Page 8, 9th December 1983

9th December 1983
Page 8
Page 8, 9th December 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: West Glamorgan County Council, St Patrick's School, City BrownieS Carol Service, Priesta Ficeharistir League, Bishop's Council, Cornell, Lore:pent Institute of Higher Educetion Go, Churr.hes Main Committee, St Catherine's School, Attends Cardinal Newman High School, St George's Cturuel Council, Carol Service, Si Mary's School, Bishop's Advniary COUnCil, Children's party, Old Folks Party, Debi:eland Northern Institute, Franciscan Study Centre, Primary School, methodiseCatholic Committee, Catholic Wcvnen's Luncheen Club, St Edwards School, Lugwardine Court, Holy Ruud, Glamorgan County Council, Gonzaga School, Action Committee, Senate Grinelitution Committee, Fatima School, Saints Pastoral Centre, Workine Party, Notre Dame School, St Cuthbert Mayne School, Rescue Council, BeefOre Court Special School


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0 = Ordination: M = 'mass ; V Visitation:

Page 8 from 12th July 1985

Bishops Engagements

Keywords: Religion / Belief

0 Ordination. C Confirmation. M Masa. V Visitation.

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop o/ Westminster. Friday: Boerd rat EduCalton Heceptem, 6.30 per Seturday Teuth Meeting, Archbishop's Hnuse0 pm Sunday: C at Si Esanifacp's German Criurch, 6 pri Mandsel M rah Investitures. Westmineter, 5.30 p rn Tuesday. Mesmng nt Western Area Leaders, 1230 p.m

Archbishop Bowen of Seuthwedr. Sunday. C, Sanrserelead, 3 P.m, Monthly; Churr.hes Main Committee !heeling, Milbank, 2 15 em DOwnsIde and MOO Been' Club fund raising dinner. 7 30 pm Wednesday :Cathedral Deanery Clergy, 730 p m.

AferIbiShOp Come de Mwndlla. Saturday: V & C, Holy Cross, Lichlield, Sunday: V S G, linty Cross. Lichfield Archbishop Ward or Cardiff. Friday: Daughtei dl ("tardy. Lugwardine Court, 5 45 p 01 Speech Day presenratons, Si Mary's School, Lugwardine, 7.30 e Settelley: M. Si Mary's, Dinau Puwis, 9 am Sunday G, St Theresa's. Hinvaun, 11 am. Memel: Lunch OtheerS' Mee., RAF. di Amen, 12.30 p.m Tuesday: Fortunate Serviee, St David's Cathedral, 7.30 ere Wednesday: Lunch. West Glamorgan County Council, 12 30 ens M. St Peters, Bergoed, 7.30 em Threader Deanery M lo Hoke Taw, SI Joseph's. Port Talbot, 7.30 pm

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool. Fridays Puur Clare Monastery, Green Lane. Liverpool Jubilee M, 8 am, Barclays Bank lunchtime meeting 1 p rn. Sunday: V a C. SI Patrick's. SOuthport Monday Southport Deanery Cleroy, Archbishops Wei af, 12 30 p.m. Tuesday: Gelder Jubilee Celebrations Cagnelite Convent. Uphollend, 11 am. Meeting of eriests, Debi:eland Northern Institute, 4 p.m, Wednesday Meeting of errests (cent), Church Leaders GrereP, ArahblanOds FlOuse. 5 p.m. Thursday: St Bonaventare Deanery Clergy. Arehhtehnds House, 123 pm Lore:pent Institute of Higher Educetion Go,,ning Semi Chnsis & Notre Dame Colleyie

Bishop Alexander al Clifton. Eridae. Methodist Festival re praise, Canon Cathedral, 730 p TnSaturday: Old Folks Party, Holy Ruud. Swim:fun, P p m Sunday: V & C, SI Margaret. Mary Colefore Preaches al ell M, C. 3 p m Tuesday. Prolorrnarree ol T S Ellut's 'Murder in the Cathedral" al Chften Cathedral, 7,38 p rcr Wednesday (leaned)/ M or UCM al Clilton Cathedral, 7,30 p m Thursday South West Church Leaders MeetIng Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary ot Shrewsbury. Tueaday: leshops Council, BriSenheal,

Bishop Burke. Auxiliary for Salford. Friday, Ejegin3 Breilatilreel V. Steldale V. SI Osmund, BreightMet. 11.30 p.m. C. St Csinund, Breigrernet. 3 p.m. Benediction, Diocesan Urson el Catholic Mothers. Salfurd Calleelfel 530 p m Mo,d.y.OpoTT t Blesuira new Church of St John Fisher traughten Green, 7 30 p Tuesday: Deanery Conterenre Wednesday Schools Cernieleision. 10.33 am, Tuesdey: Renner, nOilnoll, CedSbilly, 11 an

in Bishop Clark 01 East Anglia Fricley: Conhnues V to St Mary 'S Seminary Onorlfl I nika To studeets On ARCIC and 0 Marlin Fletcher Wednesday: Peregtying ler Nutria Dame Convent at Si Andrews Hail.? p m.

