Page 10, 9th November 1973

9th November 1973
Page 10
Page 10, 9th November 1973 — Charterhouse Chronicle

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Charterhouse Chronicle

said that when he moved in-he went around the local parishes of the Barnet Delenery telling them of the project and their response was enthusiastic and practical.

The Centre will in no way be in competition with the newly opened Vincentian Retreat Centre, Damascus House, in Mill Hill. Fr. Egan said. Cardinal Heenan had said when opening it that there would be room for both Centres.

Fr, Egan hopes to see All Saints become a spiritual powerhouse for all Christians in the Diocese, and also a centre where priests and nuns can come to deepen their own knowledge of the faith. Ile would also like it to he the site of many or those chance encounters and exchanges of ideas that often prove so fruitful for the individual

Six sisters from different orders in the Diocese have already moved in to help him and while nothing so concrete or frightening as a "Pastoral Renewal Team" has been formed, he left me in no doubt that lay people would have a fundamental part to play in the Centre's future.

There is no doubt that All Saints will costsomething to run, hut one of several as vet unplanned advantages could be that tt will become a Cathedral centre should Hertfordshire ever be made a Diocese.

Brass in cathedral

The Cathedral Cantata Choir. under the direction of Philip Duffy, will give their first concert since being re-fortnedr under their new name and their new director in the Crypt West Chapel of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral on Thursday. December 13. at 7.30 p.m.

Founded 11 years as the Catholic Singers Guild, the choir have given many concerts in and around Liverpool as well as many broadcasts for the BBC.

They will he joined on December 13 by the Liverpool Brass Ensemble under the direction of Eric Jennings. The programme will he one or Music for Voices and for Brass, and Music for Christmas.

The Music for Brass will consist of Canzonas of the Venetian School by Gabrieli, Merulo, Lappi, etc. The Voices and Brass combine in Samuel Scheidt's Angelus ad Pastores and Gabrieli's 0 Magnum Mysterium.

A selection of carols, which would not normally he performed in church will be sung. The accompanist to the Cantata Choir is Therese McCusker.

Tickets at 35p. (25p for pensioners, students and children) may he obtained from the Cathedral Bookshop, Philharmonic Hall or Rushworth's.

Shelter's new man

Shelter has appointed Mr. Patrick Benson as the full-time paid Regional Organiser for London. There are now more than 20 groups in London, including Enfield, Streatham. Chiswick, Islington, Dulwich, Wandsworth, Fialham and Tooting, Merton and Barnet.

Mr. Benson, who is 25, was born in the East End and went to school in Poplar. He has been a general manager of a building firm and has run his own contracting business.

He has for some time been doing voluntary work in housing, mostly with the single homeless, and recently worked on an "After Six" housing project in Dais! on. . Mr. Benson says he joined Shelter "because it is the most dynamic organisation in the housing field, and I hope to set up new London Shelter groups in the universities and polytechnics.

"There is a tremendous housing job for Shelter groups to do in the city, and I see Shelter in London working with other organisations in the housing and weltare fields. I want to see that young people know their housing rights, because one of the best ways of preventing homele,o,ness is housing education.''

Fighter for poor

A few days after her 7(tth birthday, Dorothy Day.. the American veteran of the struggle for social justice and world peace. will be guest of honour at the tenth anniversary Simon Community, reunion this weekend at Woodford Green. Essex.

The founder of the Simon Community, Anton WallichClifford. said she had been invited because he had been deeply influenced by her life and work. He said he had been inspired by three people Abbe Pierre in Paris, Fr. Mario Borelli in Naples, and Dorothy Day in America.

Dorothy Day, who founded the Catholic Worker Movement, will address the reunion on Sunday morning, and afterwards answer questions. As a young woman she joined the Socialist Party and later became U member of the Industrial Workers of the World and then of Communist organisations. although she did not join the Party.

She became a Catholic in .1927. and while a reporter in New York in 1933 founded, with the aid of Peter Maurin the Catholic Worker Movement and its monthly paper The Catholic Worker. This had an immediate impact on American Catholics, many of whom were deeply troubled by the suffering of the poor during and after the economic breakdown of the 1930s.

Dorothy Day also pioneered the Houses of Hospitality. In the, 1930s those unable to buy food would be given a free meal and if necessary provided with lodging. The house in New York fed 600 people every day. By 1943, there were 32 Houses of Hospitality in several states. An account of them and of the whole Catholic Worker Movement was published in her book 'House of' Hospitality", published in 1939.

Carreras lecturer

I hear that the Carreras Arab lecturer for 1973 is Father Louis Hoge. Director of 1Mnic at the Maronite University of the Holy Spirit. Kaslik. near Beirut. in Lebanon.

Father Hage, who is a Doctor of Music, has been talking on Syro-Maronite Music at the Universities of Durham and Essex. both of which have Departments of Middle Eastern -St udies.

The Maronite Church is one of the largest of the ancient Christian Churches in the Middle East in communion with Rome. Most of its members are in Lebanon where they constitute about half the population. Their liturgical language is the ancient Syriac, linguistically close to the Aramaic spoken by Our Lord. The vernacular, Arabic, is also freely used in church services.

63 years to S.V.P.

The first life president of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Mr. Leo Vincent Edgar of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, celebrated his 80th birthday last Sunday. He was S.V.P. national president for eight years, being appointed life president on his retirement from that post.

He joined the S.V.P. at St. Dominic's Church, Newcastle, in 1910, and succeeded Bro. Godfrey Dix as diocesan president. His predecessor as national president was Col. Dallas Walters. Mr. Edgar steered the S.V.P. through the changes after Vatican II. and

attended with others a meeting with Pope Paul in Rome during the Council in 1964.

He served on Newcastle City Council for 12 years and was elected Sheriff of the City in 1945. He was a Justice of the Peace for 26 years, chairman of the Rent Tribunal for 21 years and 12 years chairman of the old Assistance Board among numerous other civic functions. He also served on diocesan councils and committees in Hexham and Newcastle, and was governor of several Catholic schools.

His two sons both joined the S.V.P. The elder is now Prior Hubert Edgar, O.P., of St. Dominic's, Haverstock Hill, London. The younger, also Leo, is an active S.V.P. Brother in Northamptonshire.

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