Page 7, 9th June 2000

9th June 2000
Page 7
Page 7, 9th June 2000 — Confronting surrogacy

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Organisations: Catholic Rescue Society


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Confronting surrogacy

From Mrs Eileen Cream Sir, In response to Margaret Heavens; "Confronting Surrogacy" (May 19th) may I please say how heartily I agree that every child has the right to know who they are. In the 1930's surrogacy was called "The Catholic Rescue Society" and was responsible for farming us unwanted babies to whoever would have us. We were not told anything about our parents and were just dotted around the country like so many square pegs in holes of varying degrees of care. As a child I longed for a picture of my mother or to hold something that she had held but it wasn't to be.

This appalling disregard for my very basic human right has haunted me into old age. In spite of a good marriage and family (I'm not widowed) the feelings of insecurity and lack of self esteem have continued to plague me. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide the hearts and pens of people like Margaret Heavens.

Yours faithfully, EILEEN CREAM Kenilworth, Warwicks.

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