&thew Emery of Portsmouth. Friday, Hampshire Heads of Churches Meeting Winchester. am Turradey: csersr the Kole, Reading. Dedication of Attar, 7 pm Thursday. aishop's House, Parternoute Cornell of Priests Meeting 11 am Bishop Foley ol Lancaster. Friday. M. SI Juhe's Scheel. Potetorstorylde, 2 p.m. Seturday. M for Slaters ut Marie Leparatrice Blackpool, 2.30 p.m. Bendel: M, fur Slaters of Crises & Passion I Ohara. 2 30 p Tuesday: kit, fut Sisters at Charily ol Jesus and Mary, Ansdell. 2.30 pre Wednesday: H. for Bernadine Nuns, Monastery 01 Our Lady of Pyning. 230 p.m. Thursday: H. Presentation of papal Award, Christ the King, Blackpool. 7 313p m

Bishop Gray at Shrewsbury. Friday. Meeting of Criurch Leaders, Archbiehop's Meuse. terringhem, 10 ere Saturday: 0. Rev Paul O'Grady. Holy Family, Sale Moor Sunday. M *ad present Berra Merenti. SI Josephs, Melees, 3 p.m. Tuesday: Brehopts Council Meeting, Curial Of fices. BirSenterad

Biahop Quit:zeta Auxiliary tor Westminster. Friday: East Area Church Leeders' Meehng, Tredegar Se, 230 p.m Reception lor tormer Education

Curninlaaigri, 6.39 psn. Salunety, G. Menet Heuse. 6 p.m Sunday: C. Camden, 10 am Tuesday: Meeting, Pope John House, 3 PTO Wednesdar Christmas Presentation, St Catherine's School, Twickenham, / 30 p m Thursday-. Pastoral Workers' Group Meeting, Eden Grove, 101S am. St George's Cturuel Council Meeting. Windsor, 7.30n al Bishop Hama at Middlesbrough. Friday: Meets Will' Middlesbreugh Central Deanery. St Francis. Middlesbrough. I I ra rn Saturdir 0, Rev Hales, St Fiatiela Charge, Middlesbrough. Sunday: 0, Her Aktridge, Ampleturin Abbey, 10.30 am Monday: Meets with Bishop's Advniary COUnCil, Bishop's Hoene MieelesbrOugh Wednesday: Recepteer, Tyne Tees Televiscon. Newcastle Thorsday Reception or Senior Clergy. BishOp'al-Iniffia, Miridlestenugh

Bishop Harvey, Auxiliary for Westminster. Friday: M. St Joseph's School, Belmont, Harrow, g am Thursday M, Opening and Stassing ol Arne eaateral Centre, Hendee, 0 pm

Bishop Henderson, Ausallary to Soutlwrark. FRiday: South East Area Ecumenical Commissinn Meeting, Biackheath. 5.45 eel Saturday; Etaptlem, 2 p P1 Sunday :C. Craylurd 3 p.m. Monday: MeleodielifIC C,omreillee Meeting, Hinde SI, 1•1,45 om Junlice and Peace Meeting, Sinchwelt, P p m, Torodsy: Lewisham Deanery Priests Meettng, (Alfred. Ti a m Thursday: Blackheath iunehoon nitre 1 pm

Bishop Recheck Auxiliary for Liverpool, Saturday: meeting n1 CIDSE

B ishop Holland of Sallord Friday: Junior Corey Cenada Cenrece, Marigeablel, Saturday Confessions. Mulberry SI, Manchester, Ti a reSunday C. Brendan, lierwOod Bolton. 11-15 d re. Monday De La Salle Collage Governors. Middleton. 10.30 sm. Catholic Schools Gateman Carol Concert, Free Trade Hall, Manchester, . 7.30 p.m Wednesday: Schools COrrimiSefen. 10.30 a.m. Thursday Rescue Council, Detsbury. 11 a.m.

B ishop Jukes, Auxiliary for Southwark. Friday: V. to Sheerness Saturday: V. TO Sheerness. Sunday: V, to Sheerness Tuesday, Mooting et prrests and catechists Of Eaal Kent area at Franciscan Study Centre. Canterbury 7.9 p ',Thursday: Meetine of Religines revisers TVS

Bishop Konatent, Auxiliary 101 Westminster. Saturday/Sunday: V to Frpanisn Place Tuesday: firlarylebone Dealifey Meeting. tla rn Bishop Undsay ol Hexharn and Newcastle. Friday: North Ecrenenical Group Meeting. 2.30 p.m. Sunday: C, at St Mary's, Hexharn, 330 Wedneeday. Finance Committee Meeting in Bishops House, Newcastle, 2.30 Ci.P1 Thursday: Priesta Ficeharistir League annual day. Hurl: Hall, 1 I am.

Bishop McCartie. Auxiliary tor Birmingham Sunday: H & C. Our Lady, Stourbreige, 3 p m Tuesday

Ecumenical Meeting, Oxford. 11 a m Wodnesday: M. Our Lady of Fatima School, Quieten, 9 15 a m BeefOre Court Special School, 445 ere Thursday: Our Lady 01 Mount Carmel. Reddrtch.

