Page 4, 9th June 1995

9th June 1995
Page 4
Page 4, 9th June 1995 — Either you hate her or you love her...

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Either you hate her or you love her...

IT IS CLEAR THAT Barbara Brophy (Letters, Catholic Herald, 26 May) speaks for many readers when she says she will stop buying your paper if Alice Thomas Ellis ceases to write for it. That is something, urtderstandably, you would wish to avoid.

But, equally, you risk losing readers like myself who are not sympathetic to Miss Ellis' views and find their constant repetition spoils enjoyment of the Herald.

Could I suggest a solution to this dilemma: an Alice Thomas Ellis pull-out supplement.

It would be crammed with articles by her and other like minded writers, plus, of course, Miss Ellis' fan mail. That would surely make her supporters happy every week.

Meanwhile, readers like me

can opt to discard the supplement and continue to take pleasure in the many good things the Herald has to offer. Brian D Connelly

Camberley Surrey

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