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9th May 2008
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Page 13, 9th May 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Thui Council of Priests, Palk Place Pastoral Centre, Council of Deacons, Archbishop's Council, Notre Dame RC College, St Ecknund's College, St Augustine's Church, Diocesan Pastoral Council, U.C.M. National Council, University of East Amite, BishopThomas Giant School, pm. Sat Dtionan Pastoral Council, Nutholos Break.spetue School, Archhishop's Council, Priests Committee, St Mary's Primary School, Mile Exi Hospital, Catholic Bible School, Farewell Muss, St Maio and St Joseph's School, Justice and Peace Working Party, C_atheitrals Service, Purks, Union of Celholic Medias, Park Place Pastoral Centre, SI Mary's Catholic College, Archbithop's Council, Liverpool Archdlocesan Centre, Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelintion, Rood Church, Abbey Primary School, Catholic OWthen's Society, Diocesan Fullmer Board, St Luke's Centre Board, Council of Deena, Nursery School, Rampton Hospital, Memos Pastond Council, Stonylarst College, Church of the Apostles, St Joseph's School, Stock Parish Council, Notre Dime School


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May 11 to May 16

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Weemunsteo SunCelebration re Confomation, Westminster C. dral, 1230pm Moo: amok ws and Enga,eeme_res, Archbishop's House . Wed Participates in Panel Discussion a Reds Lenoir; O.108. &kith Ldrary. 7pm. Tho. Celebrates MASS for the Union of Celholic Medias, Kish Leigh QM-temper Caere. Hoddectim, noonFM. Meets with Archbithop's Council, ArchWhop's House, 930m. Sa. Celebrates Mass for 'Celebrate Conference'. Nutholos Break.spetue School, Si Albans. 1050arn. Archbishop Kelly (livemooll Suit Mon of Pentecost Sunday (Broadcast hee CM BBC Racks 4). Metropolitan Cathedral of QUO the ifing.Lompaa. ,10ant: Solemn Mass of Pentecost Sunday aid Confirmation. NUL moloan Cathedral of Clost the King. Loverecol. I lam: Two C_atheitrals Service aid Dedication of the SheppordiWorlock Memorial. .Metrupolimn Cathedral of Cbrio dr King, Liverpool. 3pni. Moe West 135thAnniversary Celebration of St Walarok1,Lexembreag. Thu: Ardoboloop's COW,cd, Liverpool Archdlocesan Centre be Evangelisetoo. 10.13am. Hi: Good Shepbeld Mos, St Mary. Leyhand, I.15pm

Archbishop Nichols tHireanglono Sun: Mass fin World Youth Day Pilgrims. St Chad's Cattlechit, 2pni, Wed Modal Incapacity Study Day.Ca dmt House. Thu. COPCAManaganna Booed meeting. London. I lam: Midland Catholic History

Scenery AGM, C.athedral House, 73 Fri Archbishop's Council meeting. Airlibisbor's House. 9.30aro Sat Interviews with New SeMINIFilltS.

Blimp Amelia Oktailiary Bishop of Wesiminsosry s, Confirmation. %VW, I lemecafiimation, Sudbury, 5 30pm.Mon: Confirmatiott Wealdstooe. 7.15pn. The Enfield Deanery meeting, Enfield. Ilam CTNT,Vvillesden Lane, 230pm; Confirmatimi. Wealdstorr.7.15ptu. Thu; Coidemation. Barnet 7 30prn. Fri: Archhishop's Council, Archbishop's House, 930soe Confirmation. Staremme. 7pm.

Bishop Brain (Salford) SunCelebration of Confirmation. Stonylarst College.Chtherne. lOarn. Mon, C7L Leaders' [meeting. Leyland. 10am. TueCaritas meeting. London. Wed: KM Prism& meetjob, London. 10am. Wed-Thu: U.C.M. National Council. Hodikoden. Thu. Cateetan Association Centenary. Man, Salford Cathedra. 6pm; Comtism Association Celebration Dinner. Midland Iliad. 8pm. Fri; Private appointments, Woolley Hall. Sat Caen= Association Mange and Reeeptiott. Midland

Bishop Rudd (Plymouth)San Confirmation, Catheslral. lilant Mott Child Protection Training,

Dorchester. 7pm. Tar: Caritas. London. CWL Pilgrimage Mos. Buckfast, 3pm. Fri, Meeting. London.

Bishop Burns [NM Forces) Sun: Confirm. tom. None Dame de Hence, Lcmdm. Tue St Luke's Centre Board meetaig, London. Thu Sat: Visit to Training Centre Royal Marines, Lympstone, Devon.

