Page 8, 9th March 1984

9th March 1984
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Page 8, 9th March 1984 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Bishop's Committee, Committee Meeting Ushaw College, Launching Service of Churches Jeint Mtssron, BCCC Assembly, Council of Diocesan Affairs, S. Kalhennes College, PaPal Ordere, Area InterdenOTOW11.000l Committee, Youth Service Advisory Council, Anglican /Catholic Commission, Duicesan Senate, Board of Administration, SI Anselma College, Diocesan Senate, Memorial Service for Wolliam Devereux, Preston Parish Church, SI Dominic 's Pnmary School, Ushaw College, University of Kent, Pastorei Centre, Christian Educator Centre, Pansh Mission, HOly Angels Church, John Fisher School, Deanery Mission, Pastoral Council Committee, Attends Senate, Notre Dame College, Birmingham British Council of Churches, Board of Admoustrabon, Thunder Blackheath Luncheon Club, Youth Centre, Senate of Priests, Christ's College, Catholic Teachers Federation, Bishops Council, Plater College, Goverrors Standing Committee, Chnshan Education Centre, Herts Area Education Commission, St Joseph's Church, St John Fisher School, Advisory Committee, SI John's School, In TyliedlIrr Vats Hon Cross Convent School, Holy Family School, St Joseph's School, Usnew College


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Bishops Engagements

O Ordination. M Mess. V Visitation. C Confirmation.

Cardinal Hume. Archbishop of WestinMeterFriday, v to Hackney Parish, 12 no. V to Holiest tat ol St Jonn ano Elizabeth, 6 pm Saturday: V and Service el Reconciliation, VVormwood Scrubs Prison.% 3D am. Sunday: Prizegnortg, SI Anselma College, Birkenhead, 3 p m. Mondey-Tueedey: Council of Diocesan Affairs. Hare Street Archbishop Bowen of Southwark. Friday. Memorial Service for Wolliam Devereux. Cathedral, 11 C. Gillingham. 7 30 pm Mender Meetings, Archbishop's House. Tuesday: Deanery Station fa, Lewisham. 7_30 p.m. Wednesday: Diocesan Senate Meeting, Amigo Hall, 11.3D am. Meets '(SC 12 Preencial Graed Knight and PrOvincuit Grand Knight

• Archbistop s Hoece,S pm.

Archbishop Coro de Moraine of Binninghem. FridayM, at SI Mary s. Waoluick Street. tor members of the PaPal Ordere, Siffurdity V & C. /baton on Trent. Sunder. V. SS Mary 8 Modwen. Burton on Trent Tuesday: ht h C. St John Vianney. Coventry. Wednesday: M. Cardinal Wrsemen Boys School, Coventry. II am Trustees IVIeetieg. Servington Hail. 2 30 p n, BCCC Assembly: Council Chambers. Borninatem, 7 30 pm Thursday: Ordains Br Richard Conrad Deacon. Ellackfriars, Oxford. 6 15 P.m.

AreerbIthap Word Cl Cardiff. Friday: Lenten Station M. Usk. 7 30 pro Sunday: V. St Francis. Ely. Cardiff Tuesday: Canon Law Conference (fier& ord area) am Station M, Our Lady, Hereford. 7.30 p m. Wedneedey Consecration of Our Lady of Sorrows Cnurch, Ar mthorpe. Doncaster. 7 p.m.

