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9th June 2006
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Page 14, 9th June 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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Keywords: Religion / Belief

June 11 to June 17

Cardinal C Nturphy-Oremnor ( Womanster): Sun: ( 'ell:braes Ordination if Westminster Ditioanale, Westminster Cathedral: filesaing of Memnrial Garden, Leigh Park 5.30pm. Mon: !aweless's and engagements: Aaends celebration at SI Mary. Muorliekts 1 lam. 'fur:interviews and engagements. Wed Attends Distal+. and Staff Meeting, 1130 Allen Ilan; Attends meeting with Bishops apin. Rochiunpton 15 June NM. Thu: Celebrate& Mass for the feaat ol Corpus Chr1sti.530pm Westminster Cathedral Sat: Celebnues Ordination to the Priesthood, 31m Our lad of I 'Mimi, White City Arelibrap V Nichols (Birmingham): Sun: 930 Masa Fladdesle) Chalon:lite 1 fon COP( "A Management Board Mtg; Evening Parliamentary Reirption. Westminster. Wed: I pm hIwIi 1V ill' irricsts; 7pni Confintiotions, ILrhome. Thu! 4pm Addreacts common purpose Birmin&n^ Murat programme. Eri: 930nm ArehhisMp's Council Mtga Mins and presentation of diocemn anarcia,Catheelml. Sat Ordination ol deacons, °scot" I lam. Atebbishop P Kelly (II vemoal). Sun. !arm hermetic Project "Come and Sr Day, 1 is ma taxa A radioman Centre for Evangel imam (TACIal, aim' Ordination lf ataCklib. Cabedral of Can st the King. liverpoolaTue; 7 en 'eating Sale Harbours Tlatology Group Mtg. Areibishop's HifiriC. Wed: 10.15am Anhbishop's (animal, LACE; 4pm t ourdea Ho tal Maas of Thanksgiving: St Owe. Liverpool, 5.45pm (Jailed Trusts Bo:a-anon, Arehbishop's HOILW. Thu: Blum Ecumenical lecture: Livetpool Hope Iniversity. En: 10am ( laity I men Icwa, An:Mishima House. 2pm Mass mith older and railed people, Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpaol. Sat 730pm Piano recital: ( 'athedral Concert Room. laser rasa

Archbishop K McDonald (Southwark): Sun Bishop K Corry (Arundel ac Brigham): Sun: Crawley Deanery' Confirmations, Worth; Visits Sussex I Iniversity. Men: Appoi taments at laahcee. Tue: Visits Holy Family School, Ackllistone; Visits St lacter's.The Wittaings.

Wed: Meetings in I ondon. 530put Carpus t atriati Mass and Pn'ttatiiiall in Arundel Cathedral. Di: Eastbourne Deaner% (linfarrea aims. Fasibounw. Sat Si I eoraines Deanery

ofimettions. Wallin and St Loarands. Bishop I) MeGottalt {Wham aueil a Sun: 1130 Contem Ministry of Baader. Cheat College; 3pin Confimadions LidificId. Mm: 2pm V St Atalanta's primary OW. Wih etitamplon 7pm. ( 'intimations St Anthony if Padua. Wukerharnmon.Tue: 2pm V St Anthony's printra school. Leek ; 7pm Conlinnatirms leek Wed 10nm Faith and Regeneration (antennae. Waverhampton. Thu: Itlim Macs St 'llamas More College, longon; 7pm Continuations. Hanley Fri 2pm V Si Maly Primary school, Merle"' Hill; 7pm (:onfirmations Merle) Ilill. Sat: 3pm Rosary,Proassion and Maya Satley; 8pm Novena Mass. Mara-vale Institute.

Bishop? Pargeter IB'hant autila Sun: (lain Conantunkma Hanley (hvan. Wed: 10.30am Dim:ea:an Pastoral Reties% Kiruna (itleshill; 2pm V St Nicholas school, Doichnere; 7.10pm C Hi (Moen.. 1 Mr 1 I arn V Cluist the King school, Kingstandina; 7pm Golden Jubilee M. Corpus Christi Coventry. Sat 630pm C. Kingstanding.