Bishop McGuinness of NottInghsin. Friday. Prizerpving and Carat Serrece. Robert Sutton Scheel, SurlonooTrent. Sumter; C. Our Lady of VictorieS. Markel Harborough Monday: DerbyShire church LeadersMeeting. Bishops House, Nuillogham. 10.39 a m Tuesday English martyrs Primary School. Oakhern, 10.30 err C, St Joseph's, Oakharri, 7 pet Wednesday: Study Day on Corte of Carron Law at Christ the King, MackWarte Derby Bishop Bishop McMahon of Brentwood. Sunday: Concelebrates rher.esan Tnutri M, Cathedral, 3 pro. Tusesda.. 3o pm Ptccicles al Carol Serviro. Univereity of E Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary for Westminster. FrldaY: Educelion Commiesion Meettng, Archbishop's House, 6,30 p.m. Sunday: Meets Hillingdon Deanery Priests. SI Bernadette's, Hillingdon, B p m TuesdayWestern Area Workers Meeting with Cardinal Hume, 34 er/nonnell Gardens. Wednesday: Church Leaders Meeting. Kingston upon Thames, urn. Ministry to Priests Group Meeting, toe, p.m. Thursday: Ministry to Priests Group Meeting, Iwo, a m Attends Cardinal Newman High School, Carol Coneert,p 30 p.m.

peCtrvis.hopn.iM, :tirearierlybool,,Hoatiltir Hu.,11-5Sat,t,,,urrlawy:n"oPirya:tecp at Sacred Heart. Baty, 11 a.m Monday. Meeting ul the Diocesan Finance Heard at Quarters, 10.30 a.m. Tuesday: Notre Dame School, Carol Service at Saint Catheriee's, 7.30 p.m. Wednesday Meeting nt The SeC°uhrancollts7laned4'p'elrY1:htVCIaUal SntwPsetelr0',30, DoanmcaoTh"ter.rsaa10.30Y. am Bishop Anima O'Brien, Auxiliary for Westminster. Sunday V I. 0 at Corpus Christi. Trine. Monday: methodiseCatholic Committee al lerd Street. T230 pin Award Ceremony at Westminster Cathertrat, 5.30 p m, Tuesday: Hatfield prtest's Deanery meeting at St Vincent's, Potters Bat, I I am. Herts. Area Ecumenical ComMossron at Farm Collage. 8 p.m. Wednesday: St Cuthbert Mayne School. Hemel Hempstead, Silver Jubilee, 12 noon. Youth Leaders Meeline al Goluirban Convent. All Saints Pastoral Centre, 8 p.m.

Bishop K. O'Brien, Auxiliary tor Middlesbrough Saturday: C, at Mee 10.30 a m. • 12 noon. Sunday: City BrownieS Carol Service at rat Ctearles, Hull, 2.30 pm Tuesday: Meeting of Bishop's Council tor Miggig.,firouge. 10 30 ant. Wednesday: Catholic Wcvnen's Luncheen Club dinner al Royal Station Hotel, 230 ern

Bishap O'Connor, Auxiliary for Liverpool. Friday a Saturday: Jeallea S Peene Group Sunday Meeting of permanent deacons, St Thomas of Canterbury Waterlea. 4 p.m. Tuesday: C. Our Lady of Perpeniel Succour, High Green. Wednesday: Church Leader, Meeting. Archbishop's House, 5 p.m.

Bishop Rawstharna, Auxiliary to Liverpool. Friday•Saturday Sunday. Course al UNI Monday, Sr Edmund Arrowernith School, Whisters 7.30 pm Tuesday: Gonzaga School, Huron. 7 30 p.m Wednesday: Church Leaders Meeting, 5 ern.10 p.m.

BiShop Resheaux of Plymouth. Friday. Presents prices, 510 Fenn Reunion, St Edwards School, Poore LI P.m Sunday: V & M. SS Michael & George, Lyme Regle, 10 30 cm, C, 7 u.M. Wednesday. V. Noire Dame School. Plymouth 8 Blesses New Hostel, 5 pJe. Thursday: V.51 Benifece's College, Thyrrnuth, gives talk on vocations to priesihrind and religious 1:10,2.30 p.m.

Bishop Therms of Northampton. Friday•Sunelay. Pastoral Guidelines for Martieue, Workine Party. London Celney Monday. Corby YCVV waste! evening. Wednesday, Senate Grinelitution Committee.

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary in Southwark. Friday/Saturday: Board Action Committee meeting Of the Knights at St Celumba. Saturday: Handicapped Children's party at Harden. 3 p.m. Sunday: G, at South Croydon. 3 ern. V. Barnes parish to meet Minister, al local Churches, 8 pro, Tuesday: V. tu Couisdon. Wednesday: V to Coulsdon Bishop Welmsley, Bishop ol the Farces Sunday: Presorts Papal Award, St Francis de Salton Oratory, Hartley, Kent. 5 p.m. Monday: CnrislmaS Concert, St Patrick's School, Farnborough. 7 p m Bishop Wheeler of Leeds. Wednesday: Education Meet mst Otosesati Cretal, 10 30 a el

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