Page 8, 9th May 1986

9th May 1986
Page 8
Page 8, 9th May 1986 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Legion of Mary Pegtimage, Cleveland Council, Youth M. Archieshee McGrath School, Weeneeder Upholland Committee, Paul School, Standing Committee, Council of Diocesan Affairs, Catholic YOU111 Service, Justice & Peace Commission, Saturder Archdlocesan Pastoral Council, Frider NarthiSourn Committee, St Erhvarcra School, SI Nicholas Church, Archdloceean Pastoral Council, St Julie's High School, Holy Trinity Church, Neasyler Diocesan Council of Priests, AGM, Council of Administration, Oscollan Society, Si Brendan's College, Catholic Needlework Guild, Tureader Univemity Cnaplaincy Committee, Archbishop Williams Comprehensive School, Merseyside and Region Churches' Ecumenical Assembly, Oscolian SoCiety, Oscine College, Loreto College, All Saints Pastoral Centre, Management Committee, Union Of Catholic Mothers, V St Mary's School, Exeter College, Upholtand College, AGM Oscotien Society, Sacred Hearts Church, MylnhurSt School, SI Julie's High School, College of Consultors


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O w °rein:Mien, M Masi. V it Viettation, C

Cereleat Heine ArNstalstmo af Wesfeenal or Sunday= M. Ouev Road, Kilburn, 6pm. Tuesday Reception for the Catholic YOU111 Service, 12 45prn Wednesday: M, Ely Place, 12 noon. Thursday: M Silver Jubilee Priests, Archbishop's House. Friday M, Cathetral, 5.30prn. Saturday: 0 of the Rev Jamee Currie at Pottery Lane 4pm.

Archbishop Baran of Southivark Sundey: C Folkestone, 3.30pm. Tuesday: V, Chisiehursl Deanery. M Or Fr Stephen O'Belree's TONAnniversary of 0 So priesthood. Thursdar Receptier for Naval Ceaplains Archbishop's House Westminster, 5.30pm. Saturday: M, Legion of Mary Aylesford Priory. 12 noon.

Archbisrop enure de Mundlie of Birmingham Sunder M & C. Holy Trinity, Retitle, 9_30am_ M & C Adderbury, 11,30am. Preaches et Evensong, Exeter College. Oxtord. 6pm_ Wedneatley M at St Thomas More School, Nuneaton, Ilarn. M tor Jubilee al Parish. Rtackheath, 7pm Thursdey: M for Friends at Holy Father, WestrninSter Cathedral, 530pm. Archbishop Ward of Cardin Mender M. commissioeing ot Eucharistic Ministers SI ilityds, Danyeraig. Swansea. 7.30pm. Fricley: COunell Priests Meetine Nazareth House Cardiff. 2.15pm. C. St Betties Cardiff. 7_30pre_ Saiurder Meeting of Peny-pound House Fund, Abergavenny. 2pmrt Blehop Alexander el Mitten Sunday: M on the occasion of Serra National Spring Conference, Sacred Hearts Church. Chadtan Kings. 12.15pm M ot Thanksgiving for the renovation of SI Nicholas Church. Lawford's Gate. 6 pre. Monday: Concelebrates M at Holy Family, Swindort, on the occasion pf Canon W Roches Ruby Jubilee, 7.30Pre. Wasineader Annual General Meeting of Clifton Catholic Diocesan Trustees Registered at SI Am emelt, it 0_30am. Thursday: C. St John's. Trowbridge. 7,30prn. Friday:kr at Clifton Cathedral to celebrate 25 years of education at Si Brendan's College. '1 lare. Celebrates M and Recommission, Special Ministers 01 Holy Communion. 7_300rn. Saturday Interviews candidates for the Priesthood and Permanent Diaconate at Clifton Cathedral 10am. M lor CWL Getter Cathedral. 12 noon. CWL Annual General hteeting at Clifton Cathedral, 2.30pm. Bishop Brewer of Lancester Sumlay: V Si C. SI

