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9th January 1959
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Page 2, 9th January 1959 — THE CENTRAL LIBRARY

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SIR' -It is bad news that the

.Catholic Central Library is closing down. This will be a severe loss to people who not only like but need to read Catholic literature. both for necessary instruction and to make up for the latk of Catholic society and discussion from which many of us suffer who live in isolated country districts.

The worst thing is that the Library is closing for lack of support. Surely it should not have to depend solely on subscriptions ? Is there no official financial support for such an important work?

This is a time of great richness -so many excellent contemporary hooks as well as scholarly reprints of ancient writers are being published; but the price of the books makes it impossible for most of us to have even a quarter of those we long to read.

Surely the Library could keep going if it had a regular subsidy, if it were more widely advertised and if the lowest subscription were raised to 25s. ? Or, could a limited company be formed, in which the diocese and Catholic publishers would hold shares as well as members and friends of the library ?

Valentine Ackland

Maiden Newton, Dorchester, Dorset.

a convert and grateful

member of the Central Library, I hasten to add my plea to Mr. 7.eo Bennett's that some means may be found to keep the Library going. Being a postal member, I have found the library invaluable and I cannot speak too highly of the help and guidance I have received from the staff of the Library in the selection of books suitable to my needs.

The knowledge, understanding and love of my Faith that I have gained, the gratitude to God for this inestimable gift and reception into His Church that I feel, have been enlarged, deepened and widened through the education I have received from this Library.

With talk of the number of lapsed Catholics on the one hand, and on the other the need for more zeal in the conversion of England, can we afford to disarm ourselves of this weapon against apathy and indifference?

(Mrs.) J. Martin

27 Charters Close, S.E.19.

Many letters in a similar sense have been received-Editor, C.H.


emests t Draw tor the Press and make eour gift pay ! te0 offered for 1 drawing. --Send stamp for free booklet, LONDON ART COLLEGE (CH). 143. Fleet street. E.C.4.

COMPOSER-Singer. %Clio de Goa visiting England in Match seeks three months' hospitality in good Catholic how, Lendon-Airmail terms to Secretary, Music Club. 146/14 Portuguese Church Street. Bombay 28 (INDIA).

EASIER PLAYS: " Fine Linen " by H. M. Richards. C m., 7 w., 4s. 10d. post paid. Fee 1 gn. Religious playlist free.Garnet staler, 54 Victoria Street. S.W.1. FRENCH student, 20, wishes to spend school year " au pair " In English school.Write to Wile. Janaon, Sanneton, Gers, IFIrOanUcLeTS. LID. Expert ReMOvid and Storage Service. Single articles, or °ureteric house effects detected anywhere. Reasonable Estunates.-Andersons Build Ines. Market St.. Newcastle, I Tel. 28118 15 Castle St., Carlisle. Tel. 22592; The Depositories. Chase Rd.. Southgate, London, N.14, Tel PALmers Oreen 1167.

0MgalrigintRIALSamplCesf."8-Edw'ard WDesisUffencoothelt. CS Dorset Road South Bexhill-co-Sea NUNS only-accommodation student nuns. Vocation House. 41 Bassett Road. London. W.10.

PASSION PLAYS by Thomas Doran, suitable for presentation on large or small scale. " BEHOLD YOUR KING," 4s. 10d. INNOCENT BLOOD." 3s. 10d. " A tenseness unusual in religious plays." -1. Garnet Mille Ltd., 54 Victoria Street, Lon sm.SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING PAM

instruction). Every Wednesday. 7.30 to

10.30. 3/-. Catholics oniy.-Westmfrister Ballroom, Strutton Ground, Victoria St., S.W.I.

UNBREAKABLE tramoPhont records from tape rmordines. Reliable recording machines (like Ferrograph) sum:reed. Special terms to Churches. Schools.-Sound News. 10 Clifford Street, London, W.I. REG. 2145


GENEROUS young women wanted to give their lives to God in works ot hospitalio Family life of prayer work and recreation. Work offered up for priests.--Box 816 WANTEIL-Active young women wiehing to give their lives to God in the service of others. Must have a generous

pioneer work. All talents welcome.

B•rtsi9N2G9. 1 LADIES desiring to dedicate

their lives to the Service of God In home or foreign Miesions. Armlv for further particulars to The Mother House. Old ondon Road, Hastings. Sussex.


ST. ANTHONY'S Bread Doctors prayed for deily convent of the Good Skims herd Salmi:, Cornwall CHURCH REQUISITES KNEELONS, SPONGE RLOSISER Church Kneelers. Communion Rails. Prie-Dieus by Pioneer E. Gallagher. Southern Rubbet Supplies. 128 Maybury Road WOKING Surrey Phone 1393

SHOPPING BY POST A.MERICAN Church Art Calendars 2/8. Memoriam. Feastday, Birthday. Jubilee Cards. Frank Brady, 46 Caine Drive, Dublin.

