Page 7, 8th October 1937

8th October 1937
Page 7
Page 7, 8th October 1937 — GERMANY AND THE VATICAN

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Organisations: German Government
Locations: Berlin


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According to Vatican circles there has been no contact between the Holy See and Italian diplomats, on the occasion of the Duce's visit to Germany, concerning the relations between the Church and the State in the Third Reich. It is then more than probable that Mussolini, in the course of his visit, did not utter a word on those strained relations.

The departure of the Cardinal Secretary of State for his holiday in Switzerland also indicates that it is unnecessary to expect any particular action to be taken on the subject of the conflict between the Holy See and the German Government in the course of the next few weeks.

However the Duce's visit to Germany has been followed with much attention in the Vatican. This development of political relations between Italy and Germany may be of the greatest importance for the Vatican.

It is not without interest to recall in this connection the Pope's declaration to some Austrian pilgrims, that Austria must remain an independent and Catholic country.

Vatican circles also drew attention to the words spoken by Mussolini in a speech during one of the banquets: one must not attack the foundations of our glorious European culture. It is hoped that this discreet warning given by the Duce with Italian grace will be understood even in Germany.—C.P.

As in all former cases, the German Press has been strictly forbidden to refer to the new encyclical. Leading circles in Berlin are upset about its allusion to Germany.

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