Page 11, 9th December 1938

9th December 1938
Page 11
Page 11, 9th December 1938 — French Agent for Franco Spain ?

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French Agent for Franco Spain ?

According to the Spanish Nationalist Press, M. Bonnet informed M. Laerize, President of the Friends of Spain, that he had decided to send an Agent to Nationalist Spain.

It is not yet known whether the Agent will be a commercial or diplomatic one, but the name of M. Juge, formerly Commercial Attache to the French Embassy at Madrid, is freely mentioned.

At the same. time the Press also calls attention to the fact that in the Official Gazette of France appears an authorization given by the French Government to the Union of Producers of Electricity in the Eastern Pyrenees Department to supply Red Spain with electricity. This, say the newspapers, is in direct contradiction to the first item of news.

ITALIAN PRESS AND NAZI PERSECUTION Catholic Newspaper Blamed for Breaking Silence

From Our Own Correspondent


iektaisivire, the Catholic paper in Rome is energetically making up for lost time in reporting the hostility of Nazis to the Church in Germany.

A few published reports in its columns brought a protest from other newspapers.

L'Avvenire now states in a leader that if it ceased to publish the truth about the state of the Church in Germany it would cease to be a Catholic newspaper.

" It is impossible to be a Catholic and a Fascist at the same time, with two contrasting temperatures: one freezing, the other burning hot," it declares.

Franco : Belgian Government Face Crisis

Before these lines appear in print, the Coalition Government, led by M. Speak (Socialist), may have resigned.

The crisis has been brought on by the Cabinet decision to send a commercial agent to Nationalist Spain.

The Socialist party have signified their opposition to the proposal. Deprived of Left support, the Government, a coalition of Catholics, Socialists, and Liberals, will probably be defeated in the Chamber and will resign.

Marquis's Letter to Roosevelt

The Nationalist Press prints a letter which the well-known diplomat, the Marquis Merry del Val, ex-Spanish Ambassador in London, has addressed to President Roosevelt, in which he reminds him that the murder of 400,000 persons in the Red Zone has not brought from him the least expression of repugnance.

People were dragged from their homes and murdered because of their political or religious opinions, whilst their assassins preached the destruction of the very civilization which Roosevelt defends. They destroyed thousands of churches, monuments and works of art whose value is incalculable, and pillaged and committed acts unprecedented in the Christian era.

The American Ambassador himself, the Marquis adds. had been obliged to live apart from the Government to which he was accredited.

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