Page 8, 9th November 1984

9th November 1984
Page 8
Page 8, 9th November 1984 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements

0 = Ordination, V _ Visipnion C Conii.marion, Pa _ Mass Cardinal Hume Archbishop ol Westminster Sunday: M tor Western A,ea Marriage Supper! Group A 31:1 pro MorattaThursday Hierarchy Week Ffldey. Visiis Parish ol Archbishop Bowan el Southwark Sunday, Requiem M tor those killed ,n action Cathedral I tarn Monday-Friday Hierarchy rneeteng Saitedey Inrestilure M Knights ol the tartly Sepulchre Cathedral 10 15 am arellbrahop Ward el Cardiff Sunday. St Helen s Barry Monday-Thursday: Autumn Meeting of !re Hierarch. VJosManster Thursday. M loo eating Church Week Bishop Heresy School Merthyr Toiti 7 30 pm Friday; Reception to meet University Staff Carchlf University Chaplaincy 7 pm Saturday: Opens U C M Christmas Bazaar Our Lady of the Angels Cwmbran 2 pm Archblehop Coen de Mervin* el Birmingham Sunday: V & C Out Lady and All Saints Siourbrulge MeedayiThursidey Meeting of Conference Dt Bishops of England and Wales London Saturday-Sunday. V S C St May Wednesbury Bishop Alexander el Clifton Sunday. Remembrance Day Service at EInsiol Cenotaph 11 am Men day-Thursday Hierarchy Meet: rig. Saturday: Concelebrates M al Holy Souls Ceirrelery Bristol 10 am V Sacred Heart Parish M,nehead Preaches el ail Masses B ishop Brewer. Coadjutor In Lancaster Sunday V S C. St Mary S St James Sconce alondayThursday, Epilseisuel Conlerence Archbishop's House Thuraideir Presule-5 -at meeting of C,oirninr, Ministeoph Formation Wesinsmster 2 pm Saturday. Meet, pcnnianent Deacons Holy Child Convent Lancaster 2 pm

Bishop Burke. Auxiliary for Setters! Sunday. S1

teresa Blackburn y. 1a Monday: Bishops Conference Westinin.alet Pricier V Holy SOula filackburn B ishop Chili of East Anglia Sunday: Speaks Dr, BBC Radm Camtrulgeshire a aria tia UreivelSrry or Ea,, Anglia and meets Students Co 10 pm MondayThu/yds' 1-,,Iirtriv Meeting Archbishops House We.steninster Saturday heights ca St Columba Centenary M St John F Cathedral NoNech 330 Pen Bishop Cleary. Auxiliary ler girminghern Sunder Preaches for Remembrance Sunday Cowley C 01 E It am. Mdaday-Thereday Meeting of Conference of Bishops ol England and Wales London hide.: C.alh011o Hall Grand Hotel Birmingham 6 15 pm. Bishop Emery of Partrarehith MondeeThuraday London Bishops Conference Friday St Edmund s Southampton IN for the Centenary 01 the Parish and Consecrate Altar 7 pm, Saturday Park Place Pastoral Centre Wickham Yawn Conference B ishop Foray al Lancasler Sunday: Requiem M for Dead 01 World Wars Cathedral it am 16...fty. Thursday Hierarchy meeting Saturday V 55 Robed S AhCe Dodding Green 6 30 pm Bianca Gray oil Samlneethey MondainThuisider Hierarchy meeting Saturday: Chief Coneetebrant at rational gathering of Lourdes HoSpdahly groups Liverpool MietrOpolil an Cathedral 72 noon

Bishop flannepen at Maneria Sunday: V S C Hawarden Monday-Thursday Hierarchy meeting

B ishop Henn ol hilddhstarough Sunday: Br usseiman S Weekend Course 51 Joseph's st hod lesbropcm mendaaThursdar Hierarchy Meefmg Bishop Harvey. Auxiliary lor Westminster Sunday: !Alt Oar Lady06 Sarni I h°14;e4InsdpaII-Cratinut reerbduaryy: HB8:. Bishops Conference Thum/lay pinlFriday Catholic Child Welfare Conned evening Bishop Hendexaon. Auxiliary for Southwark Monday-Thursday: Himarcny Meeting Saturday Presides and preaches at 14 lOr the Catholic Association of Widows Waterloo 230 pm BOhap Jukes *urinary for Southwark Sunday. Setwday SerspoirLrn Commission meeting re Rome Bishop Ritchie. Auxillery Inn Liverpool Sunday: M tor Prowncial Catornan Assooraloon SI Mary Highlield Sheet 11 am M for llogburth Deanery youth Evesham Honor, 1 pro lidenetey.Thweday Bishops' Conference Saturday: at for Liverpool Lourdes Hospitable 12 noon.