B ernadette' 6, Lancaster. Receives the Good Shepherd Collection. keenday-Frislayi Diocesan Retreat, Upholtand Northern Institute Wallop Budd of Plymouth Sunder V & IN, Holy Trinity Church, Dorchester, 10.30. C. 3pm Monday: V St Mary's School, Dorchester. earn Tuesday: V. St Mary's School, Poole, I lam. Thursday: V, St Erhvarcra School, Poole. Ail Day.

algae Burka. Aueatary ter Selloet Sunday C, St Augustine's, Burnley, Sper, Monday kr an ACM Ladies of Charily, St Vincent's Convent. Hathersage Road. Manchester. 7em. Tuesday: M & Executive Committee 10T the Religious Alexian Brothers Nursing Home, Moston, Manchester, ?pre. Wedeesder Chapter M. SI John'S Cathedral, Salford, 12 noon Friday V. St Mary's, Burnley. All day. Smurday M to celebrate the centenary ol the Catholic Needlework Guild, St John's Cathedral. Salford, 3pm Bishop Clark of East Anglia -Sunday: Pastoral V to Wisbeeh PariSh continued Ween•aday: Parliamentary Pilgrimage to Waisingham. Frider CWL Twenty filth anniversary Mass_ Felixstowe_ 7_30pm Saturday: Interviews Prospective Candidates tor the eriesthoad. Poi-Inland tiam. C M at Southwole, fipm.

Btshop Cleary. Auxiliary for eirminglitem Mendel! M & C, Sacred Heart, Eecteshall. 7.30pm. Tweeter M C. SI Austie, Kenilworth, 7 30pm. Wednesday: M & C. Corpus Cedsti. Ashmore Park. 7.33pm. Thursday: M & C, English Martyrs, Blackheath. 7.30pm friday, V & 0, St Francis. Kenilworth. 720m Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury Sunder V & C. SI JOhreS, Heswall. Tuesday: C, St John's, Eirlegnorth, 7.30pm Wednesday: M and AGM, Oscine College, Bi.rmingham, Item C, SI George's. WhIlehurch, 7.30pm. Thursciar C. Our Lady's, Donningion. 7_30prn. Friday. KSC Diamond Jubilee celebration, Hoylake. 7_30sen.

Bishop Gemmel, Auxillery for WesimImear Sunday: C. Hackney. 10.30arn C. Underwood Road, 7prri_ Tuesday: CDA meeting. 1 045am•5prn Wednesday: COB meeting, 10am. Thursday: TN deanery conference. Day of Recollection. I 0_30arn, Friday Deans' meeting, 10.45am. Saturday 0, Notting Hill, Aprn. C. Manor House, 7emi.

Bishop Meantime of Armrest Sunday: V & C, Chirk, am, M 5 Preach, Union Of Catholic Mothers, Newtown, 3pm. Menday-Fridey, Menevia Diocesan Clergy Retreat at Loreto. Llandudno. Seturdayi C, Queensterry. learn Talk to local Catholic Teachers at St Mary's School, VVreettain. 2.30prn Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough Sunday: C, Arepieforth Abbey, lOare. Legion of Mary Jubilee. Cathedral, Middlesbrough Benediction, 3pm. Monday: Meeting Cleveland Council of 'Churches, 7pm. Wednesday: Golden Jubilee Celebrations. St Peter & St John Fisher, Withernsea, M, 7.30prin. Thursday: Meets with College of Consultors. Bishop's House, Middlesbrough, liars. Friday: Meets with Clevetand Ceurch Leaders, learn. Wieder Meets with Justice & Peace Commission, York. 10.30am.

