Page 5, 9th October 1942

9th October 1942
Page 5
Page 5, 9th October 1942 — T.U.C. WAR DECLARATION Tyneside Will Fight For Christian Schools

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T.U.C. WAR DECLARATION Tyneside Will Fight For Christian Schools

Crushing condemnation of the T.U.C. education resolution was expressed by Councillor Martin Brennan (Eastngton) at the quarterly meeting of Sunderland District Council of the C.Y.M.S., held at St. Mary Magdalen's, Seaha,m Harbour, on Sunday. Councillor Brennan, who has held high office in the Labour Party, said, "I am speaking now as an individual, and what I say is entirely my own opinion.

" Since the declaration of war by the T.U.C.. and it cannot be taken as anything hut a declaration of war, it has taken some days to recover from the shock. And it will take a little time to look round to see what machinery we have in order to face this unexpected challenge.

"One thing T can assure you of is that Tyneside will fight this new challenge with the same spirit as their sons fought the Battle of Britain," Councillor Brennan said that one important thing we must do is to find out who started the attack. It must have been started by some small body in the T.U.C. It had not been dismissed in the branches and was not brought into the open until the last minute. The delegates could not have had time to consider the matter properly, but whether that was so or not we must see that this resolution was damned at the first step.

" I do not think we are fighting the T.U.C. It is a certain element within the T.U.C: which has brought this forward. It is quite possible for us to meet this challenge and fight it in our constitutional rights.

" We are going to build an army to meet this crisis, and we are going into it with the Catholic spirit."

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