Page 5, 9th May 1958

9th May 1958
Page 5
Page 5, 9th May 1958 — 'THE MONEY IS MYSELF .

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People: Sidney Dommersen, Mgr, Fr
Locations: Glasgow, Sydney


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'CM.' Reporter ITURGISTS, like Fr. Sidney Dommersen, who for the 4 last five months has been in charge at St. Margaret's, Twickenham, Middlesex, study hard how to make the Offertory at Mass a real thing, an offering of self, a collective act of adoration.

"rwo silver bowls, each costing 10, and a certain solemnity in the business of collecting people's money, are the way Fr. Dommersen tries to teach an important lesson ti? his parishioners.

The bowls had to be valuable in themselves, just as the paten and the chalice are also' valuable, though the last two of necessity are even more so, and must seem to be more so.

Two altar boys take the bowls from the collectors, and place them on the credence table for the duration of the Mass.

" The money in the • bowls is myself, my week's work, my everything. which I weekly return adoringly to my Creator. It is a gift which I hope Our Lord will accept, and in some mysterious way turn to His own Offering," is Fr. Dommersen's explanation.

People at St. Margaret's, who have learnt Fr. Dornmersen's lesson, then collectively receive back Our Lord in Communion to the number of 250 each Sunday, which is not at all bad for a small parish of only a few hundreds.

.'It is here, at the Offertory, that I see the start of a movement

1 want

for a close parochial union .'It is here, at the Offertory, that I see the start of a movement

1 want

for a close parochial union

to encourage," says Fr. Dommerseri.

The introduction of the silver bowls has brought about larger offerings: Fr. Dommersen asked for at least 2s. 6d. per working adult, and of course some give more. Yet he asks that during the week, at evening Masses for instance, the amount given should be less, a token offering, that's all. It is, in his opinion, the Sunday offering that most matters in beginning a lesson on the Mystical Body.

The chief Sunday Mass at St. Margaret's is sung by the people, gnd the server's parts at Low evening Mass are also taken up by the congregation. His people are very largely missal users, and Fr. Dommersen hopes shortly to introduce Gelineau psalms for processions. As a member of the Vernacular Society, he prays and hopes the

Church will allow greater use of English in her official worship. "The return of the people to psalmody," he maintains, " will be achieved when vernacular ways of singing them, as the Gelineau method for instance, are popularised."

To encourage the parochial Spirit, Fr. Dommersen has introduced the daily recitation of the Rosary in people's houses, where neighbour s, including nonCatholics, gather as many as 10 each evening.

People begin to know one another at St. Margaret's, and they gather outside church after Mass in the ample car-parking space to chat to one another and with their priest.

The fact that his people do so, thinks Fr. Dommersen, is due to the community spirit that grows with each common offering at Mass, the prayers said together, the Credo HI sung by these " believers in the communion of saints," and the fact that Our Lady maternally watches over this tiny cell of her Son's Body in Twickenham that so perseveringly recites her Rosary.

Cardinal Gilroy visits Glasgow

Cardinal Gilroy. Archbishop of Sydney, Australia. is coming to Glasgow in June to play a leading part in the centenary celebrations of St. Mungo's Academy, the Marist Brothers' school. The Cardinal, who is himself a former pupil of the Marist Brothers. will be accompanied by another former pupil, Mgr. Thomas, who is responsible for the propagation of the Faith in Australia.

He will preach at High Mass in St. Andrew's Cathedral on Sunday, June 22. when the celebrant will be Archbishop Campbell of Glasgow. The previous evening he will be the guest of honour at a dinner-reception given by the

M a rist Federation in the Grosvenor Hotel, Glasgow.

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