Page 7, 9th March 1951

9th March 1951
Page 7
Page 7, 9th March 1951 — Cast aside that depression

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Cast aside that depression

Many people might say this is more easily said than done. But there are even more people who know how to do it-as did Mrs. A. P.. of Kent. She took Bile Beans.

"I remember the time," she writes. " when 1 was always feeling depressed, tired out and generally out-of-sorts. Taking Bile Beans regularly has made me happy. cheerful and well again, and life is worth living. It's grand to get up fresh and ready for my day's work."

Depression, biliousness, liverishness, that always-tired feeling-the everyday ills that upset your life and even affect your appearance-Bile Beans, the favourite family tonic-laxative will free you from them all. They promote regular elimination, cleanse the bloodstream, and tone up the entire system. They improve your looks, too, givina you the bright eyes and lovely complexion of radiant health. And if you feel discomfort after meals, you have special reason to be glad of Bile Beans. They aid your digestion by breaking up and dispelling the fatty acids that upset you. You can eat what you like-and enjoy it, without unpleasant aftereffects. Feel and look at your best by regularly taking Bile Beans, just a eon* at bedtime.

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