Bbthop CamplW. (Coadjutor Lancaster) Sim: &Acme Moss for PenteocaL St May's. B2130W. JIM, The The Broughton Society Lunch, am. Wed: Conformaion, Holy Family, Bartow, pm, Thu: Appointmento in Curia, am: Confirmation. Si John Veumey. Blackpool, pm. Sat: Confirmation. Ow Lady of Polmod. Lancaster. pm.

illehop Coney (Arundel & Brighton) Sun: Cathedral Deanery Confirmations, Arundel Cathedral. 3pm. Tue. 'Becoming the Body of exist' Talk, Sr Joseph's. Redhill. 7.45pm. Wed: Mass for Deceased Knights of St Coluinba (Province 35), St Pius X.Mensev, 8pro. Thu: Blessing of New Block, Notre Dime School, Cobham. 10.30am: Brighton Deanery Ccefiaretions, khn dr Baptist, 7 33pm. Hi: Reseal DescoayCmcfitnkem.Rmflrilt, 730pm_ Sat ISA (COPCA)Roadshow, The Friary. Crawley. fImm sponsored ArnelLAnmdel Castle for Worthing Churehes Homeless Project. 4pm_ Bishop Doyle (Nothamptaff Sun: Continuation of Visitation. Holy Ghost Parish. Luton: Confirmation, Cathedral. 5.15pm. Tue: Council of Deacons, Bishop's House, I lam. Moss to auuk Bioentenary of Centime Onsholm. Cathedral. 730pm. Wed Staff meeting, Bishop's Houte.9.15ant. meeting with the University of East Amite Chaplain, Bishop's Huse. noon ; Confirmations. Sacred Heart, Leighton Buzzard, 7 30pm. Thui Council of Priests, Bishop's House. I lam: Memos Pastond Council Executive, Bishop's House, 2.30pix meeting with Diocesan CAFOD Representative, Bishop's House.4pno Confirmation, Om Leidy of Lourdes, Milton Keynes. 7_

Delaney (Mliddksbrough)Tue: Clover ineetmg,Cethedral. 1 Imo meeting with new School Gosernors.4pm...W,ed,, Meets with Trustee to-Chairrnan tif Yak Sell. and Youth Tres. 3pm; colebrate Confirmaiego Our Lady O.Acorah, 7pm. Fri. Meeting in Southern %karmic. anOpm.

Bbliop Keane (Fast Anghai San: Confirmations. St John's Cathedral, I um; Adult Confirmations, Wel singhom, Spay Comoro Norwich Catheckal:7300n lice: Bury St Edmunds Coufmnation Group.4.15prn Wed: Dtocesan Day for Religeos, Poringland, I lent: End of Year Civic Reception. Norwich City Hall. 5.45pm. Thu: Big C Coffee Morning. Poringiend, 10.15am. Mass, St Mary's Primary School. Grelesion, 4pm. Fri: Mass of Tbadogiving.lbetiord (Farwell to Sisars).730om. Sat: Mass and lunch for Deacons and Wwes. Pormglend mom; Confirmations. St Loke's.Petetharegh, ()pm Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Confirmations. Trtiworih, I lam; Confirmo bons, Morden e lOpm. Mon: Finance meeting. London, Ham JATILIW ,001 On Going Jr.ttangion Team. London, 2pm. Tee Jubilations Mims, London, 1230pm: Archbishop's Council. Lsodon..thmOrhu: Meeting conceminh Catholic Bible School. London, I bun; Contirmations. Pens Wood, 7 _30pro Fri: Deans naming, Lipper NOSIVOnd, 301., Farewell Muss, St Maio and St Joseph's School, Sick-up. 7pm. Sat Mass tor New Catholics. Cathedral. I lam.

Bishop Hine lAuxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Son, Confirmation, Church of the Apostles. Swanley. 10am. Therm Confaonnoon. Our Lay Sta. oleo Sea. Btxxxistainm. 3pm. More Attends On-Going Formation of Priests Committee, Archbishop's Hoar. 2. t Spm. The Celebrates Mass for the Jubilad ens, M George 's Cathedral. 12.10per. Archbishop's Council immune. Archbishop's House, 230pen. Wed: Attends !fleeting of Catholic OWthen's Society, Purks, 4. Sat Ccocelehroes Mess for New Catholics..Southw ark Cathedral I I am.

