Page 8, 9th May 1947

9th May 1947
Page 8
Page 8, 9th May 1947 — Catholic Information From Abroad

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Catholic Information From Abroad

VATICAN CITY PRIVATE AUDIENCES. The Holy Father has received in private audience recently Cardinals Luigi Lavitrano, Domenico Jorio, Guiseppc Pizzardo, Marchetti-Selvaggiani and Fumasoni Biondi; Mgr. Leopold Eijo y Garay, Bishop of Madrid and Patriarch of the West Indies; Mgr. Rossini, Archbishopelect of Amalfi; Mgr. Fleury, Bishop of Nancy ; Mgr. Huibers, Bishop of Haarlem; Mgr. Brizi, Bishop of Oslmo; Mgr. Picrard, Coadjutor Bishop of Chalons; Bishop Erik Muller, Vicar Apostolic of Denmark ; Mgr. Cintra, Apostolic Visitor in Brazil; Fr. Fauvel, Superior General of the Priests of Holy Mary; the Princesses of Bourbon Parma ; Princess Soranga and the Countess de La Rochefoucauld ; Mr. Edward Wu, soh of the Chinese Minister, and his wife Elizabeth ; R. P. Merkelen, Director of La Croix; Mr. Dulanty, Irish High Commissioner in London.

SPECIAL AUDIENCES. The Holy Father has recently received in special audience the new Superior General of the Hospitalers of St. John of God, Pr. Ephrem Blondeae ; Fr. Ernest ConIan ; the Superior General of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary ; Lady M. L Maxwell Scott ; the General of the Discalced Carmelites and his assistants.

APPOINTMENTS.—Fhe Pope has appointed the Rev. Wadika, secular priest of the diocese of Nagasaki, to be Bishop of Yokahama; the Rev. Alberico Semeraro, to be Bishop of Oria (Italy).

APPOINTMENTS. The following appointments are announced: By decree of the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda Fide, Fr, Claude Bayet, of the Paris Foreign Mission Society, is to be Titular Bishop of Cidiesso and Vicar Apostolic of Laos (French IndoChina); Fr. Hilarian Mary Vermeiren, of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to be Titular Bishop of Gibbs and Vicar Apostolic of Coquilhatville (Belgian Congo); Fr. Amedeo Lefevre, of the Friars Minor, to be Titular Bishop of Eguga and Vicar Apostolic of Rabat (French Morocco); Fr. Placidus de Calcite, O.F.M., Cap (Camillus Crous y Salichs), to be Titular Bishop of Crazia and Vicar Apostolic of Caqueta (Columbia); The GENERAL CHAPTER of the Redemptorists began in Rome on April 26 and on that day Fr. Patrick Murray, who has been General for 38 years, resigned his office. Fa, Leonard Buys, C.SS.R., who came to Use Chapter as the delegate of the Dutch Province, is the newly-elected General. He is aged 51.

FR. A. TODESCO was elected Superior General of the Verona Fathers (Sons of the Sacred Heart) at the General Chapter of the Congregation held in Rome. Fr. Todesco, who was ordained 20 years ago, came to England while a young priest to complete his studies.

CARDINAL TEDESCHINL Archpriest of the Vatican Basilica of St. Peter's, conferred the sacrament of matrimony on two Chinese lest week, when Mr. Edward Wu, son of Dr. John Wu, Chinese Minister of the Holy Sec, married Mrs. Elizabeth Liang.

AUSTRALIA ARCHBISHOP PANICO, Apostolic Delegate to Australia, left Australia on April 12 to visit Rome. He is expected to return to Australia in October, when he will have completed 12 years' service as Apostolic Delegate.

MGR. GSBLL, Bishop of Darwin, is on his way to pay his ad Immune visit to Rome and to visit his native France. Dr. Gsell is famous throughout Australia for his device of " marrying " young aboriginal girls himself, so as to keep them from child marriage within their tribes. When they are old enough they leave his care to marry young men of their own choice.

