Page 6, 9th November 1956

9th November 1956
Page 6
Page 6, 9th November 1956 — A QUIZ FOR THE t

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Locations: Liverpool, Worcester


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Keywords: Quiz, Prinknash Abbey

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;ALL SORTS By Fr. Basset, S.J.

:T HE sudden and unexpected disappearance of ALL SORTS from last week's Cerum HERALD caused commotion among enemies and friends. As a notice on the front page of the issue drew attention to the competition, readers searched the paper with unwonted care. One reader told me that he had never before bothered much about Page 6. Others with a sigh of relief presumed that I was either suspended or dead. " Our Lady has got you at last " wrote one critic who resented some remarks in the column about the shops at Lourdes. In fact the omission of ALL SORTS was a mistake, Its only ill effects have been that the All Saints Quiz must begin and end a week later than expected and that a proud record has been shattered for ALL SORTS has appeared in every issue of the CA 1110LIC HERALD since August 29, 1947.

ALL SAINTS QUIZ AT 1TH this issue of the CATHOLIC 1-IERALo the annual All Saints


quiz s officially launched. The prizes are: £5, £2 and £1 and competitors must expect some stiff questions at the price. Nuns, priests and brothers often enter singly or in communities and yet, in past years, the first prize has always been awarded to the laity. Certain tips deserve repeating. Those who draw up their answers clearly stand a far better chance of gaining sympathy. The braver competitors who continue to the end despite blanks and howlers, usually collect a remarkable Manber of points. The judges normally give one point for each correct answer and, therefore a blank or two is not an irreparable disaster, nor. on the other hand, is much gained by useless information which is beside the point. Finally it is wise to study the questions carefully for often enough a chic is given for those who know how to think.


rOMPETTFORS are asked. it

possible, to write their answer& on post cards and to give their name and address each week. The judges may have four or five hundred post cards to deal with when the three weeks are lip. Cards should be kddresscd to me at Loyola Hall, Rainhill, nr. Liverpool, to arrive there at laical by Thursday morning: —In this first stage of the competition by Thursday. November 15: As to the competition itself, only canonised saints are dealt with in the questions and few abstruse ones at that. The first quiz of the three is the easiest.


I. Gives the names of the saints whom you would associate with the following places (One saint for each is sufficient):—

(a) Salisbury. (b) Nevers, (c) Fountains Abbey, (d) Crete. (e) Hoxne, (f) Witham, (g) Bruges.

2. Name three canonised saints who have held the post of Lord Chancellor of England.

3. Who founded (a) the Redemptorists, (b) The Oratorians. (c) Sawley Abbey. (d) the Lazarists, (e) The Camaldolese Hermits?

4. What blood relationship, if any, was there between:—

(a) St. Basil and St. Macrina.

(b) St. Elizabeth of Hungary and St. Elizabeth of Portugal,

(c) St. Edward King and Martyr and St. Edith.

(d) St. Boniface, Apostle of Germany and St. Lioba.

(e) St. Juliana Falconieri and Si, Alexis.


TWO weeks awl mention was

made of the Christmas cards designed at Prinknash and given to Fr. Tiger at Osterley to help pay the bill for dry rot. No less deserving a cause will be supported if you buy your cards from The Word Press, St. Richard's College, Hadzor, Droitwich. Worcester, and so finance the building of a new chapel and sleeping quarters for the students of the Society of the Divine Word. The Word Press has -long enjoyed a high reputation. The cards and calendars are charming in colour and design. The cards are 4s. per set of eight with enselopes and at this price you could scarcely do better in any shop. The Fathers of this congregation had an encouraging influx of students last September and the sale of the cards will be an important means of meeting the sudden increase.


A YORKSHIRE friend reminded " me of an old joke (which is now not often repeated) about the man who always arrived late at the factory for work.

"There is noexcuse," they said. "You live just round the corner and other men arrive on time who have much further to come."

"That's just it." he replied, "they can run when they're late; I can't."

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