Page 10, 8th October 1971

8th October 1971
Page 10
Page 10, 8th October 1971 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Bishop Casey of Brentwood-Friday: Visits Irish Seminaries. Saturday: Mass for relatives of seminarists. Dominican Convent, Donneyhrook. 3. Wednesday: Visitation and confirmation, St. Francis of Assisi, Halstead. Thursday: Visitation and confirmation, Our Lady Of Light and St. Osyth, Clacton.

Bishop Cunningham of Hexham and Newcastle-Sunday: Visit and confirmation. St. Oswald's, South Shields. 3.30. Wednesday: Finance Committee meeting. Bishop's House, 2.30.

Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle -Sunday: Visit and confirmation. St. Cuthbert's, Cowpen, 3.30. Monday: A.g.m. Sunderland C.M.A.C. Centre, St. Anthony's Grammar School, U.

Bishop Butler. Auxiliary of Westminster-Friday: Administration meeting. St. Edmund's College, 9,30. Sunday: Preaches at all Masses. Parish Council meeting, Confirmation, ChOrleywOOd. Monday: Share Worship Meeting, Grove Hill B. Tuesday: Clergy Deanery meeting Hitchin, 11.30. Wednesday: Administration meeting. Archbishop's House. 11. Religious T.V. meeting, White City. 2.30. Thursday: Central Religious Advisory Committee. Broadcasting House. 11.30.

Bishop Guazzelh, Auxiliary of Westminster Saturday1Sunday: Visitation. Our Lady Queen of Heaven. Queensway. Monday: Attends Board meeting of St. Andrew's Hospital. St. Patrick's. Sao

Saigon priesis in U.S. Embassy protest THREE Catholic priests and a Jewish professor of sociology chained themselves to a gate of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon on Saturday to protest against "the tragic destruction of human life, natural resources and culture of 'EndoChina" brought about by the Vietnam war.

The priests, wearing cassocks and crosses, and the professor. in a blue shirt, slipped into a side gate of the walled embassy compound. opened a guitar case one of them carried. took out a chain and padlocks and linked themselves to the gate by their ankles before marine guards could even get out of their sentry boxes.

Snuare. 2.30. Tuesday: Requiem Mass for Sir Shane Leslie. Cathedral. 10.30, Wednesday: Mass and Confirmation. St. Monica's Priory, Hoxton, 7. Thursday: Attends e.o.m. U.C.M.. Cathedral. 7.30.

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster-Saturday: Society of Helpers Recollection Day. Sunday-Tuesday: Visit and confirmation, Stanwell, Tuesday. Confirmation. HendOn. 6.30. Wednesday: Silver Jubilee Mass, Cathedral, 12.30. Catechetics meeting. St_ Joseph's. Mni Hill. 8. Friday: Deanery Mass. Hareheid Parish. 8.

Archbishop Dwyer of BirminghamSunday: Confirmations, St. Joseph's. Carterton. 3, Confirmations, R.A.F. Caterton. 6. Monday: Birmingham Council of Christian Churches meeting. Wednesday: Visitation, English Martyrs Parish. Rugby. Visitation. Sacred Heart Parish. Briton. Thursday: Visits Cotton College. N. Staffs. Friday: Annual dinner K.S.C.. Leek.

B ishop Cleary. Auxiliary of Birmingham-Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. Sacred Heart, Coventry, 3.30. Monday: Mass for C.W.L.. St_ Michael's. WOlverhampton. 8. Tuesday: Coacelebrates Mass, Cotton College. Lourdes Pilgrimage Committee meeting. St. Anthony's. 7.30. Wednesday: Visits sick and schools. St. Ruse or Lima, Weoley Castle, 11. Thursday: Blessing of new Parish Hall, Fegg Hayes. B. Friday: A.g.m. of CathoI., Marriage Advisory Council. Stoke-OnTrent. 7.30.

Bishop Emery. Auxiliary of Birmingham-Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. Our Lady's, Quinton, 5.30. Tuesday: Visits sick, Dorchester. Mass For C.M.S. Jubilee, St. Elizabeth's, Coventry. 7.30. Wednesday: Catholic Education Council meeting. Thursday: Governors' meeting. Olton Court. 3. Friday: Visits sick, Weston-In-Arden. 3.30.

Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool -Friday: A.g.m. of Catholic Social Services. Town Hall, 3. Sunday: Visitation, Holy Family. Halewood Monday: Catholic Social Services meeting. 2_30_ Tuesday: Addresses Methodist Congregation, Wellington Avenue. 8. Wednesday: Visits schools and sick, Holy Family, Halewood. Concelebrates Mass and distributes diplomas, Christ's College, Liverpool. Thursday! Boundaries and NeW Parish Commission meeting. 10.30. Confirmation. Holy Family. Halewood.