CHINESE exquisite hand embroidered Pillow slips. White. 20in, x 30in. Four for 271-. Post 116. Satisfaction or money back. H. Conway Ltd. (Dept. 36). 113 Stoke Newineton Rd.. London, N.16.

FAMILY CEYLON TEA. 61b. 36/-. elb. 3/5 mut free.-Rowland Samson A Co..' 99 Minories. London. E.C.3 GOOD strong Rosario suitable for Schools and MissiOne2/.. 5/Serviceable scapulars 6d.. 9d. and if-. Friars Repository. Ayleefted Maidstone. Kent SUPPORT IRLSIR HOME INDUSTRIES.

B oy SHANNON Pure Irish Knitting Wool made mice hi Athlone.

Ply, 4 Pa and Double &Motes

I/1d. per oz.

Send 3d, for shade curd to sole agents. POSTAL WOOLLEN CO.

flash Wools Dept. Al, RPASIELD MILES, BATLEY.


speciality Ail work guaranteed confidcnt ial. -236 St Paul's R d . London. N.1. CAN. 3728

FOR SALE LADDERS: Finest fully rruaranteed, 14ft. ext, £3. 3ffit. ext. ES. 46ft. ext. £12, lists, INVADER LADDERS. Rogersion, Mon.

SECTIONAL Timber Huts approximately 601t x 20ft suitable for Halls. SCOW Headquarters, etc. £125 standing. Barking. Essex. area. We can dismantle and deliver Bright A Hayies Ltd.. 21 Wood Vale, London S.E.23. Tel. FORest Hill 6617.


DAN BARRON'S Gold Medal Dahlias tot exhibition and cutting. The cream of modern varieties. Send 2d. stamp for list. -M1LLBANK NURSERIES, Millbank. Maghull, Lancs. HOTELS & GUEST HOUSESLONDON A.1. WHITE PARK HOTEL, 9. Lancaster Gate, W.2. H. A C.W.„ Remains, etc.. from 18/6 B. & B., wkly. fr. 4 gns.

CRANLEY GARDENS HOTEL, KENSINGTON. 8 Cranny Gardens, SW.?. Nightly from 17s. 64.KNIGHTSBRIDGE 1037.

CRAVEN COURT HOTEL, 29, PEMWeltireE SQUARE, W.2. BAY. 3584. 11. t&c B. 2I/to 25/. per night, diluters 7/b. Permanent terms by otrangement. Central Heating, Every Comfort.

EBURY HOUSE, 102 E.BURY ST., S.W.!. (SLOane 1350) offers exceptional contort trom 21/single. 42/twinbedded incl. breakfast (6.30 a.m. onwards). H. .4 C., telephones in all bedroom. I min. %et:torts Coach Station and 13.0.A.C. Terminal. 3 from Victoria Stn. Free perking.

FROBISHER COURT HOTEL 125 CROMWELL ROAD, S.W.?. FRE: 6616. Licensed, Opposite West London Air Terminal. H. A C. Radio-phone all rootlet. TV. Private Baths. From 6 ens. per week or 25/per night.

LONDON. Broadway House Hotel, 39-40 Dorset Square. N.W.I. Close Baker Street

Station. Bed and breakfast from 1716. Other meals If required. • H. A C. all roonu. 1001C rooms always avallatee. Children welcome -Write or Atom PAD dingten 1451.

LONDON. HARI EY HOUSE. Hotel, 15 Bernard Street. Russell Square, W.C.1 Superior Bed!fficakfast 17/6. Recommended-TER, 5184.

LONDON. Stay at well appointed small Private Hotel, 55 Holland Road, Kensington, W.14. B. &B. from 17/6. Central.WEStern 4556.


STREET, Russell se.. W.C.1. Bed Si Breakfast I6/nightly. Catholic owner and management.-Tel. TPA: 5922.

WHITENESS HOTEL, Queens Gardens, W.2. Paddington 2051. Licensed. Central Heaths*. some private bathrooms, night Porter. B/B, Dem 21/-. Inclusive from 79 ins,

ROSECROFT House, 5 Rosecroft Avenue, Hampstead. University Reeidenee for Catholic women students.


AMBLUSIDE. Smallwood Hotel. A.A., R.A.C. Families welcome. Games room. reasonable terms, Brochure. Ambleside 2310.

