Page 10, 9th March 2001

9th March 2001
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Page 10, 9th March 2001 — : Bishops' diaries

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: Bishops' diaries

March 11 to March 17

Cardinal C Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster): Sun: M, Irish Assoeia' tions, Cathedral. Noon. MAIII! Interviews & Engagements, Archhp's Else. Tuc: V. _Cardinal 1-Easley Sch. Harlesden Road, .1z.mshin NV/10. I lain. Archhp's C'ouncil .Mtg. Arelibp's Hse, 4pm. Wed: In *terviews & Engagements. Arclibp's Ilse. *Thu: Sue Ryder Memorial NI, Cathedral.


l ani. CTE Presidents' Mtg. 12. 2pin.

. Archbishop V Nichols ([tinning hem: Sun: M. St Elizabeth's, Coventry.

I 1.15ain. NI & Blessing of Statue OL of Cosentry. 2pin. C'swentry Cathedral, 2pin. ' Mon: Churches Review Op. London. loam. Thu: CES Mtg. Peterborough. Fri:

B▪ less NPV, Sanctuary, Si Joseph's, Darius

. ton. lpiti. Sat: CWL Annual Mtg, • Grinishaw Room. 10.30am, • Archbishop P Kelly (Livemool):

• Sun:V M. Si Joseph. Brinscall. I 0.3(kini. :Tue: Mtg. Ushuw College, Durham. Wed: Archbp's Council, I:pool Archdiocesan

0:n1re for Evangelisation, 10. I Sam. Thu: V Holy Cross High Sch. Charley, 10am. Si Helens Catholic Amateur (When & Sullivan Society "Patience" Theatre Royal, St Helens. 7.30pm. Fri: Meets with Vicars General: Archhp's Hse, 4.320pm. Sat: M, Pontville Convent, Orinsk irk, Noon.

Bishop P Pargeter ( B' ham nusil ):Sun: Fellowship Mtg, St Anne's, Alcester St, Spin. Mon: EMS Trustees Mtg, Coleshill 5.30pm. Toe: Addresses E Mtg. West Bromwich. 7.30pni, Wed: V Sch. Dorridge, Otani. Thu: V Giffard Sch, Tettenhall. 2pm. C. Tettenbull, 7pm. Sat: Chair Alt' Mtg. Queen's College, Wham, 2pm.

Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): San:V. C. Leigh on Sea. Tue: Mtp Interviews, C'tithdral Hsc, Wed-Fri: V, retired priests in Ireland. Sat: Chairs Liturgy Day, Cathedral Ilse. Ilam. Vigil.M. Epping. 6pm.

Bishop NI Alexander (Clifton): Sun: Pre Pilgrimage M. Si Augustine of Canterbury, Downend. Bristol, 2.30pm. Bishop P Smith (East Anglia): Sun:

V. Fisher Else. C'ambridge. Tue: 25th anniversary of the Foundation of the Diocese.Thu: C M, St Anthony's. peterbonwh, 7.30pm. Sat: Diocesan Lourdes Re-Union, St George's, Norwich,

Bishop I Rawsthorne (Hallam): Sun:M. Blessed Sacrament, Cudworth, I Ouln. M, St Martin's. Lundwood. 11.30am. J&P Parish Contacts Mts, Pastoral Centre, 2.30pm. Mon: Mtg, Leeds, I I am. Liturgy Commission, Pastoral Centre. 6pm. Tue: Lenten Service, Cathedral, 7.30pni.Wed: Mtg, Wombrough. 1(ktm, Youth Advisory Op, Pastoral Centre. 7pni, Thu: Citizens Organising Foundation, I .eicester, I lam. Sac Irish M, St Patrick's, Cathedral, 12.30pm. 0 Cathedral, 2.30pni.M. OL & St James, Worsbrough, 6pm.