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool Saturday Meeting or Justice and Peace Group, S. Kalhennes College. 2 p.m. SUrdlrir U & V. Walton Prism. 933 am Attends performance of SI Matthew Passoon, Metropolitan Cathedral, 3 p.m. Mond* Meeting of Northern Sector Team, The Frury, 7 30 p m Tuesday: Liverpool Luncheon Club Actelphi Hotel. .12 30 Pim Meeting of Church Leaders' Group, Friends Meeting House. p m Wednesday: M and meeting of School Heads Christ's S Notre Dame College, 12.15 p.m. Thursday: Standing Committee Meeting Ushaw College Bishop Airmander of Clifton. Friday V. SI Dominic 's Pnmary School, Woodchester. 10 30 am. NI of Thanksgiving on the occasion of the centenary of SI Demotic 's PO.ary Sch001. Wmechester. 7 p.m Sunday: V. Stratton-entice-Fosse. Attends Retreat. Weston Surter.Mare Monday.Thursdar Retreat, Weslon-Super-Mare Bishop Brewer Coadjutor of Lancaster. Friday: V. St KenlIgerms School. Blackpool. a m Sunday V & C. St Nicholas Owen, 1.111 le Thornton and Inducts new Parish Priest Wednesday, Meets Diocesan Catechetical Team, SI Auguslins. Preston. 10 30 am Meets Clergy Of English MartyrsDeanery. 12 noon C. SI Kent goofs. Blacker:of. 7 30 P-m B ishop /hake, Auxiliary for Safford. Friebr Begins V. Helmshore Surds)... V & C. St Veronica, Heirrishore. 10.30 aro. 3 p.m Tuesday Youth Corrontasion. 2 15 p.m. Wednesday: Board of Administration, 10.30. Thursday: Lenten Station, St John Fisher. Haughton Green. 7 30 p m B ishop Clerk of East Anglia Friday: Social for Deanery Adult Edutation and Formation Teams. White Mouse, Poringland 7 p rn. Saturday: Celebrates final 64 of Deanery Mission, Great St Marys. Cambridge. 5 pm Blesses Sawsion's Survive ambulance. P Pro &mist, Diocesan la for CWL, St John's Cathedral, Noniron, 2_15 p.m_ Wednesday: Talks to Birmingham British Council of Churches. 7.33 p.n, Thursday: Final 1,01 of Caring Church Week. St John Fisher School, PeterooroJgh, 7.33 Pm Bishop Cleary. Auxiliary lor Birmingham. ,Thured y 8th to Friday 28th Marsh, V, Seminaries ro.,4e in Bishop Cleary. Auxiliary lor Birmingham. ,Thured y 8th to Friday 28th Marsh, V, Seminaries ro.,4e in B ishop Emery of Por1SmOUlti, Friday: Our Lady r,,ough. CM 7 pm Saturday: St John s Ca.heoral, Portsmouth, M. Rite of Election Sunday St Michael 8 All Angels, Leigh Park, Parish V. Monday: London, Meeting of the Diocesan Schools Corn m iSsiOnerS Tuesday: DioCeSan Schools Commissioners Wednescitly: Diocesan Scnools, Commissioners. Our Lady, Atengdon. Celebrate Deanery Lenten H Thursday Saw. Heart Feraham, Celebrate Deanery Lenten PAD m B ishop Foley of Lancaster. Surldiy: V. Christ the King. Blackpool. .1 am C. Christ the King Plumb. Blackpool. 3 p.m Tuesday: Visits School and Housebound. Chnst the King Parish, Blackpool, 2 p.m.

Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury. Sunday: Concelebrates H with Cardinal Hume. Our lady's. Bolierhearl. 10 30 a rn Attends St Anselm•s Prizegiving Ceremony Floral Pavilion, New Brighton, 3 o m Monday: Meets with clergy of St Hilary's Deanery. 6 p fr Station M. SS Peter and Paul, New Brighter. 7 30 pm Tuesday. Meets with School Chaplains ancl Head teac hers. Carat Of hoes. Birkenhead. 13 30 • 3 II rn Wedneaday: Meets with clergy of St Margaret Ward Deanery. 6 c m Station M. St Wiling's, Barthel.. 730 p Or Thunder Meets with Scheid ChaOlains and H eadteachees. Our Lady's, Stockport. 10 30 • 3 p m H. Of John's New Ferry. Pansh Mission, 730 p.m.

aloha° QaaSIL Auxiliary for Westminster. Sender H. Tower Hill, 11_30 ern Meet Confinnance Copenhagen Street. 530 pm lirOrday, %feeling PI B ishops Hare St. 4 Ore Tuesday: Hare St Wednesday: Hare St Thursday: Meeting, 11 am Meeting. 4 30 P.m B ishop Harrison of Manevia. Monday: V 8 C. MIttOrct Haven Tuesday: Visit to Ireland. 131h 23rd March Bishop Hervis ol Middleebrough. Friday: Heeler with Bishop s Council, Bishop's House.. MOdeabrOugn Sunder V. SI WitInds. York. 10 fl O. Prestries and preaches, 11.30 am. Monday: Meets with Advisory Committee, Radio Cleveland. 12 noOn. Wednesday Meets with Pastoral Council Committee, Bishop's House. Middlesbrough Thursday: Fled.° Cleveland 'phonein "Lifespan". 730 -5 prn Bishop Harvey, Auxiliary for Westminster. Sunday: M, Knights 01 St Columba, St Monica. DaoTerS Green. 3 p ro Monday Bishop's Meeting. Hare Street 4 p rn Tuesday Meeting continued all day. Wednesdal, Meeting continued morning Bishop Henderson. Auxiliary for Southwark. Friday Visits CAFOD offices. Stockwell. 12 noOrt Sunday Commences Pastoral Visitation, Chislehurs1 St Mary, 933 i p m. Mondry Continuation of V. Chislerbret 15 930 p.m Tuesday: Attends Meeting of Engleah ARC. Redniii, 9 • 430 p m. Wednesday, Duicesan Senate Meeting, 11 • 3 phi_ MI with the Catholic Teachers Federation, Bexley, 5.30 IC m Thunder Blackheath Luncheon Club 1 p rn C. Peckham Rye. 7 30 p.m Bishop Hitcher.. Auxiliary for Uverpool. Friday Catholic Suva, Services. 2 o_m Saturday: PrirearY Teachers" Meeting Christ's College. Sunday: V. St 18.dgets, Warrington Monday: Conclusion Of Navarra. St Mary's. LOW!, House, St Helens Tuesday V. continued St emit:lets Warrington Church Leaders' Meeting Friends, Meeting House. 4 p m.

