Page 2, 9th July 1937

9th July 1937
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Orders Broadcast After Silent Period

From Our Russian Correspondent Hamanite and the official Moscow Isvestia (June 27) published simultaneously the text of a telegram sent by Dimitrov, general secretary of the Comintern, to Comrade Thorez, leader of the French Communists, in connection with the forthcoming meeting of delegates of the Comintern, the Socialist Labour International, and the International Federation of Trade Unions. By this telegram the Comintern delegation is to submit to this conference the three following concrete proposals: I. The international workers' organisations are to demand from the parliaments and governments of all non-Fascist states, and especially those of England, France, the United States, and the Soviet Union that they take urgent and concerted steps for the immediate recall from Spain of the interventionist forces of Italy and Germany, for the lifting of the blockade in respect of the Spanish Republic, and the recognition of all international rights to the lawful Spanish Government.

2. The united international organisations of workers are to approach the League of Nations demanding that the Covenant of the League be applied against the Fascist aggressors who have attacked republican Spain.

3. Simultaneously the international organisations of workers appeal together to the working-class of all countries and to the universal public opinion to do their utmost to carry these demands through and prevent new aggressions from the interventionists, also to bring on a speedy liquidation of the murderous war against the Spanish people.

The delegation of the Comintern is also to discuss all proposals from the other two organisations for conjoint and co-ordinated action of international organisations of workers for the defence of the Spanish people.

Stiffening of Red Policy This shows that Communists and Socialist bodies are to demand the withdrawal of Italian and German volunteers (represented in this order as regular forces) without a corresponding withdrawal of the international Brigade; they are to insist upon the opening of Red Spain for the importation of war materials., without granting the same doubtful privilege to the Nationalists. and la.vtl_v a one-sided recognition of international rights for the Reds alone.

Contrary to the usual secretiveness which

conceals the activity of the Comintern these orders have been broadcast—a fact which is very significant. It sounds like a declaration of war by the Comintern. Though in one sentence the telegram mentions that its purpose is the preservation " of the very existence of the heroic Spanish people and the maintenance of peace between the nations," the whole plan is one which aims at a general war. The renewed activity of different socialist and pacifist organisations becomes quite clear in the light of these orders.

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