Page 3, 9th December 1938

9th December 1938
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People: Patrick Hannon


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" Europe's New Map " From Our German Correspondent

The first December issue of Wills and Macht, the bi-monthly magazine for the leaders of the Hitler Youth, publishes in the first twelve pages an article about " the new map of Europe."

The autonomy of the Ukrainians in Carpatho-Russia is described as a special success of German politics, because it opens a way towards an independent State for the 45 million Ukrainians who are a more numerous nation than the French.

The importance of Carpatho-Russia's autonomy can hardly be over-estimated, says the Nazi magazine.


Much umbrage has been taken by the Birmingham Trades Council at a reply by Sir Patrick Hannon, M.P. for Moseley, to a letter from the Council opposing the granting of belligerent rights to Franco.

Sir Patrick said the letter was "a farrago of nonsense—ill-tempered nonsense—couched in terms of ill-mannered vituperation."

"I hesitate to say whether the murder of plain truth or the suicide of understanding is the more manifest in the torrent of venom you pour upon the Prime Minister and the Government."

It was decided to ask the executive committee to consider a suitable reply, and that a letter on the subject be sent to the Lord Chancellor.

New Measures Against Catholic Youth in Germany Front Our German Correspondent

The police of Diisseidorf have ordered the whole former property of the Catholic Young Men's Association to be confiscated and taken over by the Prussian State.

The Catholic Young Men's Association had been dissolved many months ago, but some of its buildings and other property had been handed over before the dissolution to the ecclesiastic authorities which were to use them in the interest of the Church.

The monthly magazine, Die Wacht, which was published in Dusseldorf under the direct supervision of the hierarchy as a purely religious publication for young Catholics, has been forbidden.

The Catholic Young Men's Association had over 400,000 members. Its weekly newspaper, Die Junge Front (later Michael) sold over 300,000 copies every week before it was suppressed in January, 1936, by the secret police.

Almost all diocesan federations of the Young Men's Association have been dissolved by force, although their existence and independence were solemnly guaranteed by the Concordat.

Some local groups seem still to exist in the Archdiocese of Breslau and in the diocese of Berlin. Everywhere else nothing is left.

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