Page 5, 9th October 1942

9th October 1942
Page 5
Page 5, 9th October 1942 — '" HAVE YOUR ANSWERS READY" ,

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Locations: Lincoln, London


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Convert Tells Catholic Mothers

By a C.H. Reporter " I didn't think that anyone born and Ixo.pght up a Catholic can have any idea of the fascinatied that the strength of the Church beer for those outside. The way She supports and protects Her children is so enviable to those who have had to fight their spiritual life step by step almost alone."

Mrs. Stanton, a convert for little over a year, and who was a prominent member of the Anglo-Catholic Mother s' Union, said this to the annual meeting of the Union of Catholic Mothers (Westminster branch) last ,Monday. She was urging Catholic women generally to be ready with the correct answers whenever a non-Catholic questions them about their religion. " When such points as birth control, divorce or other moral issue come up—the Church is always there with her answer for her own people," Mrs. Stanton went on. " But I have known earnest young non-Catholic wives who, because of their opposition to birth control, or divorce, are persecuted by their neighbours, laughed at for their scruples, made to feel isolated in a material world. When Catholics stand by their principles they do net have to endure this scoffing for the Church takes on Herself all odium. It is She who bears the brunt.

" When dealing with people outside the Church—people who are accustomed to think out the why and the wherefore, it is well to be ready with the reason why Catholics adopt the particular line of conduct rhey do. These people won't approach the Catholic clergy or the nuns when they want to know about Catholic affairs. 7'hey will approach you—when you go out to tea or when chatting over the garden fence. It will be a tintid approach—and if you cannot answer their question the next day they will talk to a neighbour on the other side of the garden-fence who will know all she other answers — the pseudo'scientific !argon that passes for knowledge, and a golden opportunity will have been lost."

The chair was taken by Bishop Myers, who congratulated, the branch on a year's sound work in spite of all the war difficulties. Referring to a talk given by Mrs. Hope Nicholson on the English martyrs, His Lordship told the mothers that it was possible in London to follow in the steps of St. Thomas More during all the phases of his life —Bishopsgate, Chelsea, Lincoln's Inn and the Tower—wleee he was 'beheaded.

Mrs. Given Wilson sounded a note of warning of the dangers that are threatening Catholic schools. " If Hitler' had to face Catholic mothers who refused to let him take over the Catholic schools, there would not have been a Hitler regime."

Mrs. J. D. Lane has succeeded Mrs. Moffat as hon. secretary, and Mrs. Watts succeeds Mrs. Penty as hon. treasurer, Mrs. Pertly now edits ' The Catholic Mother."

Many young mothers arc joining the Union, the report.stated, and several foundations, closed since the war, are re-opening. A new foundation has been opened at Millwall.

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