Page 8, 9th April 1982

9th April 1982
Page 8
Page 8, 9th April 1982 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: Friday: Celebration of the Lords Passion. Westminster Cathedral, 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil, Westminster Cathedral. 8.30 pm. Sunday: Mass of the Resurrection, Westminster Cathedral. 10.30 am.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Friday: Good Friday Liturgy. Cathedral. 3 pet Saturday: Easter Vigil. Cathedral. 8 pm. Sunday: Easter Day Mass. Cathedral, 12.15 per Archbishop Coulee de Manville of Birmingham: Monday: Mens Annual Mass. St Chad's Cathedral. 9 arm Archbishop Woelock of Liverpool: Friday: Council of Church walk of Witness, Formby, 10.30 am. Afternoon Liturgy of Good Friday. Metropolitan Cathedral, 3 pm. Watching at the Tomb Service. Metropolitan Cathedral. 7.30 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil. Cathedral. 11 pm Sunday: Mass of Easter Day, Metropolitan Cathedral. 11 are Wednesday: Visits Ford Factory. Halewood. 12 noon. Thursday: Archbishop's Council, Curial Offices, 10 are. Golden Medal Award Presentation. Holiday Inn, Liverpool. 1 Per • Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: Takes part in Good Friday Youth Walk from Bristol Cathedral to Clifton Cathedral, 1 pm. Liturgy of the Lord's passion at Clifton Cathedral. 3 pro Saturday: Easter Vigil. Clifton Cathedral, 10 per. Sunday: Mass. Clifton Cathedral, 11 am Monday: Mass Catholic Handicapped Children's Fellowship Pilgrimage to Lourdes. Cathedral, 7.45 am. Wednesday: Mass and ordains Raymond Matus to the Priesthood. Clifton Cathedral. 3 pm.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: Friday: Liturgy of the Passion. St Joseph. Darwen, 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil. St Mary, Radcliffe. 9 pm. Sunday: Mass of Easter Sunday. Salford Cathedral, 11 am.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Preaches in St Peter's Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton. 12 noon. Liturgy of Good Friday, SS Mary and John. Wolverhampton. 3 per. Saturday: Liturgy of the Word and first Mass of Easter, SS Mary and John, Wolverhampton, 9 pm. Sunday: Mass. Snow Hill, Wolverhampton, 11 am. Monday: Annual Mass organised by the C.M.S. SS Mary and John, Wolverhampton, 10 am.

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: Friday: Stations of the Cross, St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth. 10 am. Good Friday Liturgy. St John's Cathedral, 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil. St John's Cathedral. 10 pm Sunday: Easter Mass. St John's Cathedral, 10.30 am. Monday: Final Profession, St Cecilia s Abbey. Ryde. am.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster: Friday: Station of the Cross. Cathedral, 10 am. Solemn Liturgy, Cathedral, 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil, Cathedral. 9 pm. Sunday: Easter Day Mass, Cathedral. 11 am. Tuesday: Atte',Is National Asso,a,-in of Schoolteachers Annual Conference, Blackpool. 10.30 aro Thursday: Attends Preston and District Catholic Clubs Presentation evening, St Joseph's, Preston, 7.45 Pm.

i Bishop Grant of Northampton: Friday: Afternoon liturgy. Cathedrar3 pm Saturday: Easter Vigil. Cathedral, 8 pm.

Bishop Grey of Shrewsbury: Friday: Our Lady of Birkenhead. 3 pm. Saturday: Easter vigil Our Lady of Birkenhead. 11 pm. Sunday: Mass. Our Lady of Birkenhead, 10.30 am.

Bishop Guano Bishop in East London: Friday: Lenten Service. Stoke Newington, 8 am. Saturday: Easter Vigil. Poplar.

Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Friday: Good Friday, Cathedral, Middlesbrough, 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil, Cathedral, Middlesbrough, 8 on, Bishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Friday, St Mary Magdalen. Willesden Green. 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil. Five precious Wounds. Stonenridge. Sunday: Confirmation. St Ignatius. Stamford Hill, 10 are Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Ecumenical procession of Witness followed by Service. Streatham. 11 am. Preaches at the Ecumenical Service in Sunfields Methodist Church. Charlton. 7.30 pm. Saturday: Vigil Mass and ceremonies. Beckenham 1-1111, 8 pm. MondayThursday: Ecumenical Conference.

