Page 4, 9th July 1982

9th July 1982
Page 4
Page 4, 9th July 1982 — Complexities of Israel situation

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Complexities of Israel situation

HOW THIN and insubstantial the ground on which Sir John Richmond based his letter on Lebanon, July 2.

The Catholic Herald's leader indicated an awareness of the complexities of the situation which did it credit and the recognition that Israel's first defeat in war will be her last — not through any death — wish of hers — is clearly a fixed point affecting Israel's policy which she, among all the states in the Middle East. is the only one who is unable to alter that fact.

Sir John Richmond's assertion that "since 1949 Arab forces have never crossed the national boundaries of 'Eretz Israel"', overlooks two simple but significant facts.

The first is that in 1948, on the day Israel declared independence under United Nations agreement, six Arab armies did invade the new-born state. And the second is that if they have not crossed Israel's boundaries since then, it is not through want of trying.

Clive A. Lawton London WCI.

I HAVE never read such nonsense and dangerous nonsense as your leader of June 18 saying that Christians ought to speak up for the Jews in Lebanon. It is like asking Christians (and what does "Christians" mean?) to speak up and support Nero or Hitler!

The Jews are completely in the wrong and their actions are barbarous and criminal! Begin is inhumane and a warmonger. His and the Zionist thirst for power and dominance are endangering world peace and could well bring on a third world war. The Arabs and Russians -have-acted-moretike-Christ-tharrthe hypocritical USA and the West.

Thank God I'm not one of your so-called Christians and I don't think Christ would be either.

A Chattin. Farnworth, Belton.

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