Skimp Hoak Watts mouth t Sun; Conflonation for Homey Pastoml Area. Sr 1, am's Cathedral. Pottsmouth, Spin Tue Confonation fre Catholic Wight Pastoml Area. St Savioues,Tothind Bay, isle of Wight 7pm. lime Cathedral Chepter meeting, Bishups Homo Purismouth, .1030ims, Collimation Ito Avon Stour Pastoral Area, Out Lady of Peace. Southbome, 7pm. Fri, Diocesan Pastoral Council meeting, Palk Place Pastoral Centre. Wickham, pm. Sat Dtionan Pastoral Council . Park Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham. twie Lunch with Inamive priests, St Joseph's, Havant. 1 pot Bishop Hopes !Westminster) Sun: Cekbrates Confirmation Muss, Abbey Church If St Benedict. Ealing Abbey. 3pm. Moe, Engagements. Archbishop's House. The: Attends Ealing Deanery meeting. Our Lady of the Visitation, Greenford. ant meeting. Archhishm's I Ern; celebrates Coen, motion Moos, St John fisher. Sheppenon, 7pm. Thu Eng,agernents_suchhishop's House. am: visit to the Missionaries of Charity. Brace-moo Rd, W9, 4prn. Fri, Archbishop's Council. Archteshop's House. 930arn; mlehrutes Confirmation Moos. St Theodore of Canterbtry. Hooper en Thrinicolprn. Sat Celelames Confirmation Moor, Must Sacred Heart

11 _tham, travels to St Cuthbert's. Chester le Street. Spno

Bishop Kenney (Birminelum) Sun: Maas, University Chaplaincy, Orford Ilam. Mon : lecture. The Catmint:Ls. Loughborough, 7pm Tar: Trustees mooing. Cluiras SAN. Salford. noon. Wed: Fournene cal Sconce, Wadsiock, noon: Deacons' meeting. Christ the King. Coventry. 7pm_ Thu: Blessing of Nursery School, Walley, 3 30pm. Fri Archbishop's Council meeting , Archbishop's House, 4.30am. Sat:

Visits Stolen ol Notre Dame Convent. Oxford. 11 are

Bishop Lang (Clifton) Sure Confirmation . Clifton Cathedral, Bristol lam. Inc. Confinno too. Chtig the King. Thornbury. 7_10pm. Thu Confin-nauon. Si Peter's, Gloucester, 7pm . Sat Diocesan Pastoral Council, Bristol. 1030am: violation. St Joseph's. Bishop Lozigleyntwastnun"' stet) SunConfirmation St Dominic's Priory. Haverstock Hill. I Oan. Confoination. St John the Baptist. Hackney. 4prn Mon: Pastoral Oise to the Mental tkolth Laut. Mile Exi Hospital. 130prn; Liturgy Commisonn meeting. St Jolm's Woad. 730prn. Tue: Pastoral snit to St Joseph's School . Macklin St. Camden . 11 a ni May lebone Deanery meeting. Spanish Mom. 3pm Balmy Lynch (Auxiliary, in Sairdwairki Sun Coufmnaions, St Genege's Cathedral. I lam: Confirmations, St Joseph's, Bromley, 5pm Mon ter Going Formation A.U.M. Archtoshop's Houm 2.15pm. MC Jobilearans' Mass „ Georges Cabe.&al. 1230pm: Archbishop's Council. 3pm; Confirmations. Our Lady of SOM7W5111, Peelduen. 7pm. liar South London Can/theon Chaellaircy.Nimbead. 730pm. Ism Meeting at the Independent Asylum Commis:von. WeseninsterAbbey, 230pne Masa for Canon Desoto, BishopThomas Giant School, 7pro. Sat Mao for New Catholim.St Gorge's Cathedral. I lam: Cenfirmanore. Sr Jamas The Orem Peckham Rye, fpm

Bishop McGough (Lhanunghami San Conti, macaw Lower Gomel, 9asn: Coofinnuices, Sedgleo 3pm. The: Wolverhampton Deanery Erecting. I lam Ed. Archbishop's Council meeting. Arch

McMahon (BirnEwriod I Sure Confirmations. Cathedral, I I 301an, Ecumenical Cetera fVzoters with the choirs of Brentumod and CheTlmst; Meeteagolmerviews, C Obednil Meuse meeting of Stock Parish Council. pm. Wed: Meeu with Recently Ordained, Abbotswick, 10em: Pestoral Visitation and Cutfirmation.Eastveoccilbx Attends meeting of Diocesan Fullmer Board, Cathedral Home, 10.15am. En, Meetoomilieerrews.Clihshal Home. Sat Anexis Interthith Conference. Cathedral Home. to _tham.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Sun: Calaman.. St Bamabas Cathedral, 1030am. Mon; Cenfinnation. St Hugh's. B.arromash, 7pm. Wed ll,dl.00ttnn. t JronpllS, anham. fort. Celebrates Mass. Out Lady's Cons rot. Loughborough. 4int Confinnahon. Om Lads of Good Camsel„Theavatod, 7pm. Fri Man and Blessing of New Parish Hal, Si Peter's. Melton Mowbray. 7pm. Sat Celebrates Mass for the Gokko Jubilee of Sr Betmo OP. St Margamt Chasm... Keyword), noon.