Bishop A Griffiths (Hexham & Newcastle): Sun:M & C. St Mary's, South Moor, Stanley 10.30am. Mayors Civic Service. Church of the 13VM. Queen of Martyrs, Newhouse, County Durham. 3pm. Tun: Ushaw College Governors Standing rttee Mtg. Ushaw College. I tutu. Wed: St John of Beverley Pastoral Council Mtg. Nfinsteracres Passionist Monastery, ConsetL 7p1n. Thu: Council of Nests, Ushuw College, Durham, 10.30am. Fri: All Day V St Joseph's Parish. Stanley.Sat: Golden Jubilee Celebrations, The Little Sisters of the Poor. Holy Crass Home. Sunderland. 4pm.

Bishop D Konstant (Leeds): Sun:V, Sacred Heart Parish, Thornton, Bradford. Mom Mig of Leeds Ed Advisory Board, Noon. M. Pastoral Care in Schools Conference, Hinstcy Hal, 6pm. Tue: Mtg of Standing C'ttee Governors of Ushaw College. Durham. I lam. Wed: V. Si John Fisher Catholic High Sch. Harrogate. I Ottin. Thu: Mtg with Diocesan Secondary Sch heads. "Linsley Hall. 9am. V. Sisters Mercy. Outwood Lane, Horsforth. 4pirt. Fri: V. Holy Family Catholic SO, Carlton.

Bishop V Malone II:pool nuxii): Sun. Receive Bp Tharmaraj front India.

I pm. Mon: Regional Sponsoring Body Mtg. I:pool. 10.30iun. C. St Benedict, Hindley. 7.30pm. 'Vac: Liverpool Hope University College Staffing C'ttee. 10.15am, C'. St Francis de Sales Upool. 7.30pm. Wed: Archty's Council. L`pool Arehdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation I 0.15ani. Colloquy on Chaplaincy to Higher Education Institutions, 2piii.Thu: Finance & Cieneral Purposes Cltee Mtg. Liverpool Hope University

College, I lam. hi: V. St Raymond's Primary Sch, Netherton, 9,30am. V. Si Benet's Primary Sch, Netherton, lptil. Sat: V M. St Benet, Netherton, 630pm.

Bishop.) Crowley (M(ddlesbrough): Sun:Lenten M.St Bernadette's, Nunthome. 10.30am. Tuc: Gives 'folk in Lenten E series, Bowden, 7pm. Wedflhu: Mtg of Bp's Council, Ample forth. Fr): M, Nazareth Hsc. 9arn,

Bishop I. MeCartie (Northampton): Mon-Tue: Post 0 Coarse. The Grail. Fri: C. Si Peter, Biggleswade. 7.30prn.

Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sun:V, Sacred Heart. Carlton. Nottingham. Tue: Lenten Station M. Si Mary's. Loughborough, Leicestershire, 7.30pm. Wed: Lenten Suakin M. St Mary's. Glossop, Derbyshire, 7.30pm. Thu: Mtg with Heacheathers, Christ the King, Affreton, Derbyshire 2-4pm. Lenten Station M, Si Paul's, Nottingham, 730pni. Sat: Si Patrick's Day Rarade,Nottingham. 10am.

Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun:

M, 9-Noun. Cans...sit-al. Portsmouth. Mon Thu: Pontifical Council for Social Responsibility Mtg. Rome. Thu 15th: Rome CEEM Mtg.

Bishop T Brain (Sullins!): Surr.V Of. & Si Patrick, Walton-le-Dale. M 9.30am. Multi-Faith Celebration for Centenary *of Christie Hospital, Munches ter Cathedral. 3pm. Tue: Board nt Administration 2pm. Wed: V. St Patrick's Primary Sch. Walton-k-Dale 10.30am. V sick and housebound OL & St Patrick's, parish, Walton-le-Dale 1.30pn. Deanery Lenten Station M. St Patrick's, Conyhurst, 7.30pm. Thu: Annual Prayer Breakfast. Manchester Town Hall 7.45um. V St Augustine'a High Sch, Billington, 10.30am. Deanery Lenten Station M. Si Mary's, Littleborough, 7.30pm.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun:Churches Together in Egnalnd Enabling tip. London Colney. Tue: Mtg with PP's & Deacons and of PP's deacons in training, Curial Offices Ilam. Wed: Churches Together in Shropshire, urn. Mig of Telford Christian Council, Telford, 2pm. Fri-Fri 23rd V Rome.