Bishop T McMahon tibentisooda Tuc: Moaingsanten iews, Cathedral Home Weal Celetrays Mass in thantatnving on 20th artniactwry of the Diocesan Pastoral Centre. The Barn. New Hull, 630 p.m. Thu: Attend meeting of

Essex Church 1 cadeN, Bishopscaun. MIXIingalnterviews,OnIxatral 1-kaa,e, Attends Summer Paxeption. University el Ewa . Wi van la alr %use. 430 pm Bishop D Lang ((idiom Sun: Visitation. Christ the King Amcsbury.Tue: 730 pm Confirmation, St John the Baptist. Trowbridge Wed 730 pm Confimanion,St Mary 's, Swindon. Thu: 10.30 am, South West Church Leaders Eitrum, Glastunbury. Sat, II .00 am Confirmation , St Mary's School. Sharksburs .

Bishop M FM= (East Artglia): Sum Ditaxtran pilgrimage to Walaingham. The: Diocesan College of Consultors at Pori ngland 3_10-1pm. Wed Confirm:aims al %%Maltese" 730prn. Thu: I luistian-Muslim I Mrum Presidents mtg in I lam; (onfimiations at Lowestoft 730pm. Fri: Notre Dame schwas py tumid pilgrimage to Waist aglow ; Southaold 505h :Innis raw) Maas 730pm Sat CWI,Centettara Maas at Walaingham noon.

Bisbup J Rinnahorne (Hallam): Sun: 1 lam Roche Abbey ; 630pm 125th anniversary of St Joseph's, handsa oral. 1 IN. I Dant V Ranby prison: 7pm C Si Asepha 1)i nni ngton. Wed: 1045 1 Nocesan Finance Rama roam! centre, 730pm 1.(111NICS fligrirnage Clergyplanning mtg. St William's Sheffield. Tim 830am Mass. All Saints Cat's:lie High School; 2.15prn (a)mmitter for deaf. Hollywood House. Manchester. Sat 12 noon Mass with CWL. Walsingharn.

Bishop K Dunn (Mahan' laNewc.aile), Sun 10.00um Mass and Conti mations, SI Michael's. lloughton le Spring; 645pm Maas at Nene:elk linnets:in Catholic Chaplaincy. Mon. 630pm Attends Maas and Dinner lie 5fithh Meeting olliateshead Catenian Association. Civic Ceram. Gateshead Wed:4.00pm Diocesan Timmer t 'orrumace. Meeting:lbw I 2 30pm. A nends He-akar:hers (:onference. Fri'. 7pm Mass and I 't ettirmations. Sr Patrick's. Consiat,

Bishop P(rlaimitoghtae (I anoestcra Sun: Miss Ion Deaf. . Kendal, 3pm; Conlimuttion,ICendal. arm. sun • Wed, Visitation. Lake District Deanery. hi: ReaolIcetion Day for Bishop. Pnests and Ikatouts, tinatargh Huh, ift_inAm sat. Be in Visitation, West Cumbria Deanery .

A Roche flastiad: Sun-Fri Attends mtg the DS Bishops' Conference , lats Angeles. Sat 12 noon Onknaden mate priesthoad. Er Chri stasher Angel. St Joseph's, Bradford; 4pm Goklen Anniversary Mass. Sister Agailm du Coeur Immaculy LSI'. Mount St Joseph's. I rads.

Bishop V Malone it lapool await: Sun: V St Beck Clayton Green. Wed' 10.15am Arch

shotas Coma:it, l ACE: 730pm Confirmation SMTC1.1 Heart. Leigh. Thu lam Regional Spans, Ong Body mtg. liverpool; 2.30pm Leas ing Safe Harbours mat, Liverpool: Fri: 7pm Diamond Jubilee Mass of Thanksgiv ing . St Mary ELINIOn. Sat: 6pm C MIMS St Joseph. C'horley.

