Page 3, 9th November 1951

9th November 1951
Page 3
Page 3, 9th November 1951 — A LL

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Locations: London, Rome


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Fr. Bernard Basset, S.J.

Our Chance

WE were urged as Christians to " take our part in the Election scramble and we certainly did. Candidates were interviewed, questions asked, rallies staged, votes cast. As Christians we can now play a more important role. The country has been divided neatly into two equal parts. So powerful has been the propaganda that there is danger of senseless hostility turning into hate. We know quite well that not all Socialists are hidden Communists, not all Tones oppressors of the poor. Some thirteen million voters on each side are as ordinary. well meaning and harmless as ourselves. While cherishing our own political loyalties, we Christians have the same faith as Christians in the other camp. We must fight tooth and nail against hatred before it is too late.

Irresponsible Press

IS Mr. Bevan right when he A thunders against the Press? The paper which has given us Beverley Nichols-on Religion is also giving us huge headlines about Birth Control; another solves the financial problems of Britain by trying a stunt about Purchase tax and then in five hundred words tries to set its readers and a few deans to bait the Pope. The " Sex and the Citizen " series in Picture Post airs views which no decent parents, Catholic or non' Catholic would want their children to read. But Mr. Bevan ought to thank the Press. It Was a so-called Tory paper that plugged the boom on the Stock Exchange and emphasised the fact that the Americans all wanted the Tories to win. This gave the Socialists many excellent lines of attack.


MESSRS. Sheed and Ward in pub" lishing "Stimuli " have given us in book form those excellent little essays which Mgr. Knox first wrote for the Sunday Times. Each article is short and to the point and, as it was first intended for a wide public, offers charming thought on Christian topics without over-emphasis on Rome. Catholic and non-Catholic readers will find the book helpful and we should ask the libraries to put copies on their shelves.

R.A.F. Missions FROM November 19-23 every R.A.P. station in Britain is to have a mission and many priests, both chaplains and civilians are assisting in the work. Ex-R.A.F. leaders in every part of the country will doubtless remember this mission in their prayers.

Christmas Posters

NEWS comes to me from London

that the Christmas poster stamps are selling well. Each stamp plays its part in paying the cost of the Christmas Posters so lend a hand in distributing the books. I understand that this year the posters will be placed in the most advantageous places by the publicity firm which is handling the scheme. With six thousand going up -twice as many as last year most people will be able to see them but if we are Unlucky we can as least console ourselves that we put up a poster in a more necessary place.


IF Government economy is neeessary to meet the present financial crisis, the Ministry of Education will not lack scope for local zeal. I

have listened to many different teachers talking about waste. I was told of a school which was asked to have a secretary, said that it did not need one and was given one just the same. Another put in for a typewriter for its secretary and was given two. The milk question has been wasteful for some years. I myself went to a school where the staff had to drink pints of unwanted milk. They could not sell it or take it home and no one seemed willing to take unwanted bottles hack. In the independent schools theme hooks are closely guarded but in some places Government schools are astonishingly free.

What Happens to Your Herald?

NY of joys, at last I have met a J man who runs a fish and chip shop and Tor. HERALD does its last useful hit of propaganda with those who take home their fish, Indeed all the Catholic papers in the neighbourhood are collected for this final task.


A.RY, it devout Catholic. picked

up with a non-Catholic boy. On their knees at night, Mary and her mother prayed that he would become a Catholic and the very next week he asked ir he could come with her to Mass. Mary and her mother prayed all the harder and the boy, next week, went to Benediction as well. " He'll be a Catholic yet," said Mary's mother and they were down to their prayers again. But one day Mary came home all tearful to her mother's distress. " We've prayed too hard Mother," she said sadly, " he has decided he wants to be a priest."

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