Page 3, 9th March 1945

9th March 1945
Page 3
Page 3, 9th March 1945 — QUICK LIST A Map of Life. By F. J. Sheed. (Sheed and Ward. 2s 6d.)

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Organisations: Co-operative Movement


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QUICK LIST A Map of Life. By F. J. Sheed. (Sheed and Ward. 2s 6d.)

Mr. Shecd describes his little book as a simple study of the Catholic faith. it has the simplicity of genius. The word is chosen. This reviewer knows no other Catholic apologist who is so supremely aware of the difficulties of the average reader or who explains the complex problems of the Faith linking them so serenely with the realities of simple readers' minds.

Tire Co-operative Movement's First liundred Years. By Desmond Flanagan. (Pilot Press. is.) Mr. Flanagan's review of the Co-operative's first century is comprehensive not only in its survey of the work of the organisation in this country, but in its record of tHonouncements made by the Churches and social thinkers whosesopinions merit attention. Thus we have, among others. the views of the Papacy on the Co-operative movements. Pilot Press are to be congratulated on 'he form of the booklet: illustrated with shots from the recent film. Men of Rochdale, it is altogether an attractive, and invaluably informative. little Lives that Moved the World and Ideas that Moved the World. By Horace Shipp. (Evans Bros.. 3s. 6d. each.) These two interesting books for young people give short accounts of many famous and brave men and women, including Fr. Damien, Octavia Hill, Elizabeth Fry, George Lansbury, Harriet Beecher Stowe and several others. The " lives " are, however, of necessity very sketchy. The " ideas'" aresbetter, and they include an outline of the ideas' originators such as Copernicus, Bruno and Galileo with astronomy, Pasteur and Koch with bacteriology and Plato, Marx and Lenin with Communism.

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