Bishop C Henderson (S'wark): Mon: Chairs Diocesan Finance Clive 11 am. Tue: Chairs the National C'ttee for Other Faiths, Westminster, Ilam-4pm. Priests' Word of Life Group, Putney, 4.30pm. Thu: Kent Church Leaders' Mtg, West Malting, lOarn. Blesses the New Nunety, St William of York Primary Sch, Forest Hill, 2pm. Sat: Addresses Confirmandi. and their parents and sponsors, St Lawrence Community Centre. Sideup, Noon. Bishop Howard Tripp (S. wark Auxil): Sun:Concludes V. St Dominic's, Waddon. Tue:Mtg of Public & Parliamentary Affairs liter. Wed: On-Going Formation,Aylesford, 10.30-4pm. Fri: Priests' Penitential Day, Marie Reparatrice Convent. Wimbledon. 1 l .30-3pm. Sal: V, Bermondsey Dockhcad Parish.

Bishop J O'Brien (W' minster. Herts area): Mon: Herts & Beds Shared

Churches AGM, I lolywell Hill.9.15am:Fue: Diocesan Trustees Mtg. Archbp's the, 2pm. Cardinal's Council, Archbp's Hse, 4.30pm. Wed: Stevenage Clergy Deanery Mtg. I lain. nu: Installation of Readers 8c Acolytes, Verona Fathers, Elstree, 6pm. C, St Bede's, Coma Icy Green, 7.30pm. V. St Mark's Hemel Hempstead West.

Bishop P O'Dortoghue (Wm(nster, W area): Sun:OL & Si Bridget's, Isle. worth, M, 10am, Mon: Migrants Mtg with CAFOD. 7pm. The: Diocesan Pastoral Board, 10.30am. Diocesan Trustees, 2pin. Archbp's Council 4pm. Wed: V Brunel University Chaplaincy, (1.30am. Prison Service Mtg, 7pm. mu: Ethnic Chaplains' Mtg, Archhp's Hue.

1 I am. Fri: Area Mfg, 11 am. Interviews, 2pm. Sat: St Benedict's Ealing Abbey. 6pm.

Bishop I, Wahlisley (Forces): Thu:

Presides at Episcopal Council Mtg at A.G.P.D.0. Aldershot, 9.30am.

WALES Bishop D Mullins (Menevia): Sun: M, Golden Jubilee, Sacred Heart Hall. Morriston. 5.30pm. Mon: Grand Charity F.vening. Mansion Hue, in aid of Project Maruvukad, Cochin India. Wed: Station

M, Si Benedict's Clydach, 7.30pm. Sat: Lenten M. Sermon, St David's Priory City Centre. 12.30pm.

Bishop NI inhale (Coadjutor: Menevia): Sun: M Golden Jubilee Celebrations, Morriston, 5.30pm. Mon: Sch

V. St David's Primary. Wed: Retreat in Belmont. Llandrindud Deanery. C. Bargoed 7.30pm. Fri: Station M, Holyrood and St Tao Tenby. 7.30pm.Station

M. Holyrood, Si Tao Tenhy, 7.30pm.

Bishop E Regan (Wrexhant,): Sun: Cardiff. Tue: Anglican/RC Study Day, Lltutdudno, 10.30am. Thu: Chapter Mtg, Cardiff. Deacons AGM Bps' Hue. Wrexham, 7.30pm. Fri/Sat: Diocesan Youth Retreat, Pennutenmay.T.

Key: M-Mass. C-C.onfirmation. V-Visitation. 0-Ordination. Mtg-Meeting. Sch-School. ES-Ecumenical Service. We regret that we cannot guarantee the inclusion of Bishops' engagements received later than midday on the Monday prior to publication.

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