Page 6, 9th June 1972

9th June 1972
Page 6
Page 6, 9th June 1972 — Latest on Israel

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People: John Bright


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Latest on Israel


A History of Israel—Revised Edition by John Bright. (SCM Press Ltd. £4.)

THIS is the second edition of this widely used book. The first British edition was published in 1960 and it went through six impressions prior to this present edition. In a foreword to the book the author states his reasons for this revision. He writes "Any treatment of the history of Israel must inevitably sooner or later fall out of date as new discoveries are made and significant new insights gained and if it is not revised to take them into consideration, it will ultimately become obsolete".

The general outline of the book remains unaltered but various sections and paragraphs have been re-written and many footnotes added.

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