ROURNEMOUTH. Crag Head Hotel, Fast Cliff. Your service our pleasure. Brochure free by return.

CAMDEN HURST HOTEL, Milford-on. Sea, nr. Bournemouth. A.A.. R.A.C.'' Oil sea front. Riding. swimming pool. golf, tennis court, dancing to orchestra. Cinema, T V. & Games moms. Radio and central hmeiautoinrgd a18011. moms. Pte. bathroom EAST 'WITFERING, Chichester.-Spend an early holiday at the Izora Hotel. No charge for one child under five until midJuly. 100 yards sea, 70 miles London.Write for brochure.

EDINBURGH; COUN're expensive luxury. 7-day EDINBURGH; COUN're expensive luxury. 7-day

l R.A.C.-WAV 2333. licence. A.A.. HOUSE for the Retired. Northbrook Court,

Swanage. Near church. Every comfort. Resident nurse, Furnished or unfurnished. JERSEY, quiet, homely guest house run by Catholic family. Near Church, sea and countryakae.-Bretel, " Oakdene." Clarendon Rd., Sr. Helier.

NEW FORESI LYNDHURST. PARKHILL HOTEL Seeking winter quarters" Mild Minute, lovely scenery. Gracious living and warmth within? Then here is the answer, and reationable. too.-Tel, Ill OXFORD. ST GILES Private Hotel. 56, St. Giles A.A. recommended Phone 550831

RAMSGATE, The Regency, East Kent's largest and finest hotel, welcomes residents It only fif guineasiweek Inclusive. 100 rooms. H. & C.. telephone, electric fires. T.V., four bars, five lounges. ballroom, 24 acres magnificent lawns. and terraces overlook the sea. Church adjacent. Refreshments idly hour. Write for brochure. Telephone Tuna 51212

REST House for Professional Womee run by Franciscan Conternelalive Nuns, Berkshire Downs Retreats, holidays. recur:eration.-Goodings, Newbury. Berke.

STRAND HOTEL, Curracioe. Co. Wexford. Ireland, overlooking beautiful safe beach. Friendly atmosphere. Ideal for a restful holiday. Approved by A.A. A R.I.A.C.-Apply for illustrated brochure. SWANAGE. the Malverns Private Hotel, Park Road. Happy family holidays where children are always welcome 5 miss. shops and sea. ALWAYS OPEN. Special terms for out-of-season holidays.-Write or phone 2575 for brochure and terms to the resident proprietors, Mr. and Mrs. G. S. KENDON. " THE SPINNING WHEE1." Old World Country House, Barham, nr. CANTERBURY Lovely Holidays for those with discrimination amidst country peace & charm Within easy reach of the sere centre for touring by car or .1-hr. 'NS services, Almost everything home-grown,

" With Gentle Greetings."

WESTGATE-ON-SEA, Kent. 'Northcutt,' COSY. small Hotel, facing tea and sands, Moderate terms Childreo welcomed, Thane! 32011

WEST SOMERSET.-Kingsway Hotel. minehead, facing south. few minutes sea

and Exmoor All bedrooms Dunlopilk: close Sited carpets, Two lounges, cocktail bar. "Bide-A-While" recommended. A.A,. R.A C Mid-week bookines •Front 21/ daily Tel 113 ACCOMMODATION VACANT AND WANTED

ACCOMMODATION with al nu-ilk% offered and required. Furnished Apartments. Board Residence, a. & B.. etc.Apply to the Catholic Accommodation Burcau. 24 Telford Avenue, London. S.W.2 of 36 Clairview Road. London. S.W.16. enclosing addressed envelope or Phone Streatham 1781, BED SITTINGROOM, kitchenette to let furnished; suit Catholic business lady. North Kensington. -Box 930.

WIMBLEDON. Bed-sittline rooms in modern building for young PrOfeaqInnal

Women. Good cooking facilities. C.F.I.. H. & C. an rooms. From 50,weekly. Reference.; ram tree .-1-Thone Wimbledon 1564


ARUNDEL. Very attractive residence commanding extensive views South to sea. 4 Bedrooms, 2 reception, breakfast-room. kitchen. Cloakroom. Separate Bathroom and W.C. Good gardens. matured cordon and standard apple trees. Lovely Cathie's. Church or St. Philip Neri 10 mtiitites walk. Bargain £3.950 Ireehold. " Aranford," Priory Road, Arundel.

BIRMINGHAM .KINGS HEATH. Superior Modern Semi, Convenient Catholic School. Consists, Hall Entrance. 2 Pleasant Reception, Wet Appointed Kitchen, 3 Bedrooms.. Bathroom, Sep.