B ishop Gray, Auxiliary of LiverpoolSunday: Mass and Confirmation, St. Edward's, Wigan. 3. Monday: Council of Administration meeting, Curial offices. 11_ Wednesday: Mass and consecrates altar. St. Edward's. Wigan, 7 30_ Friday: Meeting, Curial Offices, 10.30.

Archbishop Cowderov of SouthwarkSunday: Mass, visitation and confirmation. Carshaiton Beeches. 12. Monday: Mass for U.C.M-. Cathedral, 7.30. Tuesday: Mass, visitation and confirmation. South Norwood, 7.30. Wednesday: Mass and consecration of altar. St. Philomena's Convent Carshaiton, 11. Thursday: Mass. visitation and confirmation, South Croydon. 7.30.

B ishop Warlock of Pertsrnouth-Satlirday: Ordination of Deacons. Quart Abbey. 10.30, Sunday; Confirmation and visits tion. Sandown. Tuesday! Rending Deanery meeting, St. James, Reading, 11. Wednesday: Visits Reading Schools. Thursday: Annual Clergy Night Dinner. Portsmouth, B.

Bishop Grant of Northampton-Friday: Supreme Council meeting K.S.C.. scarborouoh. Monday: Vocations Study Day, Clapham Park. Tuesday-Wednesday: Study Day for recently ordained priests.

Bishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton-Sunday: Visitation, Clare. Monday: Vocations Day, Clapham Park. Wednesday: School Mass, Notre Dame Convent, Norwich. Thursday: Mass. Opening of Middle School. Bury St. Edmunds, 10. Attends enthronement of new Bishop of Norwich, 2.30, Friday: Consecration of new altar. Carmelite Convent. Quidenham, 10.30.

Bishop McClean of MiddlesbroughSaturday: Concelebrates Mass and attends banquet For K.S.C. Supreme Council meeting. Scarborough. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. Our Lady and St. Peter. Bridlington. Tuesday: Addresses Catholic Nurses' Guild, York, Bishop Holland of Sollord-FrIday: Visits Notre Game High School, Manchester, 10Sunday: VisitatiOn. 11. Confirmation, 3. St_ Thomas of Canterbury, Higher Broughton. Tuesday: Mass and a.g.m Catholic Nurses' Guild. St Patrick's. Coliyhurst, 7 Thursday: Visitation, St. Thomas of Canterbury, Higher Broughton. 10.15. Ecumenical Commission, 4.30. Friday: Visits schools and sick, St. Thomas of Canterbury, Higher Broughton, 10.30.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of SalfordFriday: Our Lady's. Harsh, social, Ince Public Hall. 7.30. Sunday: Mass and sermon. Guild of Our Lady of Ransom. St. John's Cathedral, salter-di Wednesday: Confirmation, St. Malochy'S., Collyburst, 7.30. Thursday: Ecumenical Corn. mission. 4.30. Friday: Concelebrates Mass and sermon, Holy Name. Manchester, 7.30.

Bishop Rut:lei-ham of Clifton-Sunday: Visitation, St. Mary's on the Quay, Bristen, Confirmation. 3,30. Monday: Informaf visit to Barrow Gurney Hospital, Bristol. Wednesday: Dioresan Finance Committee. 4. Friday: West Somerset Catenian Dinner. County Hotel. Tauntd n.

Bishop Restieaux of Plymouth-Sunday: Mass and yisitatiOn. 11. COnhrrnatrcin. 3. Erirr1Outh. Tuesday: Catechetical Commission, Exeter University Chaplaincy. 6,30,

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds-Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Austin's, Wakefield, 4. Monday: Presides at concelebrated Mass for re-opening of St. William's Church, Sheffield, Tuesday: Mass, St. Wilfrid's School, Featherstone. Thursday: Governors' meeting. Trinity and All Saints' Colleges, 11.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster-Friday: Mass, St. Joseph's, Preston, 7. Saturday: Mass for IlaudIcapped Children, St. Wilfrid's, Preston, 5.45. Sunday: Mass for Cathedral's anniversary. Cathedral. 10.30, Mass for CatholicTeachers' FederatiOn, Chaplaincy, 12.15. Mass for Diocesan Covenant organisers. Chaplaincy, 3. Wednesday: Opening Of St. Benedict's school, Whitehaven. 2. Thursday: Concelebrates Mass with Silver Juhilarian priests. Cathedral, 11.

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