Page 4, 9th July 1982

9th July 1982
Page 4
Page 4, 9th July 1982 — Kings and queens don't matter now

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Kings and queens don't matter now

WHAT a let-down that the editorial of the normally progressive Catholic Herald, in expressing our good wishes tothe parents of the royal baby, should state that "we humbly . . . salute .....etc.!

This democratic socialist, one among many of your long-term readers, does not "humbly" salute anyone. The term has nothing to do with true humility nor with due respect for official status.

Such archaic subservient forms of address, though unfortunately still sometimes used on formal occasions, are utterly unacceptable in a democratic society.

In fact. I would be surprised if the royalty-orientated tenor of the entire article were not distasteful to a considerable number of your readers.

Concerning Gibraltar, what matters is what the people want, not the convenience and pleasure of their respective royal Heads of State. It is the people who decide their political stance, not Kings and Queens.



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