7778.Brick Garage. £2,475, Maxi mum Morton Availablc.-Frederick Edwards. 17, Cannon Street. Birmingham.

BROMLEY, KENT. Plaistow Lane, nrk)Osile St. Josephs 8z Holy Trinity schools & Catholic church, sal. House. 3 Beds., 2 Recco. Kitchen. Bathroom, etc. FREEHOLD £2.950. Matthews A Goodman. Chartered Surveyors, 35 Bucklereburv. E.C.4. CITY 5627, extn 2.

MILL HILL-200 yds. Catholic school. chops and buss; family res., 4 beds . tiled bathroom. 2 rem.. breakfast-room. kitchen, 2w.e-s.good garden: owner r g a bnmd


Coswast Estate Offices, The Broadway, Mill Hill, NW.?. MIL. 2422/.S422, NEW MELTON, Hants. Only 3 miles from the sea. 2 miles R.C. Church. this splendid

house for sale Suitable as annexe to school or convent. as Guest House or Prep School. having II bedrooms, 3 Isathrootm. 4 teception. facing South, in 5 acres garden A woodland, with service cottage, central heating. fitted cupboards, h. A c. In all bedrooms. Only £6.100.-Write Box 922 No Arrente Tel N.M 1117


RURAL SUSSEX. To set Unfurnished, Entrance Lodge to Convent Drive; 2 bed.: 2 rec.; scullery; bathroom. Main light and water. One willing to give oceasional ear lifts preferred.-Box 925.

BUSINESS lady or student offered comfy bed-sitter lii mansion Flat. S.W.6. Box 931.

WIeiCHCOMBE. CF1ELTENHAM MILES. Small family house containing 4 Reception rooms, 4 !Bedrooms, 2 Bathroom.. Kitchen. etc. Garage and Gerden. To be let unfurnished from 1st March for 6 months at 2 guineas per week plus rates. -Full details from: Curtis & Henson, el Horsefalr, Banbury. Tel.: 3295/7.


band-made front finest Calf, Goat and Sheepskin: by tradlonal Medlnesal methods. SPechdly prepared for fine Writing and Iltuminallne and hook. bindingfor lasting darabilits. Bundles of Off-cut " suitable for bookmarks and small panels supplied. Samples and prices on application. We cen supply all types or Memorial Soaks bound and made up In Vellum and Parchment

Fettinates Free

H. BAND A CO LTD., Brent Way. High Street. Brenfford. MIrld tem. APPOINTMENTS AND SITUATIONS VACANT COOK A Housekeeper-man and wile-fur small Religious Community-London area. Congenial surroundings-state age, wage and references. Write or phone: Bursar, 6, Woodlands Road, Sickles,. Bromley, Kent. Imperial 3555.

HOUSEKEEPER-LOOK, immediately, one Priest. South-West resort. small Wag. EN. retereacee.-Bog 927.

ST. VINCENT'S School. Corm Road, lankerton. Whitstable. Keni.-Applications arc invited for the port of Resident Marton In this Home Office R.C. Approved School For 47 boys aged 8-13 years. The person appointed will be responsible for the general domestic management, catering and buying. A knowledge of nursing Is

essential. Salary i51.0 x to £570 n.a.. less £116 p.a. for board and eccornosodstion. The post is superannuable.

Applications with copies of reformer-es and names of referees to The Managers.

WANITH) Experienced chambermaid.

Share twin bedded room. Owe sectlea, own tips. Good off duty. Wages e3 450. weekly. AHotel,Apply Manageress. Morsheed Richmond. Surrey, Telephone Richmond 4676.

WANTED. farm manager for home tow out Catholic agricultural !Mlle near Dorset Coast. At present 350 acres and increasing. Mixed farm including pedigree and gradieg Guernsey herd Free house, share in profits and excellent prospects for suitable applicant First-class references menthe. All application, answered promptly. - help of cultured and domesticated wonsan. as housekeeper, to make a home for his

daughter aged 10. Must be a practising Catholic. Country District. Ten minutes walk to well-known Benedictine Abbey. -Bet 926.


BEXLEY HOSPITAL, Darttord Heath. Bexley, Kent. MALE AND FEMALE STUDENT NURSES required. Why not train or a worthwhile and satisfying career, that of a psychiatric nurse? Next school begins 19th January. 1959. Other schools In June and October. Salary whilst in training 5320 age le. 5331 sec 19. £347 age 20 £41trefeet age 21 or over. less Charge for board and lodging of £124 tunder 211 £150 over 21. Proficiency bonuses of 590 paid on passing examinations. EIS Hour Iformight; Resident or nonresident. Faciliities for all religious denominations. Apply to MATRON or CHIEF MALE NURSE for further details.