B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary for Southwark Sunday M and C, Brockley, 11.300m. Multicultural M, Cathedral, 4pm Monday: SNOCOart linence meeting. llam. Induction of a pariah priest. Hives, 7 30pm. Tuateley: M and C, Beckenham Hill. 7 30ornWedneedey: College of Consultors Meeting. Archbishop's House, 12 noon. Thuredey: Meeting with Secondary Headteachers, St Theresa'S, Lewisham, 10am. Friday Diocesan Ecumenical Sub. Gernminee Meeting, Blackheath, 7.30pm. Saturday: Legion of Mary Pegtimage to Ayiesford. M, 12 neon.

B ishop Heelsse, Auxiliary tor Urepool Monday: Finance Meeting. Btshop's House Frasheeld. 11_30ern. Tu•sday: Standing Committee, Merseyside and Region Churches' Ecumenical Assembly, Friends' Meeting Heuse, Liverpool. 3pm. Weeneeder Upholland Committee, Upholtand College, 10am. C, St Gregory's, Netherley, 7.30pm. Frider NarthiSourn Committee, CAEN), Cathedral House Liverpool, 10.30arn-4pm. Saturder Archdlocesan Pastoral Council. SI Julie's High School, Woollen Bishop Belly al Salford Sunder V & C, St Joseph's, AO day. Tuesday: Joint Deanery Study Day tor Clergy, St Josoptra, Blackbutn. 10.30am to 4pm. Meeting at Wardley Hall. 7.30prn. Wednesday: Oscolian SoCiety, AGM & M, 11.45am. Thursday: Joint Deanery Study Day for Clergy. Mount Cannel, Biakley, 10_30arn to 4pm. St Mark's, Pendiebury. UCM, visit to Wardtey Hall, 7.30pm Friday Meeting at Wanaley Hall, Iflem. C at Loreto 6th Form Coffee,. 17 noon. Meeting with Conf &nand( Semite Priory, Kersal, Salford, 2.30pm, Saturlay M to celebrate the centenary of the Catholic Needlework Golid. Sr John's Cathedral, Salford, 3ern Bishop termagant at Leeds Seedily he SI Peter's Belle isle. 10.30am M, Association for Separated Divorced, 2pm. Wednesday Leeds Univereity Christ lee Council, lpm. Friday: Lourdes PilgArnage. Bishop McCartie, Auxiliary far Strminghem Sunday M & C. Our Lady of The Assemption, Coventry, 1 larn. Monday: Meeting of Management Committee. Soti House, Stratford upon Avon, 12 noon. Wednesday: Oscollan Society Meeting, 'SUM Neasyler Diocesan Council of Priests. I lam. IM & C. St Mary, Warwick, 7.30pre, Friday: M at Archbishop Williams Comprehensive School. Birmingham, 9 30a0t. V to School Special Vets. Birmingham. 2pm_ Ettshop McMahon of Brentwood Sunday. Pastoral V & C, St Helen's, Cigar and SI Margaret's, Deddinehurst. Teesday: Interview prospectiee Student,, f•r the priesthood Cathedral House. Brentwood, 10.30am Wednesday: Postural V aed C, St Eciwatd's, Rumford. TM/Hatay: Addresses Tower Hamlets Deanery meeting, Our Lady & St Catherine, Bow, 11.30arn. Fedor Meeting with Staff, St Beeman:re Cenvent Sohnot Westclift-onSea, 4pm, Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary fee Westrninaler Sundey. C. Greentord, 3pm. Tuesday: Ealing Priests' Deanery meeting, 10am. Couneil of Diocesan Albers, Archbishop's House, 5pm. Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Affairs, 10am, V. 6th Form. St Marly's School, Howlett:1w. 1 45prn_ M 01 Dedication, Uxbridge, 6pm. Thtlaar Reception. Archbeehop's House, 6.30prn_ Frider C, Hounslow parish. 7.30pm. Seturdsy: Celebrates Jubilee M, Mill Hill, llarn. Inauguration 01 Polish Parish Chureh, Ealing, 4pm. C, Ashford parish. 6.30prn.

