every potential CoMmunist contact with Catholicism, helps mit in our prime obligation of leading good lives, curbing our im•linations to shady social cr business actions by our regard for the reputation at' our Faith. But half our Milk in hesit ting to stand openly as Catholics is becaus we are too ignorant of Catholic

ortrine to I vile discussion. Therefore


D 2. Vintil w join classes held by the Archconfraternity of Christian Doctrine, the C.E.G. or the C.S.G., or by some means assimilate the noceSsary knowledge we are deliberately surrendering our neighbour—and therefore Englandtto Communism.

3. When C mmunism seeks to destroy sonic special thing, be sure thiR thing is our most poteni wea n. The Family—Catholic employetts, give preferenee to married men. Catholic mot ers, begin today to make a home your ehildre4 can love. The Catholic home alone can co bat the Communist. cell.

4. Intellecttals—bring Catholieism into fashion; it is far more daring than a socialistic. sentimental humanitarianism.

5. Workers—in the end all will depend upon whether oil ran put us to shame by being poor in Nei it as well as in circumstance.

Fr. Vincent McNabb, famous open-air preacher and author of The Church and the Land: We Fees/ return tenni an urhrhq Crntre of gravity to a cure I centre of gravity. Slated in another fo;m: We 11111Si retu rn not. to what

is primitive ut what is primary.

As many f land. These situp self-sup lilies as possible shall be on the families shall be as far as posorting.

ThiR couvi tion, now of many years, has grown to the certainty of an intuition. Practical work fo • some fifty years in country and town parish has forced me to see that your modern town is the proximate occasion of unnatural sin, .e., birth prevention.

Now the o 1,y way of dealing morally with proximate on asions of sin is to change them if they can changed.

Moses and a minority of Jews found that Egypt, with rits fleshpots and its maternity legislation w is a proximate occasion of sin. Ili, and they did not limit their Hebrew Action to Did no doubt, necessary lad undeniably insuffi ent method of mass meetings. Th, Hebrew people saved us Catholics and civilisation hfr coming out to the land. Can we not do what they did? Mr. W. J. Blyton, pioneer in "Back to the Land " movement:

Wise Catholic Action depends on knowing our Faith plus its Social Principles. The Christian Front requires instructed defenders.

Rather than anti-something, let us be PROsomething. Communism is a materialist hate response to matnmon. Ill-temper and revenge find in both an arsenal of platudble disguises.

are in neither camp, having a philosophy truer than either. It goes further than they in demanding the Rights of man—to work, th Iris place in society. to family decencies, a little property, respect as a living soul. just wage and maintenance. liberty of worship, and a full moral end religions culture.

We are but 10 per cent. of Britain's population : only I per cent. of us are writers or speakers. Our means of winning (very powerfat means) therefore are: Conduct, Contact, Talk.

The world. public and private, needs kindly reason quite as much as right formulas. Let each Catholic act as though it were depending on him or her, and not. leave it to the other Catholic, to a guild, or to our priests and hierarchy.

Pass on your Catholic paper in workshop, mill and office?

Fr. Bernard Goode, of the Catholic Workers' College, Oxford:

Catholic Action is built on the lay apostolate.

Now. for the first time in Christian history, the private lay apostolate is given a place and a. share in the public: official Apostolate. It is obvious that elaborate plans for Catholic. Action, meetings against Communism. campaigns in favour of a Christian programme, etc., will all be fruitless until genuine members of Catholic. Action have been trained. These will constitute a compact nucleus in each parish and a strong body throughout the country capable of sharing in the public apostolate of the Church and able to bear all the responsibilities that this

Pops. in calling

Catholics to accept the graces and responsibilities of Catholic Action, addresses himself with particular force to the young workers. He sees that the fate and future of civilisation lies in their hands.

For them the Young Christian Workers' Movement is at hand to give them a divine and apostolic conception of the whole of their lives, to train them and send them out to win bark all their fellow workers to Christ and His Churell. and to build through them a new and Christian Norio! order.

This is the Church's answer to the " Com111111118i menuee." It is inspired by her love for all men, and especially for those who in their innocence mad good-will have been led astray by a false hope.

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