Page 3, 9th December 1938

9th December 1938
Page 3
Page 3, 9th December 1938 — "NOT POLITICS"

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Locations: York, London, Canterbury


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Representatives of the principal religious denominations and political parties spoke at a demonstration in the Albert Hall, London, on Thursday, December 1, against religious and racial persecution.

The Catholic speaker was Cardinal Hinsley, Archbishop of Westminster.


" I stand on this common platform without the least intention of taking part in any political demonstration. I do not mean to utter a single word savouring of what is called sectarianism.

" Not a syllable shall escape me in disparagement of any race or nation, because as. Edmund . Burke declared: ' You cannot draw an indictment against a whole people.'


"But I do stand here to uphold, as far as in me lies, the dignity and rights of human personality against the tyranny and persecution which have become the bane of the entire world, whether that persecution be inflicted on Jew or Gentile, whether on Catholic Christian or non-Catholic Christian; whether in Russia, or Mexico, or Spain, or Germany or elsewhere. . •

The Cardinal raised a laugh by declaring that Nero. who revelled in the persecution of Jews and Christians and in incendiariam, now appears to some as a model of righteousness.

"How far more in accordance with reason, with justice and with that peace which the peoples of Europe desire, is the advice of Immanuel Kant, philoso pher of Nordic soil and blood: Be' a person and treat others as persons.'

"Now a person is one who has the right to the dignity of human liberty.

"We respect the domestic affairs of other persons and of other nations. but the violation of the fundamental principles of human society makes civilized existence impossible.

LETTER TO FRENCH BISHOPS " More than seven hundred years ago Pope Gregory IX on April 6, 1233, wrote to the French Bishops concerning their attitude to the Jewish minority in France: Christians must show towards Jews the same goodwill which we desire should be shown to Christians in non-Christian lands.'

"In more emphatic language The Holy See has in our times condemned anti-Semitism wherever it may be

practised. . .

WITH CARDINAL FAULHABER" "In this question of tolerance, my great predecessor in Westminster, Cardinal Manning, is my guide; and Pius XI, the strong, wise head of the

Catholic Church, is my leader. I associate myself with Cardinal Paulhaber, intrepid defender of religious liberty. From them and from the tradition of the best teachers of the best ages we learn that tolerance is charity, the love of our neighbour..."

"To have mentioned anti-Semitism is not to suggest that this is the worst persecution, although it is the most prominent at the moment in the public mind.

" There is something worse.

" Children and youths are the worst sufferers frori persecution. They suffer from the physical persecution to which their class or race is subjected, but still more from the tyranny exercised over their minds. More deadly because more

subtle is the moral persecution. It forces upon them a gospel of fear for a gospel of love.

" They are powerless in the grip of a cast-iron regime which robs them of the religious education to which they have a right."

"WE PREPARED IT " Dr. Temple, Archbishop of York, declared that although " we have prepared, by the sufferings and indignities inflicted upon Germany, for the reaction which confronts us now," yet we should protest against the present persecution " lest we become accomplices in the effect as well as the cause."

Lord Sankey, who presided, said they were bound in conscience to protest when the conduct of any man, nation or political party was such as to revolt the conscience of the civilized world.

Mr Herbert Morrison, M.P., appealed to the people of Germany to make it known to their rulers that they felt that disgrace was being brought on the good name of their country.

Goebbels' Attack on Cardinal Hinsley

The Albert Hall meeting of protest has aroused the anger of the German Press.

The Angriff of Dr. Goebbels has a " streamer " headline on the meeting: "Yesterday evening, at the London Albert Hall, Bishops and Rabbis, ant-tin-arm, preach hatred against Germany."

The leading article is devoted to Cardinal Ilinsley's speech.


The article takes exception to the statement alleged to have been made by the Cardinal that Nero was " a model of justice compared to the Fiihrer."

"Mr Hinsley . . . was once a missionary to the negroes. Apparently these activities have accustomed him to adopt the remarkable tone which he displayed at the Albert Hall yesterday.

" The Cardinals of the Church of Rome have recently been excelling each other in shameless conduct towards NationallSocialist Germany and have made the cause of the Jews their own. This explains the grotesque circumstance that a Roman Cardinal should enter the lists arm-in-am. with the ' heretical ' Archbishop of York and the English Chief Rabbi to challenge the Twentieth Century. . .


" We take note of the shameless and monstrous behaviour of these gentlemen and priests, but we must say one thing with all clearness: When Roman Cardinals and Protestant Bishops join with Rabbis in protecting Jewish criminals, and thereby insult the leaders of the German Reich in such fashion, the question arises how long people in England will tolerate this atrocious and notorious agitation and the equally atrocious perversion of facts. It should not be thought that the German people give a farthing for such people," Anti-Semitism in London

During recent months some attempt to revive anti-Semitic feeling has been noticeable in East London.

To prevent the growth of this disruptive influence the leaders of the Christian churches have, on the suggestion of the Council of Citizens of East London, issued a joint declaration deploring the prevalence of anti-Jewish feeling in East London.

The declaration is signed by Cardinal Hinsley, Archbishop of Westminster, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Rev. J. Scott lAcigeti.

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