Bishop Malone (Liverpoo4) Sun; Two Catsdeals Serowe and Dedication at the Sheppatd/Worlock Memonal, Mehopolitan Cathedral of Chris the ICing. Liverpool 3pm. Wed: Calf1MUlli011. St Luke the Evangelist. Aliston, 730pm. Tho Archbishop's Council. Liverpool Archdiocesin Cenoe for Evastgehsation. MI 5am: Confirmation. St Michael. Liverpool. 7pm.

Mao" Noble (Shrewsbury) Sun: Eucharist of Peraeoost Suoday, Cadrdra1,1045ant Cenfirniation. Cathedral, 3pm. The Confirmation St Joseph's. Sale. with Holy Family, Safe Moor. 7pm. Thu:

Confmnation, Paishes, SI Mary's Catholic College. Wallasey. 7pm. Fri Bede Colege Trustees. Loudon. 10 30am: Jubilations' Mass.& Coltmthe's. Cheater, 7pm. Sat Eucharist rnarking CAEOD's work in the Diocese, St Clam . Chester, lOam.

Bishop O'Domighue (Lancaster) Sure Confirmation. Cathedral. 10 30mo Sat Faith and loom Conference.

(fishes) Pamela. (Birmingham) Simi Confirmations, Birmingham University Chaplaincy. 1030am. Tue. Vinit. Abbey Primary School, Ealington, 2.1. quationation.s. Erdington Abbey. 7pm. Ard: Menial acapatily Study Day. Cation:hal House, 1130am visits Confirmatitms Candidates. Kingstanding. 7.1.5pca. Fri Archbithop's Council meettng. Archbishop's House.930am.

fliabop Roche t Leeds ) Toe: Confirmari., Enghsh Martyrs, Huddersfield. 6 30pre Conftmvo

St Potnck 's. Huddersfield. Itpm Wed: Annual Gathering of Greek Orthodox Demo Leeds, 8 2_5am.: Council of Deena' meeting. Hinsley Hall. 1030am; Councd ol Priests' meeting, Hinsky Hall. I 30pro Thar VG-s' meeting, Bishop's [loose. 10ens: meeting with Demo of Leeds F,s,t,Laml, North. Leeds South. Leeds West and Wharfedale Deaneries. Bishop's Hour. noon: Cuttfamation, St Benedof s. Goriest. 7pm. Fri COmfirnietioc, SE Waterside's, Bradforn. 7pm. SatLourdes Mats. Leeds Cathedral, noon.

Bishop Stack (Westminster) Sum Confirmtion,St Ecknund's College. St Hugh's Stbool. Ware, Heels. Ilam: Confirmobon, St Augustine's Church. Hoddestion. Opm. Fri. Archbishop's Council meming, 4.30am, Confirmation, linty Rood Church. Watford, 7.3. Sat: Mogan of new block. Fo Joseph's. School. Highgate. Harm Confirmation, The Sacred Heart of lous and Sr John The Esangelist, Bushey, Herts, 730pm.

Bithop Allinms (Liverpool) Sun: Confinnetion. St Joseph, Paris. 3pm. Tar: Broughton Catholic Charitable Society Lunia.,Garstang Counny Hurl, neon. Wed: Healthcore Talk with the Salvatoo Amy, Ashomin-Materfield, 10am. Thu: Archbishop's Coma Lively./ Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelintion. 10.15am. Fri Sixth Form Leavers' Mass. Notre Dame RC College, Esterton Valley, Linerpool, 9.30am. Sat, Visitation Mass. Sr Anne.


Bishop itaosthorne (Hallam) San: Visitation. Holy Rood, Barnsley; Muss, Hallam University Chaplaincy. 7pm. Mon: Chaplains meeting, Rampton Hospital, 930am; Confim.atiorr. Mount Sr Mary's College, 7prn. Wed: CFSY Clench Leaders. Bishop's House, 12.30pm: Mission and Unity Evening. Rotherham, 730pm. ThuJustice and Peace Working Party. Bishop's House, 1 Gann Visitation. Holy Rood Catholic Printers Sdirrn,l, Bernsley. 1 .30.-1. Sat: Pilgrimage with the Deg. Weisagbam.

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