London Road, Chelmsford. (161 beds), Eernale Student Nurses, resident. Vacancies for January and October schools. Good standard of education required. Candidates on supplementary register accepted for two years' training. Applications to Matron of above Hasilic21. C1.ARE HALE HOSPITAI,

South Minims, Barnes. Herts.

(Chest Booatai-405 beds) STUDENT NURSES. Vacancies for well educated girls. 18 years of age and over for (a) 4-year Course. comprising two years at Clam Hall qualifying IOI Preliminary State Examination and British Tuberculosis Association certificate. lotowed by two years' Course at an affiliated General Hospital to complete training for Final State Examination Certificate; or (b) 2-year Course for British Tuberculosis Association Certificate only (Service allowance of £60 for students who complete two years' training). This is a busv Chest Hospital 'offering all-round experience In Chest surgery with a pleasant modern Nurses' Home, Roman Catholic Chaplain on Safe' and facilities are available for the practising of religion.

Vacancies 6th January, 1959, and subsetquentty.

Applications to the Matron.

CROSSLEY HOSPITAL, KINGSWOOD. FRODSHAM. via WARRINGTON. 110 beds including Thoracic Surgery Unit of 15 beds,

s, RESIDENT STUDENT NURSES required for two years' traintee for British Tuberculosis Meoclal1011 Certificates. Salary £278 to £2139 per annum. lees E123; board, pies a grant of £60 on completion of training. Apply Matron.

HOLY CROSS HOSPITAL, Basiemere. has Staff Nurse vacarecies for Medical and Surgical Wards and Theatre. Excellent conditions. Daily Mass. Specialities-Nem Surgical and Oral Surgery.-Apply. giving place and dates of training. to Sister Superior.

HOSPITM, OF ST. JOHN OF GOD. Scorton. Richmond. Yorkshire. Senior Technician I and Student Technician required, Male, N.H.S. Terms of Service. Progressive training tor the examination of the inetIone of Medical Laboratory inchnieiane, in co-operation with The Friarage

Hospitel, Northallierton. Candidates for the pato of Student Technician should be 16 years ot age and have four suitable subjects in Rev. Priior,


DAGENHAM HOSPITAL. Reinhart Road South, Destenham. MALE WARD ORDERLIES-For Night Duty-with some knowledge of hospital work. £9 4s. 451. for 44-hour week plus additional payment for night duty amid Sundays. Apply to Matron.

H. F. HARRIS. Group Secretary. SEVERALIS Hoserr,st. Colchester, E 'This psychiatric hos"Pital Is a recognised Training School. Block system in operation. Excellent social and recreational ansentries. Students are enrolled mantle's of oat social club free of charge. Good

Prospects for promotion. Ward Malds employed. Reduced working hours 44 per week Four %cella' annual leave. Fame refunded on Joining.

FEMALE STUDENT NURSES from gge 18 required to enter for General NUTSinly Council examinations for Mental Nurses, Annual cash training allowances according to age on entry. At age 18. £320 (a 2s. 9d. Per week); age 19,, £331 (56 7s. per week); age 20. £347 Ifs 1.3s, Id. per week) age 21 or over oa entry, first year £410 H7 175. 3d. per week); second year £425 He 3s. per week), third year £441 (£11 9s. 26. per week). Deduction's for board and lodging, if resident, age under 21. £124 (£2 7s. '7d, per week); age 21 Or Over E150 (f2 17s. 6d. Per week). Proficiency allowances £40 on passing preliminary examination and further

r50 on passing final examination. . Apply to Matron. who will be pleased to answer enquiries and interview candidates and parents,

ST, JAMES'SERHEODSPsIT9AL,. (NORTH). Applications arc invited from young ladles wishing to take up nursing as a Acalzeoranfoorr,,traficnritngparsarPuiplinAssrtionotdNurrseen. £254 with a deducoion of f123 per annum (if resident) for board, lodging, etc. Residential amenitiesenclude, individual room in the Nurses' Rome, library. television room and indoor sports facilities. There I, a Hospital Chapel and Chaplains of all denominations are in attendance. Enquiries to the Matron.


INSTITUT° DE ESPANA. 102. Eaton Square, S.W.1 Term begins 19th January. Classes and lectures on the Spaniels language, literature! and culture. Library of over 10.000 volumes Courses at the Spanish Universities, For full details apply TO the secretary. Stpane 8381 11 + EXAMINATION. Write for FREE 24-page GUIDE and Test. stating age of child. En the Registrar (Dept. W. 36). MERCER'S CORRESPONDENCE COLLEGE, 69. Wimmale Street, London, W.I.

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