Bishop Honed 01 Salford. Friday Bishop's Committee for deaf, Greenheys, 2_15 pm Seheder Confessions, Mutt:wry Street. Manchester, 11 am. Sunder V. St Peter. Nevichurch in Rossendale. 1045 am C. St Peter. Newchurch In Rosseedefe. 3 orn Tuesday: Begins V. Slecksteads. 2_20 P.m. War:Insular. Board of Admoustrabon, 10.33 ern Thursday: Lenten Station. St Gregory. FarnwOrlh, 7 30 p fl Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary lot Scoltmerk. Friday Leads Clergy penitential day at Aylesford Pnory. 12 ncon •aprn Saturday: Off iciai V to Ayesham. Ssouley ✓ continued Monday: Attends meeting of Church represenuerres at University of Kent. 2.30 PM Tuesday: Attends Churcnes' Censor:hum or Industrial Missioe meeting C. at Tenterden Wednesday Attends Senate Meeting at Scothwark Thursday: Canon Lam Seemly Meeling. Archbish00 s House. Westminster. 3.33D, Bisrop konstant Auxiliary far Westminster Friday Teachers Meeting. Beyhiii, 10 a m suruay: V.sits Maryiebone Pariah Molder Bishops Meet. irig. Hare Street Tuesday Bishops Meeting, Hare Street Wednesday Bishops' Meeting, Hare Street, Thursday ESCM. Westminster, 11 a.m. Governors Meeting, Hey Ihrop. 430 ern, Bishop Lindsay of Ilexham and Newcastle. Seturday: Commissioning of Special Ministers of Holy Communion, St Marra C011ege Fenharn, Newcasffe upon Tyne, 10.30 a.m. Sunder V S C, St Georges. Bells Ctose. Newcastle Thursday: ushea Governors Standing Commtttee Meeting. Ushaw College, 12 noon &shop McCartie. Auxiliary for Birmingham. Saturday: ConSultation. Community Relallons Meet leg_ London, 11 am Sunday: V S C fl Parishes of 0, 1001. continued to 17th March BIM, McGuinness of Nottingham. Friday C, East Leaks 7 p.m. Saturchr C, Ratctif le College. Syston, 11 a.m. Sunday: C. Neasharn. 3 pm Monday Station M. English Martyrs. Derby. 8 p m Tuesday: School Veit, St Edward's Primary. Swedlincole, t0.30 am, Station H. Sr Thomas Moe. Leicester, B pm. %Sodom*: Senate of Priests Meeting, Nazareth House. Nottingham, lass am Stat. 1A, OL or Good Counsel. Sleafoel, 8 pin_ Thursday Internewa Church Students. Cathedral. 10.30 arn Station 1.4, St Paul's, Nof I righern, 8 p.m Bishop McMehon at Brentwood. Monday V. St Mary Immaculate and the Hoiy Archangels. Kelvedon Tuesday: Meeting with Redbridge Deanery. Cathedral House. Brentwood. 12 noon. Thursday-. Ministry to Priests Team Retreat. Damascus House Bishop Maerley of IlPiam. Friday Attends Hatfield. Cawkwell and Davison EuhrbotiOn at Mappfn Gallery &Murder Diocesan Pastoral Counco Cl Kendra,. 10.30 a.m. unnersity Chaplaincy fete at School Road, Sheffield. c3 p.m Sunder. C. at Oldcotes. 10 am Monday University Chaplaincy Fund AGM. and 114 al Chaplaincy. 2.30 p.m Wednesday Consecration of Church at ArrnMorpe. 7 p.m Moroi* Governors Meeting at Ushaw, 12 p.m.

