Page 11, 9th December 1938

9th December 1938
Page 11
Page 11, 9th December 1938 — U. S. BISHOPS START "DEFEND DEMOCRACY" CAMPAIGN Reply to Pope's Call

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AU American Catholics arc to he educated in the Christian concept of citizenship; they are to be shown the way of 'understanding democracy, of making it work.

The full resources of Catholic schools are to be utilized. More than 2,500,000 children in Catholic elementary schools, high schools, and college and university students will be affected.

According to the Vatican Radio the Pope has called on the American people to defend the American constitution. The Pope approves, it is stated, the determination of the American hierarchy to teach the meaning of democracy according to

Catholic tradition.

Our New York correspondent reports that the recent U.S.A. Labour Conference has shown a marked tendency away from the Left towards Christian demoexatic methods and Catholic leaders.

The Catholic University. at the charge of the Bishops, is to compile at once a comprehensive series of graded texts for all educational level*, dealing intensively with the principles of democracy and citizenship.

The pastoral is the American Bishops' reply to the Pope's letter to the Catholic University, which he asked to " evolve a constructive programme of social action, fitted in its details to local needs, which will command the admiration and acceptance of all right-thinking men."


In the name of the whole hierarchy, Cardinal Dougherty, Archbishop of Philadelphia, signed the pastoral letter, which, after giving all details of the campaign, as summarized above, entreats " all the faithful of every walk of life to unite in this Catholic crusade for better citizenship, which will bring to every individual wider opportunities for sound social education."

" DEMOCRACY ON TRIAL " Among comments by leading Catholics on the new Defend-Democracy campaign Was this by Cardinal Dougherty :— "Democracy is on trial in the world today. Its principles are belittled. " The Pope instructs the University to devise a constructive programme for social action. The Church., in pursuance to his instructions, presents the cause of democracy to America."


Mgr. Mooney, Archbishop of Detroit, and chairman of the Administrative Board of the National Catholic Welfare Conference, said " Although this new plan is of Catholic origin and to be instituted in Catholic schools, I hope that it shall not be considered an exclusively Catholic programme.

" Such studies are needed all through America to-day to arm and armour the minds of youth and to nullify the current influences which tend to undermine democracy in this country."

The Pope, it was announced from the Vatican wireless station, has called on the American people to defend the American constitution, and approves the determination of the American hierarchy to cling to the constitution and to teach the meaning of democracy according to Catholic tradition.


The Vatican encourages the worldwide intrigues of Judaism, Bolshevism, Freemasonry. Really it does; Bewegung, chief organ for students in NationalSocialism, says so.

" We have studied carefully in the course of the last few years the politics of the Vatican, and we have learned sufficient not to be mistaken."

Bewegung claims that Judaism, Bolshevism. Freemasonry have been overthrown in Germany, "but the last idol pill' remains, the Roman Church, yet that too will fall beneath the Sword of National-Socialism.

" The Church is the enemy of Europe and the enemy of National-Socialism. The Vatican still believes it can oppose our development, which has its roots in blood and soil. We must struggle against the ignorant clerics and their politics. If we are to build up a new Europe, Nationalist and Socialist, we must destroy the idol."

About Cardinal Innitzer, this pleasant little journal comments:

"He supports all the intrigue and treason of the political clergy of the Third Reich. Catholicism is only attempting to hide its real designs when it comes before National-Socialism cringing like a dog. Under the cover of settling for men the problems of eternity, this international organization tries to subvert our cause,"


Tt is expected that Uruguay will shortly resume diplomatic relations with the Vatican. They were ruptured in 1909.

The proposal has been provisionally approved by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Uruguayan Chamber of Deputies. Final approval will probably be given in the next session of Parliament.

CATHOLICS ADVISE[) TO VOTE Bishop Wants Four Amendments

From Our Own Correspondent NEw Yogic.

Catholics in the Archdiocese of New York .ncl in other cities throughout the State, have been advised from the pulpit to vote for foul' amendments to the New York State constitution.

The amendments given official support provide for free transportation of Catholic children to parochial schools; appropriations for slum clearance and low rent housing; fixing of hours and wages on public works; use of State money and credit for old age and sickness insurance.

The official advice came in a letter from Mgr..1, Donahue, Auxiliary Bishop and Administrator of New York, while Catholics in other Sees throughout the State were advised or circularized.

Asked by a reporter whether the advice were not unprecedented, Mgr. J. Francis A. McIntyre, Chancellor of New York Archdiocese, replied, " We have never had a situation like this before."

Aids Leftists

Another amendment which has aroused much discussion in Catholic circles was not mentioned in the Bishop's letter, although many Catholics in high position favour its adoption.

This amendment would prohibit voting by proportional representation. Catholic opponents of proportional representation point out that this electoral system ha-s brought Leftists into office wherever it has been employed, and cite New York City as a first-class example. In New York, proportional representation brought into the City Council a number of Left-Wing radicals whu it is said, could never have won office under the old system of majority election

Catholics who look favourably on proportional representation speak of it as a safety valve, a means of expression for the radical elements—in that sense it might be termed " revolution insurance."

Religious Issue Injected

Inasmuch as New York is the largest archdiocese in the world, in point of numbers and Brooklyn is one of the most populous dioceses, the Catholic vote in these cities is always courted by politicians. Inevitably the religious issue is injected.

The parties recognize this fact by carefully allotting offices to members of the three major religions in proportion to their voting strength. Thus there are Catholics to be found in all major tickets.

5,000 Women Seize a Church

Five thousand women have taken possession of a church by force in Mislanta, Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Dozens of petitions had been sent previously to the Government asking that the church, which had been closed by order of the former president, Ortiz Ruhigo, should be reopened. The petitions were ignored. So the people took the law into their own hands, occupied the church, and carried the parish priest in triumph to celebrate Mass once again.

C. P.

Cardinal Mundelein Pities Us Europeans

"It's lovely to be over here where one is not obligee to wait to get the truth," Cardinal Mundelein, Archbishop of Chicago, is reported to have said on arriving in New York from his visit to Rome.

" The average person in Europe does not know what is going on in his own country," he added.

The nine Servite friars of Innsbruck who, as announced recently in the CATHOLIC HERALD, were arrested by the Nazi police on charges of immorality, have been released. The charges were found to have been false.

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