Page 5, 9th February 1951

9th February 1951
Page 5
Page 5, 9th February 1951 — `CAMPAIGN OF BOMBS' OR THE ROSARY

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Organisations: League of Nations
People: Patrick Peyton, Mgr
Locations: Lancaster


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Miracles do happen . . . Let us ask Our Lady for one now

THE Bishop of Lancaster in his Lenten pastoral letter calls upon all his people to enter on a campaign for the family Rosary "if you would avoid the campaign of bombs."

"If," says Mgr. Flynn, " we could secure the fulfilment of Our Lady's injunction to do penance and say the Rosary tac might reasonably entertain the hope of fending off the threatened war and of so restoring Christian principles in the world that the seeds of future war would not


He announces that on Sunday— Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes— a Family Rosary Crusade, organised by the celebrated Fr. Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., will be opened throughout the diocese.

Fr. Peyton—who " owes his life and priesthood to the Rosary"— conducts his crusade in the United States through the "Family Theatre" programme broadcast by hundreds of radio stations. Many famous actors and actresses of stage and screen take part in it.

The diocesan clergy will preach the crusade and the Bishop hopes that there will be large rallies in various centres. Fr. Peyton will address them.

Every parish is expected to take part in the crusade simultaneously throughout Lent.

The hope that penance and the Rosary will stave off the threatened war "may be ridiculed by a world which solemnly put its trust in the League of Nations and has yet lost faith in the efficacy for peace of U.N.O.," Bishop Flynn remarks.

"But why should it not come about ?

"Were all the alphabetical organisations to achieve their ends, then we should doubtless enjoy a period of peace. But while men forget and despise God, they just won't.

"Then we are asking for the world's conversion. That would be a miracle, " But it wouldn't be the first the history of God's dealings with His people. . . "T■firacles do happen. . . Let us ask Our Lady to work one now."


Not approved

THE Bishop of Southwark, Mar. .1 Cowderoy,svrites .,It is not vs ith approval that ac hear of various social occasions, dinners, (lances, parties and suchlike amusements which are sometimes held in Lent, irrespective of the holy season of penance.

"It is an abuse which has increased during the last few years, and it is one which we wish most anxiously to correct. "There are, of course. some occasions where such functions in Lent are unavoidable. as for example the joyous celebrations in honour of the feast of St. Patrick.

" But apart from these quite exceptional occasions, we consider

that Catholic social functions, whether public or private, should be arranged for some time other than in Lent."


Remarking on the heart-breaking suffering of Catholics at the hands of persecutors in many parts of the wOrld, Bishop Cowderoy says :

" With the lessons of Scripture and of history in our minds and the knowledge that in times gone by the mighty hand of God has stretched out to save His people when they turned to Him in sackcloth and ashes with penitential supplications, how dare we refuse in this grave hour to do all we can by prayer and mortification to appease the wrath of God and to bring down the blessings of peace upon all the human race ?"

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