Page 6, 8th October 1965

8th October 1965
Page 6
Page 6, 8th October 1965 — No genius,

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No genius,

but ...

rpliE insane male prejudice A against women doctors, which reached its vicious climax in the latter half of the 19th century, had only been entrenched since the 15th century, before which women doctors were held in high and deserved esteem.

It was, as it usually is, the less successful and the meaner spirited who opposed justice fur women in this ar in other fields. and that Elizabeth Garrett Anderson by Jo Manton (Methuen 42s.) was so singularly successful both personally and on behalf of other underprivileged women was largely due to her ability to keep her head and hold her tongue. As Mrs. Manton sums it up: her "greatest service to the woman's cause was her normality."

In later life, she advised her students: "The first thing women must learn is to behave like gentlemen." Many of the young men she encountered in her obstacle-strewn ,strident days had never learned this lesson but it was to the fiery support of her father and the fair-minded help of many eminent doctors that she owed her ultimate success.

This impressive book makes clear the many-sidedness of its subject's interests and abilities. She was no genius but she had vision, perseverance, kindness. love, conunonsense, and the sound philosophy that "women are not harmed by regular and steady work."

She was truly blessed, not only in the hard-won career of her choice but in the love of her family, her children and a grade A darling of a husband. She deserved them all.

Mary Vaughan

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