Page 2, 9th April 1965

9th April 1965
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Page 2, 9th April 1965 — Around the Universal Church

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Around the Universal Church

IP UNITED STATES A"MANIFESTOsent to American bishops by an organisation called the Catholic Traditionalist Movement, Attacking the liturgical changes and ecumenism, has been denounced by the Catholic. Transcript the official publication of the archdiocese orklart ford, Connecticut. An editorial calls it "a dumbfounding document . . . a curiosity both pretentious and pathetic-.

Describing the movement as "grandiosely but ineptly labelled", the paper says it has as much right to its claim to represent a majority of American Catholics as had the "three tailors of Tooley Street to issue a proclamation opening 'We, the people of England Delegates from 26 Catholic, Protestant and Jewish organisations passed a resolution at a conference on obscenity, held in Washington, urging religious and civic groups to form a "united voice that can be heard by all publishing and entertainment media". It suggested setting up permanent inter .religious offices in all big cities to cooperate with law enforcement officers in anti-obscenity efforts.

Another resolution said some Supreme Court decisions had "significantly encouraged the traffic in obscenity". The conference urged the President and Congress to investigate the traffic in pornography in Washington "which appears to be the smut capital of the nation".


The Pope has created the diocese of TlliCall in Equador, detaching it from the diocese of lbarra and making it suffragan to

the archdiocese of Quito. Mgr. Luigi Clemente de la Vega, aged 44, becomes the first bishop.

• ITALY Cardinal Castaldo„Archbishop of Naples, has forbidden priests and members of religious orders in the archdiocese to accept payment for prayers. It is an attempt to stop the ancient Neapolitan custom, originating in pagan times. of ostentatious manifestations in connection with the dead. The order is particularly addressed to nuns, forbidding them to pray beside tombs in return for payment.


Thu Pope has nominated Mgr. G.:dirk:1c Ukce. aged 51, as Bishop of Duniaons, Congo (Leopoldville). lie is a member of the secular clergy and was .Apostolic Administrator of the diocese.


The Indian Government has relaxed its Customs regulatioes to tillow Mother Teresa, of the Missionaries Of Charity to sell a 1:1,400 American ca,r so that she can expand her work for lepers. The car was sent to India last year as a gift from Notre Dame

University to Pope Paul -for his use during his visit to the Bombay Eucharistic Congress. On leaving, the Pope asked Cardinal Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay, to give it to Mother Teresa.

A portrait of Fr, Herman Rasschaert, S.J., a Belgian who died 1:tst year trying to save a group of Moslems attacked during a communal riot near his mission station of Katunsda, in Bihar, was unveiled in New Delhi by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, daughter of the late Prime Minister. She described him as "a man of God who lived up to the best ideals of this

u4En litryll.." .E The World Council of Churches has appealed to member Churches to support a £70,000 emergency aid fund for survivors of the Chilean earthquake in which 400 people died. Some a the money will he used to build churches and social centres in new communities the Chilean Government plans for the homeless.

Pope Paul who has sent an undisclosed "large sum" to aid the earthquake victims, expressed his sorrow at an audience to the new

Chilean Ambassador to the Vatican, senor Geniartu.

• PORTUGAL Cathok Action's family campaign. about which the Portuguese hierarchy wrote a collective Pastoral last October, is now getting under way. The problems facing Christian families are being studied in three phases, first at parochSill level with meetings which started this month. Diovesan meetings will start in May. and at the end of October there will be a National Family Week.


A bronze statue of Fr. Pedro Kasui Kiln, the 17th century Japanese Jesuit martyr, will be unveiled next month in Oita Prefecture, He \vas beheaded in Tokio in 1639 during the persecution of the Church. and is said to have been the last Jesuit then in Japan.

Sixteen years after being banished he returned to Japan in 1630 disguised as a merchant. and encouraged persecuted Christians until arrested in 1639.


Cardinal Traglia, aged 70, has been named by Pope Paul as hk Vicar General for the City ot. Rome and surrounding districts. Formerly Pro-Vicar General, Cardinal Traglia succeeds Cardinal Micara, who died last month aged 85. Cardinal Traglia is president of the Italian Episcopal Conference

Cardinal Pizzardo, 87-year-old Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of Seminaries and Universities, has been appointed by the Pope to succeed Card:nal Micara as sub-dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals. Dean of the College is Cardinal Tiaserent, aeed 80, the French-born Prefect of the Sacred Consistorial Congregation.

Vatican officials said on Sun

day it was unlikely that Pope Paul ...mild go to the Philippines this spring for celebrations marking the 400th anniversary of its conversion to Christianity. Commenting on a Manila report that he planned a three-day visit later this month, they said: "The Pope is ?very busy with ,preparations for the final session of the Ecumenical Council and is unlikely to undertake any important trips until it is over".

• FRANCE Coadjutor Archbishop Pierre Vettillot of Paris has defended the presence of atheists and Marxists at the annual study week ill Paris of Catholic intellectuals. The archbishop who pres:ded si the session's linal meeting, said many sincere Catholics in France today wanted to hold discussions with non-believers.

• SPAIN The Church in Spain supports 417 schools for workers and for professional training, with an enrolment of 58.469 students this January. This figure is announced

by Fr. Jose Larana, Si., director of the National Secretariat for Vocational Training of the Bishops' Committee on F.citication.


It has been reported in Bonn that Her HaraldDldag, 65, official in charge of Protestant and Catholic news for the West German Government's information agency, was a Nazi editor. He edited the Nisei newspaper, Smile Zeitung, from 1933 to 1939, which published articles attacking Catholic and Protestant leaders, particularly Pope Pius Xll, as sell as anti-Semitic items.

• TANZANIA The Tabora Institute for the Deaf and Dumb, first school of its kind in Tanzania, was opened officially by Archbishop Mihayo of Tabora in the presence of the Minister of Education, Mr. Soloman Elitifoo. The school will he staffed by nuns of the Tanzanian Congregation of the Daughters of the Blessed Virgin.

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