Page 5, 9th August 1946

9th August 1946
Page 5
Page 5, 9th August 1946 — Ecclesiastical and Local Information

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Ecclesiastical and Local Information

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For Mgr. Amigo, Archbishop, Bishop of Southwark: August 18, Sings Pontifical High Mass in the ruins of St. George's Cathedral (weather permitting), 11 a.m.


For Mgr. Lee, Bishop of Clifton : August 11. Confirmations at Coleford, in the afternoon.


For Mgr. Ellis. Bishop or Nottingham: August 11. Ordination at Mount St. Bernard Abbey, Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire.

JUBILEE The Rev. E. Witty

Fifty years ago. on August 16, 1596, the Rev. Edward Witty, parish priest of St. Aloysius, Hebburn, was ordained a priest. During his long service in the Tyneside parish he has become well known and highly respected among Catholics and non-Catholics. Some of the important tasks he has undertaken was the building of the infants' school in 1928 and two years later, the opening of a new organ gallery

ANNOUNCEMENTS Travelling Mission

The centres to be visited this weekend by the Southwark Travelling Mission are: Cranbrook, parish of Goudburst, Kent. Mass will be said at Little Shepherd's on Saturday and Mon day at 8 and on Sunday, August 11, at 8.30. Southborough, parish of Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Mass will be said at the Victoria Hall on Sunday at 8.30. Mass will also be said at the Open Air School, Rusthall, at to.

Birmingham Drama Group

At a meeting of group representatives on July 27, it was agreed to reserve bookings at Soli House, Stratford, for September 21-22. Mixed accommodation will be available. A theatre party (Tempest) Is fixed for Saturday evening (3s. 6d., Is. 6d. seats; please state which). Applications must be in by Monday, August 26.

Company of Mary

The first English Provincial Chapter of the Company of Mary (Montfort Fathers) was held at Montfort College, Romscy, from July 29 to August 1, under the presidency of the Very Rev. P. Ryan, S.M.M., Provincial.

Surrey Ex-Servicemen

An Ex-Service Association has been formed in the Kew-Richmond-Kingston area, to be known as the " Thames Valley (Surrey) Catholic Ex-Service

Association." It will seek to foster and maintain the comradeship and Catholic spirit found in the Services. Anyone interested should communicate with the hon. secretary, 18, Walpole Road, Surbiton, Surrey. The Chaplain is the Rev. Fr. Heaseman, S.M., of Kew Gardens, late Catholic Chaplain, Canal Area, M.E.F.

SOCIETIES C.Y.M.S. National Council

The following ofli,:eis Ivele elected at the annual court:I:2mA: of the C.Y.M.S.: President, J. Taylor, Wigan ; vice-president, J. Daly, Wales; secretary, W. W. Waldron, Liverpool; treasurer, J. McKeown, Liverpool. The 1947 conference of the society will take place in London, 1948 in Scotland, and the centenary conference in 1949 in Liverpool.


MOTHER BRIGID PHELAN Mother Brigid Phelan, formerly Mother Superior of the Blackburn Franciscan Convent, whose death is announced, joined the Order at the age of 16 and received the habit in 1882. She was professed two years later.

Mother Brigid bad worked in Blackburn for 52 years. She celebrated her diamond jubilee in December, 1944, and the occasion was marked by a presentation from her many admirers.

The interment was at Pleasington Priory, and Fr. Forrestal conducted Requiem Mass at the Franciscan Chapel.

SISTER .UNA Requiem Mass was offered at Nazareth House, Middlesbrough, by the Rev. P. Lannen (chaplain) for the repose of Sister Una, aged 80, who had been a Sister of Nazareth for over 50 years. Many priests and nurses attended. The funeral took place at St. Joseph's Cemetery, North Ormesby, MISS M. MANN

The death occurred in Nottingham last week at Miss M. Mann, Hon, Secretary of the Nottingham City Section of the Catholic Women's League. A parishioner of the cathedral parish, Miss Mann did splendid work through 0111 the war as vice-chairman of the Management Committee of the Nottingham Catholic Recreational Centre for H.M. Forces, and C.W.L. Canteen. Although suffering from a fatal illness, she insisted on carrying out her duties as secretary of the Nottingham C.W.L. to the lase. There was a large muster of C.W.L. members at the Requiem which was at St. Barnabas Cathedral, Nottingham; on Saturday.

FL.-LT. J. McGARRY Flight-Lieutenant John McGarry, Royal Air Force, of Coppice Street, Oldham, has been killed in a motorcar accident between Newmarket and Cambridge. Aged 23, he was the Education Officer at his station in Cambridgeshire, and completed an operational tour as a navigator during the war.

Flight-Lieutenant McGarry attended St. Patrick's School, Oldham, where he qualified for the De La Salle College, Pendleton. From there he went to St. Mary's Training College for Teachers at Twickenham, and then straight into the R.A.F.

Just prior to his death he had been invited by the B.B.C. to arrange a series of lectures for the Forces education broadcasts.

MR. D. C. THOMPSON Mr, D, C. Thompson, a victim of the explosion which occurred at the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, on July 22, has died of his injuries. He was buried 36 hours beneath the debris before being rescued by troops. He was recently converted to the Church and was very well known in Catholic circles for his generosity. He was very popular in the Palestine Civil Service, was born in 1892 and educated at Oxford. The funeral was held at Mount Zion Catholic cemetery.

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