Bishop Hitchen, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Our Lady's. Formby. Saturday: Easter Vigil. Our Lady's, Forby. Sunday: Mass for handicapped. Our Lady of Walsingham, 11 am Bishop Holland of Safford: Friday: Liturgy of the Passion. Cathedral. 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil. Salford Cathedral. 9 pm.

Bishop Konstant, Bishop in Central London:

Friday: White City, 3 per. Saturday: Easter Vigil. St Mary's, Chelsea, 9 pm. Sunday: Mass, Sisters of Mercy, Crispin Street, 10 am. Mass. St Mary of the Angels, Bayswater, 12 noon. WednesdayThursday: Irish Chaplains' Conference. Dublin.

Bishop Lindley of Mechem and Newcastle: Friday: Good Friday Liturgy. St Mary's Cathedral. Newcastle. 3 pm. Procession of Witness. Newcastle, 5.45 pm Saturday: Easter Vigil. St Marys Cathedral. 8.30 pm. Sunday: Easter Day Mass. St Marys Cathedral, 11.30 am.

Bishop McCartie, Auxiliary of Birmingham:

Friday: Liturgy of Good Friday. St Peter Brornsgrove. 3 pm Saturday: Easter Vigil, Our Lady and St Benedict, Wootton Wawen. B pm. Sunday: Easter Day Mass. St Francis. Bedworth, 11 mn. Monday: Mass, St Osburg, Coventry, 9 am.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Friday:

Good Friday L., St Barnabas Cathedral. 3 pin

Stations of the Cross. 7.30 pm Saturday: Easter Vigil Ceremonies. Cathedral, 8 pm. Monday-Friday: Priests' Retreat, St Hugh's College, Tollerton.

B ishop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday: Outdoor procession of Witness and sermon. Chelms• ford, 11 am Good Friday Liturgy. Stock. 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil. Stock. 8 pm. Sunday: Mass, Stock 9.30 am. Mass, Cathedral. 12 noon.

Bishop Mahon, Bishop in West London: Friday: Good Friday Liturgy, East Acton, 3 P.. Saturday: Easter Vigil Mass. Chiswick. Sunday: Mass, Hanwell Bishop Moverefy of Hallam: Friday: Liturgy of Good Friday. Cathedral, 3 pm, Saturday: Easter Vigil at the Cathedral Sunday: Mass of Easter Day Cathedral. 11 am Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Friday: Liturgy, Arundel Cathedral, 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil Mass, Arundel Cathedral, 8.30 pm Sunday: Easter Mass, Arundel Cathedral. 11 am.

Bishop Rewsthome, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Preaches at Prescot Parish Church. 8 pm. Thursday: Archbishops Council. Curial Offices. 10 am.

B ishop Restieaux of Plymouth: Friday: Liturgy of Passion, Cathedral, 3 pm. Saturday: Paschal Vigil Mass. Sunday: Easter Sunday Mass. Cathedral, 10_30 am. Attends and preaches at Evening Mass followed by Pontifical Benediction. Tuesday: Mass at Stoodley Knowle Convent. Torquay, 11.30 Wednesday: Mass, St Austin s Priory, Ivybridge on Golden Jubilee of OAR Foundation, pm.

B ishop Swindlehurat, Auxiliary of Hexharn and Newcastle: Friday: Good Friday liturgy. Holy Rosary Church. BiilIngham. 3 pm. Saturday: Easter vigil, St Patrick. Suriderland 8 pm. Thursday: Mass, Little Sister. Sunderland, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Preaches at Way of the Cross, Kingston, 8 pm Thursday: Attends Holy House, St Boniface Tooting, 8 9 pm Bishop Watmsloy, Bishop of the Forces: Friday: Good Friday Liturgy. RAF Abingdon. 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil. Aldershot 8.30 per Sunday: Easter Day Mass. RMA Sandhurst. 10.30 am.

B ishop Ward of Meneela: Friday: The Lord's Passion. St Mary's Cathedral. Wrexham. 3 pm. Ecumenical Service. Church in Wales Mold, B pm. Saturday: Easter vigil. St Mary's Cathedral. Wrexham, 9 pm. Sunday: Mass. St Mary's Cathedral, Wrexham. 11 am. Monday: Handicapped Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds: Friday: Good Friday Liturgy. Cathedral. 3 on' Saturday: Paschal Vigil, Cathedral, 8.30 pm Sunday: Solemn Latin Mass, Cathedral, 11 am,

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