Page 10, 9th March 1973

9th March 1973
Page 10
Page 10, 9th March 1973 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Bishop Butler, Auxiliary , of Westminster Sunday. Parochial visit to Letchworth. Tuesday: Hit s IV Deanery Meeting, 11, Wednesday: Hens V Deanery Mass at Hoddesdon.

Bishop Gun:sell!, Auxiliary of Westminster Tuesday: Mass. Rickrnansworth. Et, Wednesday: Spanish Place Station Mass. & Thursday: National Temperance Hospice!. 3: National Council of Lay Apostolate. 545 Friday: National Conference of Priests Wrirking Party. 10, Saturday: Westminster Cathedral Covenant allftLIal meeting, 3.

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster Monday; Overseas Students Chaplaincy. Tuesday: Ealing Deanery Clergy Conference, Greenford. Thursday: Harringay Deanery Lenten Station Mass, Wood Green. Saturday: Youth Cumniniisuiori. 2.30. Archbishop Beck of Liverpool Wednesday/Thursday: Northern Bishops meeting, Ushaw College, Durham Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of liverpool Sunday: Presides and preaches at Mass. St Cuthbert's. Wigan. 10: presides at Mass arid conducts visitation_ St. Cuthbert's. 11: celebrates Mass and preaches, St. Cuthbert's, 6.30. Moriday: Meeting of Coon nil of Administration at the Curial Offices, 11: celebrates Mass and confers Confirmation. St. Bede's. Widnes. /.30. Tuesday: Meeting at Paddington House Hotel, Warrington, 11: celebrates Mass and confers Confirmation, St. Bede's, Widnes, 7.30 WednesdarTharsday: Meeting of Northern Rishops, Ushaw College. Durham. Thursday: Presides at Mass, St. Mary's, Wigan, on occasion uf annual general meeting of C.W,L., 7.30. Friday: St. Patnck's Day Social at Haigh Hall, Wigan. R Saturday: Presides and preaches at Mass at St. Patrick's, Wigan. 10: annual St, Patrick Day Banquet. Adelphi

Auxiliary of Liverpoof HoBtei.l.hLoivpetirpaorriol.e. Sunday: Visitation, St. Michael's, Dittore visitation of the sick and Nazareth House. Monday' eremite of Administration, 11. Tuesday: Addresses conference of Army Chaplains at Cuerdmi Hall, near Choiley. Wednesday/Thursday, Meeting of the Northern Bishops. Ushaw College. Friday: Addresses meeting of Sixth Formers, Evesharn House Youth Centre.

Archbishop Cowdoroy of Southwark Suretay. Mass. visitation and confirmation West Norwood, 3. Wednesday: Presides at the meeting of the Ecumenical Commission Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark Tuesday. Visitatior and Corifirrriatiori, Touting, 7.30. Thursday: Mass and Cuelimettion, Elthaini. 7.30.

Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth Sun. day/Monday: Confirmation and Visitation, St. Joseph's Reading. Tuesday: Nazareth House, Newbury: Kennet Valley and NW, (3er/is Deanery Conference, 11. Wednesday: Preaches at Lenten Service Christian Council of Churches. St Thomas of Canterbury, Fmsort ohp . G Tra30 ish nt of Northampton Saturewday/Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Little Chalfont_ TunsrinyANerinesday7 Meeting of recently ordained priests Clapham Park: C 1.1 R. meeting, London. Thursday: Meeting of Missions Education Council.

Bishop Elrrs of Nottingham Sunday. Visitation and Confirmation. Wollaton, 3.30. tuesday: Keyworth, Mary Ward College, Governors' Meeting. Derby. S. LOntOn Station Mass, Gt. Mary's. Wednesday. Council of LPerlreiretns' steetiotingnro. aNsosnisngt hpamau. 1 1.hursday: i.s.8T

Bishop McGuinness, Coadjutor of Nottingham Sunday: Confirmation. Ratcliffe College. 10.30. Monday: Meeting of P.T.A.. Leicester, B. Tuesday: Ss. Peter arid Paul Sehool, Liremln, Mass. Wednesday: Meeting of Priests' Senate; cnnrelebrates at Lenten Mass, Holy Cross, Leicester, 8. Sates day: Celebrates Mass, St. Patrick's, Leicester. 11: dinner of Leicester Irish Society.

Bishop McClean of Middlesbrough Sunday: Ordination, Cathedral, 11.30. Monday: Preaches at Feennong. St Gregory's Minster, Kirkdale. 7. Tiwsdtmy: Assessment of Religious Education Course. Endsleigh College, Hull, 11; concelebrates Mass. 3.30. Wednesday/Thursday: Northern Bishops' Meeting, Ushaw College. Friday: Irish Assuciatiuin annual dinner-dance, Hull.

Bishop Langton Fox of Menervie Sunday. Visitation and Confirmation, with celebration of the centenary of the Univerdity College of Aberystwyth. Tuesday. Assists at Chapter Mass At Cathedral, Bishop Burke of Salford &ince:rye Visitatiori, 11, Confirmation, Om I arty of Lourdes, Farnwortin, 3.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. 10.30. Wednesday; Mass, Lechlade Convent School, 12. Saturday: Consecration of St. Patrick's Church, Bristol, 0.

Bishop Restieaux of Plymouth Sunday. Iverton Mass and Visitation. 10.30, Confirmation. 3 Bishop Casey of Brentwood Sunday, Visitation and Confirmation, English Martyrs, Danbury, Monefeyheiednesclay: Conference of Vocation Directors, Holyrood House, London. T hurscley: Deanery meeting. Havereig.

Bishop Wheeler of LeedsSunday: Ordination, St, Urban's, 12.30 Monday' Allende Liturgical Commission, Hearlingley. B. -fuesday: Speaks at British and Foreign Bible Society meeting, Central Methodist Church, Pontefract, 7.3 O. Wednesday/Thursday: Northern Bishops' meeting. Ushaw College. Friday: Ecumenical Commission Meeting, Headingley. 7.30. Saturday. Vocation inteiviews, Headingley.

Bishop Pearson Auxiliary of Lancaster Sunday: Ordains to the priesthood the Rev.

T. Singleton, Wesham, 1 1. Wevlriesdayahureday: Meeting of Nnrthern Bishops at Ushaw College,

Bishop Grimier of Shrewsbury Sure d a y? Ordination at Romiley, 3. Wednesday/Thursday: Meeting of Governing Board. Ushaw College.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Sacred Heart. Whaley Bridge. Tuesrlay• Meeting on schools re-organisation, Warrington. Wednesday/ThursdayUshaw Meeting. Saturday: Visitation and Cnnfirma bore St. Joh. the Baptist. Timperley.

Bishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighten Sunday: Concelebrates Mass and Preaches for Students of Surrey University making Lenten Retreat, Cenacle Convent. Graysheitt. Monday: Meeting of faincesan Schools Commission for Sussex, Bishop's House. Hove. Wednesday: Visits St. Thomas More School, West (3.1116143dd; ViSitS Convent of the Visitation, Partridge Green, gives Benediction. Thursday' Blesses Chapel at NOrtbuye Prisun. Rexhill-nn-Sea This is necessarily a curtailed report of Bishops' Engagements as, due to the threat of a rail strike on Thursday, the Catholic Herald has had to go to press a day early.

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