Page 4, 9th March 1945

9th March 1945
Page 4
Page 4, 9th March 1945 — FOURTH SUNDAY IN.

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Organisations: Office for Fridays


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AS already indicated, the Office

for the four weeks of Lent shows but few striking departures from that which forms the background for the whole year, and the present week is no exception. That fact itself, however, is suggestive.

The continued use of the Psalter during these weeks maintains the framework of the Church's catholicity. A Season with so strong an emphasis on certain aspects of the Gospel as Lent might, without this corrective, produce a devotional mood that would be lacking in the sense of proportion. The repetition, day after day, of penitential exercises • might lead us to forget that such exercises form only a single aspect of the liturgical year 'Therefore we are called upon to recite psalms of thanksgiving, remembrances of deliverance 1;

-verance and to read Gospels and Lessons which recall less sombre themes.

THUS we are taught to see the truths peculiar to the Season in their proper setting as parts of the whole.

But the contrary also is true. If during Lent we are reminded of other Seasons such as Christmas and Easter, it is also the fact that, throughout the liturgical year, the truths peculiar to the present Season arc recalled. In particular, the Office for Fridays asset forth in the Psalter is a recurring reminder of that to which Lent gives special prominence. Our Lenten meditations may have proved so purifying and strengthening that we are loathe to pass on to other themes. The recurrence of Friday devotions, however, makes that reluctance needless. And if vie have observed these four weeks' aright, we shall reap the benefit in a deepened understanding of the Office whenever, in its normal course, it brings us back to the Cross.


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