Bishop TWilliams (latmal omit): Sun. V Holy Spirit. ford; 3prn Conti magical, St Paschal Baykal,' iverpool. Tue. I I 30arn Fiftieth Anniversary. Mass illlunksgiving: Holy Spirit, kW Wed I0.15am Archbishop's Coon...ILIAC/all/en Annual Mass with the IMion if Catholic Mithers. Cathedral of Chiba the King, laverfaxil . Thu 7pm.Confirmation Holt Spun had hi: 'faun V St Benedid's RC pri mary school. Netherton; 730pm C St Babes Dellarrni an, Nettle. Sat 6 30prn V Mass Our Lady of Walsingham, Netherton. Bishop .1 Com ky I Middleahrougha Mon Celebrates Ruby Jubilee of priesthood Maas., St Wilfrid's York 7pm, lee: Celebrates M for St Augustine's school 25th anniversary. Cathedral 7pm. Wed: Ilfshopa Contitil, Bishop's House arnipmallm Cdcbrates M kw Corpus Christi, Catheilnil 7pm. En -Sat CWI . Centenary pilerimage.Walsingham. 1bidiuupFloIe(Nuaihump4tmt: Sim: 10am Maas at Princes Risborough, 3p Mass for 50th Anniversary, St Thomas Aquinas,Illetchley. 1 ma 4pm Militia Keynes Ecumenieal Ratner ship Presidents Meeting and AGM. Wed: 3pm. Meeting with Duckinghatnahire Church Leaders, Gant Miasenden.7....30pm Confirms. non: Holy ('rois, Bedfonl. Thu: 730prn Coeur minion: Sacred Ilean, I anon. Fri: fawn Mass and es:edema iii aaards kw end ol Academie Year. Missionary Institute, Mill Hill.fondon. /Whop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sun: Catholic Chatham's Society Muss. Si Bantu has Cathedral Spill. KM Foundation Same bless i ng. Our I ady's CC/Irian oughtionsugh 3pm: (: St Peter's. Hinckley 7pm. Wed: Building and sites meetana, Wilson House lima I ha Cele. braes M at English Malys pnmary school, Tong Patin 10am FriIn •sen ice mtg. Bishop's House 1030um. Sat Bo Christi AGM. Birmingham.

Bishop Clkilis(Portsmoutha Sun: St Edmund, Si mthampti waConfirmatiou km Southampton deanery. 2pm; St Michael and All Angels. Leigh Park 53 1. Tue. Bishop's House_ lamanorah, Diooasan Education Coon. cil !nig 7011. Wed: Bishop's Finitie, Ponsntouth • Diocesan Cotmcil of priests Ong 1011030am. Thu: Landon Overseas Mission Committee mtg 11 am; Wi richt:nee Cathedral. poach at Southampton Master Marinem' Serviev 7ten Fri: St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth. Goad Shepherd AM, I I am: Christ the King. Southampton, Confirmation he Seuthamp«ar Deanery 7pm. Sat St Francis dc Sales, Wash Common. Newbury 1 landicapped Et•Iloaship Masa 2 30pm. Bishop '1' Brain (Saliva', No engagements, Bishop 13 Noble I Shrewabury): No engage • ments Malmo P Henthitits (Savark AutilaSurt C Battersea Park ilium Mart: lanartos Mtg. Cathedral Ilan; I'la la:Ilk-Mal Kama Vatittuill 230pin. Thu: Mass John fisher school. Purley 2pm, OMNI Shepherd School 50th anni setup., eelebratian. Ness Addingtist 7pm.

Bishop./ Hine (Savark /Wail): Sun: F at Our Lady's. Church, Folkestone 1 latn.Tha: Cater. Mates NI for Holy Flinn'', minury achool. Maidstone 9.30am: Celerhites Mass at Holy Family Church. Maidstone 8pm. Fri: 'onfirmation at Out I ady'a Chunat, Northfleet lipm. Sat lends day of recollection for 'entertain extraima nary ministers at West Molting 10.30arn-330prn. aphop p Lynch t'S'isark Auxila Sun: 'at f 'had's. South Norwood:rue: Italie of headta tethers of Catholic schools lathe

13orouah. St Mary's ( laphanalho Mtg. ii Oaerstans Nfintion Commission, Iteleston SlinUnt 1030tun.