11shop Main, ParxMary for Cardiff. Friday Pilgrimage to Rome continued. Sunday St Benedict's. Clydact . part of the day Tuesday Deanery Meeting. Clydach. 10 45 ant Talks for future potential SOyarnors 10f Cathoric Schools in West Glamorgan. at SI Joseph's, Swans* 730 p Wednesday. Deanery Meeting, St Michats. Newport, 11.30 am Station IA Moroston, 7.30 pm_ Ihursdayt Diccesan Schools Cohn-easier-% Cardiff. 2 o In Stator H Our Lady'S. Merthyr Tyd1,1. 7.30 p.m Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton_ Friday: Sussex Church Leaders Visitation Crawley Saturday: Diocesan international Yetith Year COnsullabon. Chnshan Education Centre. Crawley. pm Begin V Ungfield parish Sunday: V. continued Mender Speaks at Launching Service of Churches Jeint Mtssron to Littlehamoton. p m Yonder Attends Meeting of Junior school heads and chaplains. Christian Educator Centre. Crawley. am Speaks at Chichester Theological college. p m. Thursday: Visits SI John's School, Beaumont Bishop J O'Brieek Auxiliary kr; Westminster. Friday C. at Our Lady and St Wcnael. Gaston. 730 p.m. Saturday: Brentwood Justice and Peace Day of Recollection hI Uprninster Monday-TuesdayWednefday Hare Street Meettng. Thursday: Herts Area Education Commission at All Saints Pastorei Centre. 7 45 ram.

Bishop K O'Brien. Auxiliary toe Middlesbrough. Friday: Meeting of the Bishops Council at mektiesbrough. C S V at St Mary's. Filer Bishop O'Connor, Auditery for Liverpool. Friday Mei/wry of Reader. St Jerome's, Formby Bishop newel/tome, Auxiliary for Liverpool. Friday meeting at Plater College. Oxford Saturday Wigan Deanery. afternoon 2.30 5.30 p.m. Sunday: V. St John's, Wigan. Monday: Lenten Talk, Preston Parish Church. 12 noon. C. SI Aloysius Gonsags Roby, 730 P.m. Tuesday V. continued, St John's. Wigan. Church Leaders Meeting. Friends Meeting House. 4-6 p.m C. S1 AlOySove Gonsega Roby, 7.30 P.m Wildr•Wilfer, Diocesan Secondary Headleachers Day. Birch House Thursday: Meeting with priests of Halewood Deanery. 10 00 a m Meet1ng with priests Of Skelmersdate Deanery, 2 p.m. C, HON Family. Boothstown Bishop R01111611a 01 Plymouth. Saturder AA, won auxiliaries of the Aposlolale. Plymouth. 8 am. Sunday V 8 1.4, HOly Angels Church, Chelston, Torquay. 1030 ant C. IA Holy Angels Church. Chelston. Torquay. 3 p.m. Tuesday Deanery Conference. II am. Thursday PA 8 V to Holy Family School, Exmouth, It am V to St Joseph's School. Exmouth. 2 30 p Bishop Ow. Swindlahurst, Auxiliary lar Mecham and Newcastle. Sehinier Commissioning of Special Ministers of Holy Communion. Ushaw College. 10.30 am Sunday: V & C, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Sunderland. Wednesday; Youth Service Advisory Council Meeting. Youth Centre. New Seatom, 7 p.m, Thursday Goverrors Standing Committee, Usnew College. 12 noon Bishop Thomas of Northampton. Friday V. Holy Ghost, Luton Steadily: CVvL AGM at Ayiesbury. Sunday: V. Holy Ghost. Luton Tuesday. Anglican /Catholic Commission meeting Thursday: Area InterdenOTOW11.000l Committee meeting Bishop Tripp. Auxlitery of Southwark. Sunday C. at Coulsoon It a in Pfeacnes al Perittemal Service at si roseens school. Canterbury, • p In TyliedlIrr Vats Hon Cross Convent School. New Matciee Wednesday: VISi:attOn 10 Wandsworth West Thursday V to Wandswortn West Ar1ends nreetIng of LVSCChurcheS at Ce,,tra Hall. Westminster. 10 a m

&atop Walrnsley, Bishop of the Forces Saturday. Thursday, V. RAF Marharn Norfolk. pm

Bishop Wheeler al Leeds. Saturday: Attends AGM of UCM. immaculate Heart 01 Mary. Leeds. 2 P-fo PARISHIONERS of St Joseph's Church. Epsom. packed their hall last week to see Jackie Packer's slide show of her recent visit to Peru, a country which is still suffering from last year's floods. the worst in living memory. Our photograph shows from left to right. the guest speaker Fr John Medcalf. who spent 15 years in Peru. Fr Jeremy Lear. who is home on his first holiday in Peru. and Fr Epsom. Fr David Rae. who was

chairman of the meeting. asked for prayers for the dedicated priests and for the poor people of Peru. The photograph is by courtesy of Ken Tyhurst of Brighton.

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