MGR. JAMES DUHIG, Archbishop of Brisbane, was due to leave Brisbane on Sunday by air for the Vatican. He will visit the U.S., Britain and Ireland. The Archbishop will be accompanied by the Rev. Dr. John English, Chancellor of the diocese.


MGR. EMILE LEGER, of Valleyfield, Quebec, has been named Superior of the Canadian College in Rome. He will succeed Mgr. Perrin, who died during the war.

BILLS providing grants for two Canadian seminaries and a girt to the

Pontifical University of Ottawa, have been approved by the Quebec Legislative Assembly. One Bill provides a grant of 100,000 dollars for the Seminary of Three Rivers, which is in geed of expansion. The second Bill provides a 100,000 dollar grant for Sherbrooks Seminary, which is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its founding. These grants will be paid over a period of two years. The Assembly voted 50,000 dollars to the University of Ottawa, to he payable in two amounts of 25.000 dollars, MGR. JOHN D'ALTON, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, will attend the Marian Congress in Ottawa from June 18 to 22. The Irish prelate will preach at the first Pontifical Mass of the Congress in the Notre Dame Basilica, when the celebrant will be Mgr. Alexander Vachon, Archbishop of Ottawa.


MGR. THOMAS MEGAN, S.Y.D., Prefect Apostolic of Sinsiang, Honan Province. China, has escaped from Chinese Communists, who had kidnapped him, according to cable advises from Shanghai, received at the Society of the Divine Word headquarters in America. Mgr. Megan was captured on April 26 when his jeep was blown up while riding between Yangwu and Fenghiu, his two eastern-most stations.


THE SOCIETY of St. Vincent de Paul recently held a three-day international congress in Paris to study the co-ordination of the work of the S.V.P. on the spiritual and material plane and its adaptation to the special needs of the post-war world. Mgr. Roncalli, Papal Nuncio in Paris, presided at many of the meetings of the delegates.

GERMANY The CATHEDRAL of Cologne h to be ready for use again in time for the Feast of Corpus Christi, June 5, according to reconstruction plans. Priority is being given to work on the Cathedral and nine other ancient churches in the proposals for restoring the city. It is planned to move the Cologne railway station from the site next to the Cathedral and to build a new railway bridge in the northern suburbs to replace the wrecked Hohenzollern bridge.

HONG KONG Mgr. ENRICO VALTORTA, Bishop of Hong Kong, left London last week for Lisbon, on the first lap of his air voyage beck to his diocese. During his visit to London the Bishop was received by Cardinal Griffin, Mgr. Godfrey, the Apostolic Delegate, and Mr. Seal, the Under Secretary at the Colonial Office for Hong Kong. He will stop in Portugal for some weeks, going on pilgrimage to Fatima before resuming his journey.


THE DEATH is announced of Mgr. McDermott. Vicar General of the archdiocese of St. John's and Administrator of the Cathedral, who served in Newfoundland for 52 years since he arrived as a missionary priest. Mgr. McDermott, who was 75, recently returned from sick leave in his native Ireland (he belonged to County Roscommon) and died in hospital.

POLAND The MINISTRY OF EDUCATION has decided to abolish the lectures of the Canon Law, which were given at the Law Faculties of the Polish Universities. Although the universities of Warsaw and Cracow protested against this regulation, the Ministry maintained its decision. From now on there will be only Professors of State.

SPAIN ARCHBISHOP CICOGNANI, the Apostolic Nuncio in Spain, officially informed the Spanish Government on April 30, In a ceremony which took place in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of the signing of a papal " Motu Propio," establishing again the Tribunal of the Sacred Rota at the Nunciature. This is a proof of the special distinction with which His Holiness has honoured Spain.

FIVE SPANISH Bishops were recently appointed by the Pope. They are: Mgr, Emanuel Hurtado Garcia, Titular Bishop of Bike, to be Bishop of Tarazona; Canon Alfonso Rodenas Garcia, to be Bishop of Cartagena ; Mgr, Aurelio del Pino Gomez, to be Bishop of Lerida; Fr. Angelo Herrera Oria, to be Bishop of Malaga; Mgr. Domenico Perez Caceres, to be Bishop of San Cristoforo della Laguna aeneriffe..

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