Page 6, 9th December 1994

9th December 1994
Page 6
Page 6, 9th December 1994 — Spiritual roundup...

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Spiritual roundup...

Survival or Salvation? Edited by Enda McDonagh, Columba Press, £9.99

■ 10


survival and spirituality: 19 County Mayo-born contributors write on the political and religious survival of their common heritage, searching to understand and confront the -issues within the interchange of secular and sacred language and thought which characterise so much of Mayo and Irish life, and indeed far beyond, where, in places as remote as China, Peru, Somalia, Chicago, Killasser and the Ceide Fields, the same dialogue between religion and politics is continued.

The Coming of God by Maria Goulding, SPCK, £9.99 A REPRINT OF SR Maria Boulding's poetic, wise and deeply scriptural interpretation of the mystery of God's coming in creation, in history and into the human soul. First published in 1982, it remains one of the very best books for the season of Advent.

Churches and How to Survive them

by Richard Holloway and Brice Avery, Harper Collins, £6.99

POOLING THEIR theological knowledge and insights into the complexities of human nature, a bishop and a psychiatrist discuss amicably their own conversion and the problems which arise when the Churches message of Christ's unconditional love is distorted by the churchiness, hypocrisy, power-seeking and other transgressions of those who constitute the mystical Body of Christ on this earth.

Barriers to Belief by Nigel McCulloch, Darton, Longman and Todd, £5.95


unprecendented coverage of religious matters over the past two years as a sign that people have a genuine interest in, and are asking honest questions about, and need help to overcome the many obstacles which block their way to faith, Bishop McCulloch investigates and attempts to clarify some of these problems. He deals particularly with doubts about the articles of the Creed; disunity among Christians; plurality of religions; suffering and evil; the claims of scientists to be able to control life and death; the final enemy, death itself, and the hereafter. He calls on Christians to study their faith more profoundly in order to consider such questions.

Pentecost Comes to Church by John Gunstone, Garton, Longman and Todd,


GIVES AN ACCOUNT OF the rise of the Pentecostal Movement and its influence on charismatic revival in the Church of England. Examines the relationship between sacraments and charisms but does not mention the importance of discernment of the special "gifts" and their uses, which, if genuine, are given by the Holy Spirit only through the Church (the place of His abiding presence) for the benefit of the whole People of God.


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