Bishop Kelly of Sulked Sunday V S C Si Amen BiackhLri, Monclay.Thwadey Bishops' Conference Wnshninater Friday_ V Poly SoulS Ena7titf Bishop Itonstaril. Ai/alley for W•sfrininsiet Sunday M P1■1111[0 9 am Monday-Wednesday:' Bishops Conference Thursday Annual Requiem Catholic Felice Guild Westminster Catnedral 730 Tpm.Saturctey: V Hammetsmilh


c B

Lindsay u

ytilterkhern and Neveaelle Mende

h..ds r. Conference Fricley. M al HM Prison Baffle/von 6 pm


c B

Lindsay u

ytilterkhern and Neveaelle Mende

h..ds r. Conference Fricley. M al HM Prison Baffle/von 6 pm S hiro* Wearers Auxiliary for InnuIrghan. Sunday. M be SI Wnlrid s Pans?. Colton S-30 an P.4 101 School CoMMunily Cotton College 10 15 am Monday-Thursday Meeting 01 Conterence ol Bishops ol England and Wales London Bishop McMahon of Brentwood Sunday. War Mernorat and Preaches at St Timer/Hers Church_ Brentwood 11 am. IN for deCeased members 01 Knights of SI Columba Cathedral 3 pm_ Chaos meeting to discuss Warnock Report SI Edwanfs florntord 7 45 pm Mender Thursday• Hierarchy Drnee.,1;co,,,Thum..,reclas.y.F.rlday• •... Retreat Bishop Mahon, A./vinery for Westminster MondayTheradey: Hierarchy meeting Thursday: Ealing Council of Christians 1 Jews 8 pm Friday: Reception S1 Mary's College S 30 pm W in* MeGuieness of Picatinghem Sundry VIC Steaford Our Lady of Good Counsel. Sleaford 3 pm Monday: VieilS 0 L of Good Counsel Primary School Slealord 10 30 are Tuesday: Visits SI Norbert Primary School. Spalding 10 30 am VIC Spalding 7 ism W Cori/mission 13Lsed.Srt.onM7e30el 'taring ThplursdisECuy:m0e"r17;s' Ca:o:lc Teachers Fade/31ton Mass Derby 7 pm Friday. Meeting of Notts Church Leaders Eashop's House. NG 10 30 am Serurder 5.511, Seminaries In iron B leu" Monate al Hann. Sender V S C at Mesporpugh 11 an Monftley.FrIdayt HierarChy meeting Saturday: Diocesan Pastoral Council al' Sacred Head. Sheffield B ishop leonine, Area Bishop In Swansea R Sunday V C O.,r Lady an.1 SI ftialliCk 5 MIeMeC MondayThursday Hierarchy meeting. Friday: Deanery Meeting Hereto/11 11 30 am Bleep Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton Sue,,rit.daioiy: jVor,E,g oha.rnb,oPwar,iks.h,..am4 „Con anociscl aabi rhaLe rsaiN13 wpm taondepFriday. Hief won, meeting, Friday: IN and presentation St Mary 01 me Angels Worming 730 &shop J O'Brian A/wilier! foe Weamenster Sanday C al SI_ Peter's Hathetd 11 am MondayThursday: Bishop's Conference Saturday: C Our say oI Walsingiharn London Calmly fi pm

&Mop ft_ O'Brien Auxiliary tor Middlesbrough

yalonc,r,day-Friday Hierarchy meeting: Saturday ,o commission Spectral Ministers 01 the Eucharist or Bishop Rimaihorne Audllary for Liverpool Sunday', Livetsool RerrrarcravanCe Service Empire Theatre Liverpool 10 15 am Special Mi.resterS ol EuCnariSt Commissioning Uphotrand Northern Insfiture 3 pm Monday-Thursday: Bishops Conlerenca. Friday: John Rigby VIlh Form College. Wigan 10 30.2 30. Saturday: Infant Isoadteachers Meeling Christ s A Notre Dame College am. Youth Meeting Whalley Abbey 6 30 pm

B ishop O'Connor of Liverpool Sunday V St Anne 9 Overbury Street Monday-Thursday Bishops' COnlerence Friday SI Wilind's Ashtorein• Makerfletd 7 30 pot

B ishop Waseastrx el Plymouth Mandapihundey khererchy week Smurrley; M and Ordains permanent deacons Cathedral Plymouth 10 30 am thence Thomas of filerlhernelon Sunday: V. Our Lady s Slough, Monday-Thursday: Hierarchy meeting Thursday: Uuclungharnantre Teacnets Princes Ristorough kl pm Friday: V SI Augustine's Milton B, ry,nnilnsc,hatterglay CatholiC Students' ConferenCe Bishop Swindrehurst Auxiliary tor Median, and Newcastle Sudsy: C M SI Joseph's Durham 3 Prn, Monday-Thursday 01511011.5 Conference Bishop Tripp. Auxiliary for Southwark Sunday cilmm.ssio, nig 01 CatecnIsts at Sy leslOrd TO 30 am B ishop Wellesley of the Forces Monday-Thursday Hierarchy meeting. Saturday Vicariate Peeler/II CCerote Bagehot Surrey B30 am

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Sundry: V O. C. Si. Joseph's Kaighley, Manday-Fridy hi/era/on,

M"Aro"h62blahop Warnock at Lnarpool Friday: Bishops' Conference

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