Page 1, 9th November 1962

9th November 1962
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Page 1, 9th November 1962 — Southwark gets Elm tax rebate

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Southwark gets Elm tax rebate

THE Southwark diocese has

claimed back over half a million pounds from the Inland Revenue since the Covenant Scheme was started in the diocese some 12 years ago.

Announcing this in the current issue of his diocesan magazine, Bishop Cowderoy of Southwark says that the number of covenanters has risen from 9.000 to 13,369. About 184,000 is expected to be claimed from the Inland Revenue this year. It is hoped to claim £100,000 next year.

Reviewing this progress, Bishop Cowderoy writes: "It is only fair that we should acknowledge the liberality of the State in giving this rebate of income lax. f remember telling the late Holy Father about this remission of tax in favour of charity. and he expressed his admiration for a civil government which would act in this way".

At least a quarter of a million pounds could be claimed every year from the Inland Revenue, Bishop Cowderoy adds, if all parishioners in the diocese who pay income tax joined the Covenant Scheme.

"Anyone who pays income tax is able to covenant for money given to the Church. All who can covenant should do so,"the Bishop urges, "and not merely make special donations under covenant but also covenant for what they place in the offertory week by week."

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