&shop J Arnold (W'minster Await Tue.. Meeting with Haringey Deanery I lam. Fri: Atchhishop's Cound1,931Ont, Ceofirmation at Neasclen and Stonebridge 730pm. Sat Confir mation.11/611 Hill 3pm.

Bishop know; (VC m nster Aux il ): Sun: I 2 main. Conti maaion Our I ady of the Rasary., Staines; &CD pm SS Michael and Martin. Kuunakm. Metre KiigagrrncrttuAridtNstrnps House. Wed 1130am Bishops and Staff Meet ing. 1-1111 Seminary.. Pm Areidashopa Council meeting, Kaine Centre. until 15th Jura. prn.Thu:arnAnithishops Council meeting, Kama Centre. Pin Engagements Archbishop', House; 730 pm, Main kw Corpus Chnsn, Si Mary if the Angels. Myst% ater

Fri: Archbishop's Council mocting,Archbishop's House.ant Engagements Arch. bishop's Houae.prn; 730pm Confirmation 55 Peter and Paul. Northfield&

Sat 630 pm, ,t Mairmations I Our I ady iii

la Fulham Read.

Bishop It Longiey IN Minster Aueila SLID: 12 mon The Knights of St (.ialurntra Annual Pilgrimage to Ay teatime! Prkw. no Blum. Pastond Dowd meeting. vaughtm blouse; 3pm Mary:lel:me Deanery Mtg, Snish Place; Spun Bevis Marks Synagogue. Aldgatc. tenure to commemorate the 350th readmission cf the Joss to the LIK. WA II 30arn Bishops and Staff meeting .Allen Hall; 4pm Archie ahops Ottawa! Mut, Koine( Crum. Thu, Archhish Council Mitt eonlinuoa, 2pm Maas at St Anne a about , LI nderss Read. H; 930am Arehbishop's Catania I.ArehN shors House; 2pm Norateehumenate Community mtg,Archbishop's HOUNC; 7pm Confirmation at St JeseWs, I I Awn Coral math et at Immaculate Heart of Milly,WCSI

(rpm Contimmtion at Moist Saereil Heat church. Hol karat .

Bishop Gala& (Wminster away Sun. 1 lam Confimattion ut Nonh Watfonl. Mtn: 7pm (enflmaulkmat Knehsvorth.Tue: 2inn Celehmtes Mass at Pope John School W12 1.n. I I 30arn. attends 60th Anniversary Al rush AlaA Saael ation at it Paill'R tathrdrai; 7.30pfil (amlinnation at St Alhan's South.

Bashop T Burns 11-1wors): Sun: Confinnationa Ama Training Regiment' Firbrighe Wed None Dame de France Trustees Meeting London. Hi-Sat Confirmations arid pastoral visit Rheindalik-n,Germany.


ArchbfiShop PSmith (Cardin Sun: C in St Dyfrig's chumh,Treforect 10am. Tue: Diocesan Strategy Mtg at Archbishop's liouw. Cardiff 1 I am. Wed: ContflnstationtnSt Briejd's Chunt Cardiff 7pm. Pri: V to St Robert's primary school ,Aberkenfig 930arn:(' in Holy Family churth, earth ff 7pni. Sat Diaconate mit taint Na in St David's Cathedral . Cardiff 1pm. Bishop M Jahnla INknevial: Sum St Joseph's Parish, POri inihr4 Confirmation 1000 Thu: at Juscphs Palish. Bet Talbot Confirmation 7pm.

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham,): Sun: Centirmationa.Buckley.Thu 12 maxi Mass. Cathedral. fra Visitation Banat lantana St:hot-11;7.00pm DPC Steering Group mtg. Rhyf Pres. bytery. Sat 12 noon Ordination, Pumasaph: Visitation Bangor.

Key: M-Mass. C-Confirmation. V-Visitatian 0-Ordination. Mtg-Meeting Sch-School. LS Ecumenical Serene.

We regret we cannot guniuntee the inclusion ol bishops' engagements received later dem midday on the M. today prior to miNication

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