Page 3, 9th November 1951

9th November 1951
Page 3
Page 3, 9th November 1951 — Family Matters

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People: Lawrence
Locations: London


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Family Matters


EVERY true Cockney loves the Lord Mayor's Show if only for the pleasure of explaining to the unbelieving younger fry that " it is not what it used to be." The Lord Mayor's Banquet certainly cannot be what it was. What would 17th century Landon have thought of our post-war fare? Here is the recipe for a pie composes in honour of and "dedicated" to the then Lord Mayor by Mayerne, famous physician to the Stuart Kings. who had such a flair for cooking:

City of London pie

" TA ICE 8 marrow bones, 18 sparrows, I lb. potatoes, lb. eringoes, 2 oz. lettuce stalks, 40 chestnuts, lb. dates, I peck oysters, 1 lb. preserved citron, 3 artichokes, 12 eggs, 2 sliced lemons, a handful of pickled barberries, I oz. whole pepper. a oz. sliced nutmeg. I oz. whole cinammon, oz. whole cloves, oz. mace and I lb. currants. Liquor, ohen it is baked, with white wine, butter and sugar."

Perhaps there is something to be said for austerity after all.

A little lifting up the heart suffices.

Brother Lawrence.

You never eau tell

EXTRACT from a reader's letter asking advice on a household problem: " My husband says vou are probably an old man with a beard, anyway." (Belated thanks to this reader and her husband whose remark cheered an otherwise dull morning.)


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