Bishop leaverley ol Hallam Sunday: V & C at the Cathedral, llarn Service and reception tor new cenverts al cathedral, 4pm_ Monday: Blessing ce new nursing Berne in Chesterfield. lam. Wedessdele Meeting of council of clergy. 1045arn_ Thursday: V at Saint school, Sheffield, !Gam. Receives schools' Good Shepherd Cottettion at cathedral. 2pm. Friday: V or MylnhurSt School. 10am Saturdey: Spring Fare of University Chaplaincy at Screed Road V & C at Mother of God. Sheffield, 6.30pm. Bishop Hutting, Area Bishop In Swanson Sunday Wednesday Student Academic M. Aberystwyth Unlverstty, 11am. Retreat at Courttield until Thureday, 5.30prri Thursday: Retreat ends Meeting of Principals of Catholic Colleges, Birmingeam, 12.30prn. Friday: inetatialion t Mayer, Council Offices, Port Talbot, 2.30pm. Saturday: Youth M. Archieshee McGrath School, Abertrenfig Bishop Murphy 0-Connor of Arend& B Brighton Sunday: V. Our Lady of England parish, Sitorrington_ Epsom Deanery C. Arundel Cathedral, 2.30prr, Tuesday: Good Shepherd NI, Arundel Cathedral, llam. Wednesday: Meeting of Sussex Sponsoring ElOdy, Hove, 10.30am St Leonardo Deanery C, St Thomas of Canteeoury, St Leenards, 7.30pm. Thurader Meeting of Council of Administration, Item, Friday: Crawley Deanery C. Worth Abbey, Bone Saturday' Lewee Deanery C. Arundel Cathedral, I tarn.

Mahop J O'Brien, Auxiliary for Westminster Sunday Leads Cnnetian Airt walk in Verularnium Park, St Albans, Open. Monday: Leavers M at Loreto College. St Albans, 230pm, Tuesday: Stevenage Priest's Deanery meeting. am COA at Archetseep•a. House, 5prn. Wednesday: CDA at Archbishop's House. tOam Thursday: Presentallon to Fr Moriarty al Pope Paul School, Palters Bar, Ilam. Friday: Minietry to Priests Team meeting at All Saints Pastoral Centre. London Coiney Saturday: Catenian celebrations In Torquay.

Ellstop K O'Brten, Auxiliary for elledfaiebrosgh Toady?: C at St Alban's, Reecar Visdnaday: C at St Joseph & St Cuthbert, Lottes. Thursday A meei no of the Diocesan Coneultors at Bishop's House, Middlesbrough, Ilam V at St Peulinus, Guisborough, pm &murder Open Conference In Hull on Race Discrimination. 10.30arn C at Si Edward's, Scarborouge, 5pm

Bishop litimestforne, Auxiliary tor Liverpool Moeclay: C, St Richard's. Bootle, 7.30pm Tureader Univemity Cnaplaincy Committee Meeting. 5.15prn_ C. All Sainte, Gotborne, 7.302m_ Wednasdar SS Mary John, Newton le Willows. 7.30pm. Thursday C. SI Cathedrte. Lowlme, 7,30pm. Friday: C. St Catherine, Lowton. 7.30pen. Saturday: Archdloceean Pastoral Council, St Julie's High School, Wootton

Blehop Thome' al Northarepion Sunday: SVP Diocesan AGM Our Lady's, Corby. 2pm M. 4.30pm. Monday' Diocesan Clergy Study Week, MaSingham, Cornerstone Trust, Milton Keynes, 10.30am, Wednesday: AGM Oscotien Society. friday C. St Mean's. Northampton, lerni_ Saturday: V. Cathedral, Northampton.

Malloy Walieslay, IMM Farces) Mender RN Chaplains' Conlerence, Wimbledon. Tuesday: As Monday. Wednesday: CMFIS Executive Meeting, London, 201e Thursday RN Chaplains' Receplion, Westminster, 6.30pre

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